Mao Asada 🇯🇵 – Olympic Silver Medallist & Guiness World Record Holder! | Athlete Highlights

Mao Asada 🇯🇵 - Olympic Silver Medallist & Guiness World Record Holder! | Athlete Highlights 1

We present you one of Japan’s most decorated figure skaters, Mao Asada 浅田 真央! She won an Olympic silver medal at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, where she also became the first female figure skater landing three triple Axel jumps in one competition – one in the short program and two in the free skating. This meant a new Guinness World Record! With 131.72 points from the free skating, Asada won the Olympic silver medal with a combined score of 205.50 points, 23.06 behind South Korean Yuna Kim. At the Vancouver Closing Ceremony, Asada carried the Japanese flag. 4 years later, at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, she became the first woman successfully landing eight triple jumps in the free skate, which is the maximum possible under the Zayak Rule. Mao’ Asada’s impressive medal collection also includes three Gold medals at the World Championships and three Gold medals at the Four Continents Championships. We bring you all of her Olympic performances. Enjoy!

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  1. Mao Asada taught us about resilience and strength. She's really special, always gifted us moments plenty of beauty and honesty. How much I love her, one of the most extraordinary skaters I've had the pleasure to watch.

  2. I really miss her and her kind of skating… miss that generation of Mao, Yuna and Carolina… when skating it wasn't about Quads …. Real Woman on the ice. personal opinion. no need to respond

  3. これまでの演技で、やはり浅田選手のラフマニノフの鐘は未だにわすれられない。あの涙、最大の表現者であり戦士。とても大好きな選手。

  4. Mao began a new era of figure skating, she mixed artistry and difficulty better than any of her predecessors. In my opinion, she remains the only skater that was able to do so in a beautiful and sustainable fashion. I truly believe she should have won the Vancouver short program and been within a 10 point difference from Yuna overall. And Sochi FS should have been at least 3 points higher. I treasure Mao so much because she shown the world what female sportswomen were capable of. At the same time, her humbling and kind nature shown the world that an athlete of her callibre can also be human.

  5. I'm glad that the IOC has finally uploaded this. When she landed her first 3A+2T in her SP at Vancouver, I still remember how I excited I was; I jumped up in front of the TV in my parents' living room at 3 a.m. – waking up my entire family!

    To watch her Free Skate in Sochi, I left my first-year university exam early, to make it back home on time. I didn't do brilliantly in that exam, but it was totally worth it. Her performance to the Piano Concerto No. 2 (Rachmaninoff) is still my favourite performance of all time. Watching her skate over the years has empowered me to become more resilient and instilled a sense of self-belief in me.

    Mao Asada will always be my favourite athlete, and perhaps one of my greatest role models.

  6. Constantly under appreciated skater, maybe the best and the only who could bring artistry like a prima ballerina and athleticism out of parangon. Time will tell , and time will give her the place she deserves as disruptive athlete.

  7. She's so lovely… for skaters with high technicality, i found Mao artistry also remarkable… And her steps… always impressive. She might not as graceful as Yuna, but she's so energetic, when she bring cheerful/up beat program, she can light up the rink. Miss her…!

  8. Years after all the flutz calls (which for some reason ISU only targeted her) and the criminally underscored PCS’s, IOC & ISU owe her this tribute. Thank you Mao for bringing to this sport glorious spirals, spectacular step sequences, beautiful athleticism, and unparalleled tenacity. You will always be the GOAT of figure skating in my heart.

  9. Mao is my forever hero. The fact that she stayed on the top for a long long time and inspired so many young skaters and non-skaters, like me, really is something that one can only dream to achieve. Thank you Mao!!

  10. Finally, all of Mao Asada's Olympic programs are here! It only took this long, too! This woman is one of the living legends of figure skating (Kim, Asada, Kostner). She truly was a great athlete and artist; her step sequences and spirals were beautiful. As much as I enjoyed watching the victory ceremony during Vancouver, why is this video giving so much focus to Yuna? Yes, she is Olympic champion of 2010, but this is Mao Asada's video. Also, why aren't her scores shown here? Both Yuna's and Yuzuru's scores were shown in theirs. Her Olympic moment should not be thrown away just because she only earned silver. If Mao's and Yuzuru's Olympic programs can be uploaded with their gala exhibitions, why not do the same for Yuna Kim's? Olympic spirit needs to show on its own channel.

  11. 아사다마오가 구채점 출신이면 진짜 금메달 쓸어담을꺼임 3A+ 3-3-3에 룹콤보까지 ㅋㅋ 러츠 그냥 뛰어도 구채점이라 상관없으니까 차르다시 난이도정도에 구채점제면 무난하게 금메덜 항상먹는데 신채점제바뀌면서 러츠약점에 트악 언더 등등.. 너무 약점이 드러났지.. 반면 김연아는 교과서적으로뛰기에 신채점제가 적합해서 goe를 쓸어모을수 있음.

  12. Her costumes in Vancouver were just awful and “Bells of Moscow” was too heavy for her considering she didn’t show much facial expression. If you’re gonna skate to dark and dramatic music, then you need to give us some dramatic facial expressions. Instead, she was stonefaced much of the time. Her costumes and programs in Sochi were MUCH better.

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