President Trump demotes campaign manager Brad Parscale amid slipping poll numbers

President Trump demotes campaign manager Brad Parscale amid slipping poll numbers

President Trump has demoted campaign manager Brad Parscale following a lower than expected turnout at his rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and weeks of slipping poll numbers. CBS News 2020 campaign reporter Nicole Sganga joins CBSN’s Lana Zak with more on Republican operative Bill Stepien, who has been tapped to replace him.


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  1. Changing campaign managers will not help t-rump. When you have someone as low life as t-rump is, I do not believe anyone can help him now. He is and always has been a loser!

  2. BREAKING NEWS: Sources close to the White House have been reacting today to whispered rumors that Mary Trump while writing her new book coming out this week all about her Uncle, President Donald Trump, has purposefully omitted something that she believes people would like to know. While being an important detail regarding President Trump, the subject is of a very personal and sensitive nature, and she does not want want to be inappropriate or crass by revealing his problem to the public, out of her respect for the family. However, the plain fact is …The President has a "very serious problem" with his personal hygiene and EEEW! …His BODY ODOR!
    She went on to describe a smell that is very powerful, as well as pervasive, and very "stinky". The "smell" is usually hovering over Donald Trump, Jr like a "dark cloud " and repels all of those around him, Republican AND Democrat's alike!
    Obviously, these sources in the White House, do not want their identities to be know because of their real fear of offending their boss and end up hearing those famous, yet dreaded words …"you're FIRED!
    Mary also added, that it will be even more uncomfortable at Christmas dinner if the rumor is LEAKED-OUT, because it might hurt his feelings and send him on another Twitter rant. on the advise of professionals, we have to just grin and bear it. If he hasn't figured it out by now or, worse, he is just so arrogant that he just does not care!
    Overall, she explained, like Donald Trumps' daughter, Ivannka, just said to a paying audience of other business professionals this week in defense of the presidents' past that quote… "nobody is perfect"
    So, let the "chips" fall where they may and show compassion for Mrs. Trump , #3, who has to put up with it for a large part of her day!. As a matter of fact, maybe she was sending a coded message when she wore that jacket that said,as you will remember, "I don't care, do you"!

  3. This is a one sided fools news outlet. This media has so many people velocitized and brain washed. If the guy wasn’t producing results that’s what happens. Everybody gets a trophy, everybody is number 1 , “NOT”

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