Joe Biden picks Kamala Harris as running mate in US presidential election | DW News

Joe Biden picks Kamala Harris as running mate in US presidential election | DW News

US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has chosen Kamala Harris to be his running mate in November’s election. The California is the first Black woman and the first person of Indian descent to be nominated for national office by a major party. The decision comes a week ahead of the Democratic National Convention, where Biden and Harris will be officially confirmed.


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  1. Kamala has a 25% disapproval among democrats alone. And that’s like 50% of democrats under age 40 who dislike her and think she’s corrupt. We humiliated her in the Dem primary. Biden giving her a 2024 shortcut prolly just cost himself the election.

  2. Her parents were both highly educated, her mother from India and father of Jamaican and Irish descent. …. They know nothing of poverty or systematic racism…. In fact you could say they are evidence that America has worked hard for equal right for all and they are evidence.

  3. Sen. Kamala Harris / CA. Strategic VP running mate "pick n roll" 4 Biden, who to this point smelled like fireworks a day AFTER the 4th of July. Advice to Pence: "Wear a cup under that Jacques!"

  4. Kamala Harris: Descendant of SLAVE OWNERS/TRADERS…. called Biden a RAPIST and a RACIST… locked up an astonishing number of MEN for smoking pot; while she was getting high AF!!!

  5. America has run out of talented people, healthy and brave enough to vote? J.Biden 78 years old, old and frail, talkative with women who talk a lot, do little, how can the Leader of the US Economy, US Army, Negotiate with people like the Communist China, Iran terrorists? …

    So sad for America! Why are there talented, patriotic, and aspiring economic leaders to protect America (in particular, the simplest thing everyone can see: building a barrier to prevent bad people from entering the United States, calling for themselves? good books bring the factory back to the US etc …), it's D.Trump – the current President! American citizens must be proud and look and learn specifically what D. Trump and his government are doing that Vote for D. Trump!

  6. Guys Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are totally anti Indian. China is pumping money on them. Kamala harris was opposing CAA NRC and article 370. Please do not vote for her.

  7. After the Democratic Convention, in order to bypass Bernie, Biden will step down due to “health” reasons. This will make Kamala the nominee. She is who the DNC wanted to begin with. She will probably pick Mayor Pete at her VP. Because if you don’t vote for her then you are a woman hating racist homophobe.

  8. Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris has the same voter base. If he picked Bernie instead, they could have expanded their voter base. That's a one reason why this is a dumb choice.

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