The Future of Race Relations: Dolores Huerta and Derrick Johnson on TYT

The Future of Race Relations: Dolores Huerta and Derrick Johnson on TYT

Cenk Uygur speaks to Dolores Huerta and Derrick Johnson (President of the NAACP) on Civil Rights and Race. Keep Hope (and TYT) Alive:

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur

Cast: Cenk Uygur


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  2. The government is better at researching new ideas that aren't necessarily profitable.
    But its the supply and demand dynamic and the capitalist system that brings these improvements into every persons home.
    Having a computer was only for the super rich not that long ago.

    In America being poor is subjective.
    There are people who don't even have access to clean water.
    (Ok all of America except Michigan i suppose)

  3. Good News!!! The Turks and the rest of the Anti Police Butthurt Democrats can now move to Seattle, they officially cut 40% of the police budget forcing the Black Female Chef to resign because they cut her pay

  4. Go to CNN. Search for George Floyd. Then try Cannon Hinnant, the 5 year old white kid shot point blank in the head by a young black man. Nothing. That is the story of race in America.

  5. What racial relations, the whites in the United states don't have a relationship, stop the nonsense race relations the title of the uploads is extremely offensive, and the hypocrisy of making a big deal about Kamala Harris whose time as prosecutor in California sending thousands of blacks and Latinos to prison for smoking marijuana, and keeping thousands of young man and women for the N purpose of slaves labor, get real change is coming my ass, more of the same corporate corruption, and crooked political nonsense. MATANDOGUEROS.

  6. Now here's my stance on this whole thing. This nation to produce the United States of America in to replace the United States of white supremacy what's the United States of America, there needs to be a sit-down discussion with non-white people you know black, brown, red, and yellow. And there needs to there needs to be a discussion to hash out some of our problems some of our issues with each other and there needs to be a coalescing and working together two backing each other so we got a black person that's here well we need to push for a brown person to be there or yellow person to be here in a red purse to be there so it should be all of us producing Justice together make it so that all of us are at the table not just black people at the table but brown people the table read people and yellow people at the table and yes white people who are dedicated 2 / ducing the United States of America which is producing Justice and correctness which is guaranteeing that no person has mistreated and guarantee that the person who needs help the most get the most constructive help.

  7. 14 hour old video, on a channel with 5 million subs, can't even get ten thousand views….You're supposedly the biggest news network on YT? This channel is dying, and good riddance to you when you finally go under.

  8. Trump, the white supremacist, who signed a bill providing $250 million a year to HBCU’s. A very poor excuse for a white supremacist. But then again a person who denied the genocide of over a million Armenians would know a thing or two about racism.

  9. Oh my God!!! Watching Sleepy Joe speak is like Paint watching Sleepy Joe dry and the primaries proved that even Democrats couldn’t stand Kamala Harris speaking . What a Ticket lol lol lol

  10. George Floyd showed the world what kind of racist country America is. For over 400 years America has been hiding behind the false "notion" of being the"land of the free, home of the brave" and that they are the"defenders of democracy" and the"leaders of the free world" and every other country is so much worse than them. Yet America has succeeded for so very long in hiding countless cases of police brutality, police killings and unjust laws against African Americans. George Floyd FINALLY woke the world(people outside America)up to the fact that America is the biggest and most sinister hypocrites ever

  11. If you’re having a difficult time spotting racism, it’s because you’re not trying hard enough. Please contact Jussie Smollett, Althea Bernstein, and, of course, Aida Rodriguez for assistance.

  12. BLM attacked the Ronald McDonald House in Chicago. A charity that houses terminally ill children and their families. The dying children and their family were forced to take shelter while BLM fired guns off and threw rocks and bricks through doors and windows.

  13. Kamillia Harris record shows she made it difficult for a potentially innocent person to get access to evidence that could get them off death row. She is an actual murderer conspirator

  14. If I acknowledge my so called white privilege would you in return acknowledge my intention to retain it? Then what? Every body plays for his own team? Is that the future of races in America?

  15. If someone discusses race relations but can’t even cover death of 5 year old Cannon Hinnant who was killed because of his race .. one is not honest

    Cannon is white and was killed by black man but no remorse

  16. SHAUN KING prior Biden pick: Harris is a horrible person who got my friend imprisoned on a false claim for a 50 year sentence
    SHAUN KING AFTER: Harris is the best thing since slice bread I'm glad to have representation

  17. Why haven’t they mentioned Cannon Hinnant. The 5 year old boy who was ridding his bike and was shot in the head. They only care when it’s white on black?

  18. Even if the world becomes completely mixed in the future, I'm sure people will still find ways to discriminate against each other's complexions and overall looks. Only thing is though, is that you wouldn't technically be able to call it "racism" since everyone would be mixed by that point. But they'd have to call it something else, which obviously hasn't yet been conceived.

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