Battle of Britain: The schoolgirl who helped design the Spitfire – BBC News

Battle of Britain: The schoolgirl who helped design the Spitfire - BBC News

Meet the young mathematician who helped design the Spitfire, the iconic aircraft that took part in the Battle of Britain, which started 80 years ago.

Hazel Hill helped her father do the calculations that meant Spitfires could be built with eight guns instead of four. Many believe this made a big difference to the outcome of the Battle of Britain.

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BBC News


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  1. Let's face it, it's only a matter of time before the Fake News BBC beem the Battle of Britain as some kind of racist exercise. Churchill has already had the BBC character assassination. The BBC hate our History. Despies the British people.
    It's time to Defund the BBC.

  2. Jeez this vid is just cringeworthy. BBC team, "we need to find a story to promote more girls into stem subjects" Oh look we can dress up a 13 year old schoolgirls probably relatively minor work helping her father into "schoolgirl wins second world war" Could you make it anymore obvious.

    The left always tells us that in 1940, we were fighting the Nazis?
    The Nazis have been inserted into history by the socialists.
    In 1940, we were fighting GERMANS.
    If they want to be a bit more honest, at least call them the National SOCIALISTS.

  4. After reading the title, I knew this was a very recent BBC video. The BBC has been degenerating for years, it is now at peak ideological possession. Screw actual news, screw talking about the hard-working engineers who designed the Spitfire; let's focus on the girl who had a remote connection to the design of the Spitfire and pretend she's the best just because she's a woman. Let's keep making up history, BBC! You go gurl!!!!!

  5. When a schoolgirl once helped you to win the Battle of Britain, perhaps some more schoolgirls should have helped you to win peacetime in Europe and stop you short of Brexit and COVID-19, too?
    Thanks to your grandparents’ will to fight on, we have got a democratic Europe for now. Why do you betray their legacy by closing your eyes to reality?
    One day you will stop to win WWII on a daily basis and you could really overcome your out-of-time class system, improve the education for all British People and stay a UNITED kingdom as well? Just some unasked hint by a European mind…

  6. We may be an ethnic minority in our own capital city and thousands of our children are being "groomed" by foreigners and our culture is being erased before our eyes but at least we're not speaking German.

  7. So the family of this woman think she helped design part of the spitfire! A Group Captain
    (Navigator) says so? Wonderful story but just that.
    The short story is as follows. The design first put forward by Super Marine had 4 303s like most of the early 30s designs for the RAF
    but the “bomber will always get through minds” pushed for heaver defence in and around our city's.
    In ww1 it was known that the MG of aircraft had to fire faster for more rounds on a fast moving target.
    So the next design, the spitfire, was designed as an interceptor of the bomber and Germany had told and shown the world of its new air force and yes you guests it the FAST bomber.
    To hit the and kill an aircraft with 303ins MG is very very hard its a rifle round OK for killing men but not so good for killing aircraft.
    So the “air ministry” come up with this new requirement and seeing as her father worked at the ministry maybe she helped him see the light on firepower and weight of shot needed to destroy a bomber and we should thank her for helping her farther. Find out all of the above for your self don't rely on the bbc this is just one more bbc change history crap thing.

    PS Just a side note something that would have maybe not happened had she not helped her father is the fact that the merlin engine came about because of this change.

    PPS the single wing of a navigator in the RAF is a “left wing”

  8. Since when Spitfires had 8 guns? The Spit MK5 only had 4 303 MGs and 2 20mm Hispano MK2 cannons (total 6 guns.) While the newer Spit MK9 only had 2 .50 cal MG and 2 20mm Hispano MK2.

  9. Funny how the moment we get a 'relaxation of lockdown', the EU immigrant workers come flooding back in.
    Next door to me has been empty since lockdown, now suddenly we have a house full and WHO'S JOBS ARE THEY TAKING?
    The warehouse company 'Clipper' has places FULL of EU migrants and who EXCLUDE British workers, because the management are EU immigrants themselves.
    Remember that when you are unemployed and cannot get a job ; Clipper and others are still giving jobs to EU citizens and NOT YOU.

  10. And next on BBC, we will have a brief excerpt on Sir Issac Newton. Alumnus of one or another famous British university, solver of some interesting math problems, and generally neat fellow. What he actually did, you will have to find out for yourself.

  11. Interesting how the BBC managed to focus on a female figure. This young lass made a big contribution along with her father. As did thousands of others who lost there lives.

  12. In aviation everything is a trade-off. The 8 guns , were in fact, one of the factors that greatly limited the range of the Spitfire. It was great in its role as an air to air defense aircraft. But it was not able to make the long or even medium range runs into Europe, particularly Germany, as its range was only around 250-500 miles. Comparatively, the P51 Mustang had a range of just under 1000 miles or 2000 miles with drop tanks. As it turned out, the Spitfire was almost the perfect aircraft for the Battle of Britain and is considered one of the best fighters in history but the 8 guns definitely had negative effects as well.

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