Who Lives in Billionaires' Row?

Who Lives in Billionaires' Row?

Ever wonder what ultra rich live in the exclusive “Billionaire’s Row”? We take a look at the billionaires living in New York City’s most expensive area.

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Who Lives in Billionaires’ Row’?


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  1. "How to taunt the poor and needy who can barely find food and go for another day, not to mentin those sick with dental problems, abdomino pain, cancer and hiv who dont have proper insurance101" like how is this something worth posting in 2020? The human decency have died out long time ago as i realize pain and suffering are big business. People do well and sleep better at night knwoing they can taunt their wealth in the poor and desitute face with absoluetly no remorse, then call a man crazy for taking them out. You people are sick and disgusting functionong on ground zero conscience but there is no amount of demons you can channel to feel like gods that will bring you a happy ending. oh even better, sting a nabokov enthusist , just waht the world want, a pedphile writing promoter.

  2. People who have more $$$$ than anyone needs or could possibly spend which means less $$$$ in the system for everyone else as we see in the rising of homelessness and the lowering of the middle class . How did they do it ? Through monopolies having lobbied politicians to create laws that benefit the rich. Which is against everything a democracy stands for the greater good for the greatest amount of people . Not the economy we have now where the people are considered worker bees and a few people at the top and a few share holders reap the reward of the peoples labor . Imagine a more equal distribution of income where people could buy a better things , a car house , how the economy would be ?

  3. Here is a little trick register a business go down to a solicitor get them to write ten share for one thousand dollars each well done dads shampoo doggy business is now worth a Equity Line of Credit for $10,000 now make your own franchise and expand. Get Look good feel good. Just make sure you an't addicted to flacks. (games, Screen)

  4. I remember my first visit to NYC in 2010 as a grade 10 student. I remember finding myself at the south end of central park, looking up at these buildings and the roof top terraces around them in the "smaller" buildings thinking "ah yes this is where the billionaires hide"

  5. Its funny that people dont even consider this, but eventually the poor will claim and live in every one of those rooms. Just as sure as water finds its way to the ocean.

  6. 3:25 Heated Bathroom floors ? I don’t know the situation, but in germany almost every „upper-middleclass“ home got heated floors all around the house, most even in the cellar.

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