The girl that became Hiroshima's icon for world peace – Sadako Sasaki and the 1000 paper cranes

The girl that became Hiroshima's icon for world peace - Sadako Sasaki and the 1000 paper cranes

Sadako Sasaki was just 12 years old when she passed away in 1955. She died from the effects of her exposure to the Hiroshima atomic bomb. In the decades since, Sadako has become a symbol of the toll of nuclear war on civilians and the 1,000 paper cranes she folded before her death became an emblem of determination and peace.
On August 6th 1945, for the first time in history, the United States Air Force detonated an atomic bomb over Hiroshima. The explosion wiped out 90 percent of the city, and immediately killed up to 80,000 people. Radiation exposure from Hiroshima ultimately killed tens of thousands of people in the years after the blast. Cases of leukemia peaked in the early to mid-1950s.


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  1. For those who whine for the Japanese learn about the Rape of Nanking. More people died there from conventional weapons than died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined. It was war. You fight to win!!

  2. Humanity can't just stop and have world peace. The US spends 900 billion on war ANNUALLY! There was a vote led by one of the squad to decrease the budget by just 10% and our own peace loving dems shot it down along with the right-wing war hawks. But whether it's a ginormous budget or not, the only thing that will stop humans from killing one another is mother nature herself. No god, deity or BS religious ideology can stop us. Example: Sadly thanks to Covid, March 2020 was the first spring semester with 0 school shootings in the US since 1992. Its like we can't help ourselves, and trust and believe, we cannot stop this utter stupidity!

  3. Whatever the war was about…the civilians didn't deserve atomic bomb. not even the militry forces. Atomic bombs as well as chemical bombs should have been war crimes from the beginning. inhumane. May this never be repeated! May people remember!

  4. Now, the world can be a nasty crazy place out there, we need a lot of courage and we need a lot of resilience after that, and we will fall down before we stand up… What really matters is the silence of the night in our conscience, when we are alone. We cannot control what happens but we can use what happens. We have so much reserves of love and support inside us, if we can just remember that in our mind and move on.

  5. If the nukes weren't dropped. More lives would have been lost because there would have to be another campaign to push into mainland Japan. The beach landing would have been like D-day or even worse. Edit: Japan probably wouldn't have surrendered because of their culture, meaning that they would do banzai charges and kamikazes so even more deaths for them without the nukes.

  6. Violence, death and destruction are the common themes in the history of the word. I hope mankind will someday evolve--because it is natural to do so–
    and learn to live in peace.

  7. well as a korean. I'm sick of this kind of hyprocrisy. japaness troop was SS in asia . and thank you for this beautiful bomb. the war end. and at that time almost every japaness civilians were passionate supporters for pacific war and ready to die for their king. so there is no innocent civilian in japan.

  8. Blame no one but Japan and the emperor They declared war on the world from 1932 till the end. They had an option to surrender they did not take it, they payed a hefty price but so did the Asians by millions of death on the hands of Japan, and displacing millions.

  9. As a Japanese , I am really sad about seeing many english comments saying that Atomic bomb was right. We don't need any apologies, But I hope more and more Americans learn the evilness of nuclear bomb, and what happened to people living in Hiroshima, and Nagasaki. Also, we Japanese should know about , what we did at Pearl Harbor and WWⅡ was not right too! We don't need war anymore.

  10. In WWⅡ, most of the Japanese men were sent abroad to invade, the women in Japan worked hard to produce weapons. When they won a battle, every Japanese celebrated happily for the victory which was doom for the innocent Korean, Chinese, Philipines, British, American and so on. The US soldier who dropped the bomb said he never regretted.

  11. what we learned of all saddest story of WW2 is because the greedy and selfish of leaders of the world at that time , they only thought about the victory of war , didn't care about humanity , sacrificed their people! So no need blame each other! I also live in a country where Japan took our country for 5 years and killed many people in our country. One of the witnesses was my mother, who was 7 years old at that time, had to see her father (my grandfather) beheaded by the Japanese army for helping our military during the war, and saw her mother and elder sister raped by Japanese soldiers, taken to the camp as prisoners. So NO WAR again in this world !!! Let us live in peace , respect , love and helping each other , like we do to against covid 19 now! Sending much peace and love to all people in around the world , I pray you all will be always health and happy ❤️

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