What You Need to Know About Kamala Harris | 2020 Elections

What You Need to Know About Kamala Harris | 2020 Elections

Joseph R. Biden Jr., the presumptive Democratic nominee, selected Senator Kamala Harris of California as his running mate. She is the first Black woman and the first person of Indian descent to be nominated for national office by a major party.

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  1. Explain this. Only 200k chinese tourists visited india in 2019 and india has 2.4 million infections. 12 millions chinese tourists visited thailand in 2019 and thailand has only 3400 infections.

  2. As much as we don't like her…. Did yall honestly expect the New York Times (a left-leaning source) to drag her!? Putting her in a bad light only works to help Trump's campaign. It's not ideal but we're voting for the lesser of two evils like…. aiyayaya
    We aren't just voting for the Presidents and VP but everything else that comes with it… The Supreme Court, all the offices (Secretary of State, Treasury, etc. etc. etc.). Ik she's awful but she's better than was we got now. Don't help trump like hadfjnakdhfoiahdfihaoidhfksh
    Voting for Trump is like getting shot in the heart. Voting for Biden is like getting shot in the leg. I don't wanna be shot but honestly, I'd take Leg 2020 any day -_-
    But next time we go to the primaries…. DON'T VOTE FOR SOMEONE JUST CAUSE THEY'RE "more likely" TO WIN…. We could've had Bernie, or Yang or aoidhfjdhsfkshdoighs…. Better ppl T_T

  3. To the American people.
    The core value of the recent series of protests is not "racial" but "humanization.""
    Everyone is turning a blind eye to the problem.

    You have to be a person first. And human rights and other problems follow.

  4. Today I want to ask Obama.

    Barack Obama you have worked with Biden for a very long time.

    Why did Americans live so badly during your work?

    Tell me why, during your work, Bilderberg group bankers became 10 times richer, and ordinary African-Americans 10 times poorer?

    Why is your wife lying all the time?

  5. Frazzledrip Twitter. Scroll down to the video that says warning graphic. You tried to cover this up New York times. When your viewers hear the video. They're going to want to know why this wasn't reported, then they're all going to figure out why you want President Donald Trump out of office. He is going to severely punish these people nothing stops what's coming nothing

  6. George Floyd was on multiple narcotics and begged to lay on the ground after resisting arrest and claimed he couldn’t breath prior to being place on the ground.

    But that’s none of my Buisness…

  7. Queridos izquierdistas estadounidenses, les deseo la libertad de Corea del Norte, la abundancia de Cuba, el salario de Venezuela y la justicia de china. Que la pasen bien con la revolución de Sleepy Joe y Phony Kamala.

  8. When I see Kamala Harris I see more of a Hispanic or Indian woman not black.why does everyone say ( Kamala Harris a black woman?) I don't like what she stands for and the things I've seen her change jest to get the votes. Wow I'm glad for the people that don't have to stand in front of her in court any longer. To you New York Times, I see and hear what you have been reporting lately. Thank you for changing your ways keep up the good work.

  9. I call her Miss Hate because I know no one that exudes more hate than her. Ultimately that's the common denominator of the Democrat Party and will be their downfall. Their platform is based exclusively on hate. Hate Trump, hate this Country, hate White people, hate the police, the flag, the national anthem, hate Christopher Columbus as well as our forefathers, hate the Constitution, and so on. The thing is that nothing destroys a person, or a nation, more utterly and completely than hate. It's the fastest way to lose a battle and when Trump wins the election they'll have no one else to blame and the hate that blinded them and led them to their own defeat.

  10. How people keep complaining about centuries worth of systemic racism and don’t connect the dots on how crime and the legal system have been biased against black and brown people and how, as a minority, it has been hard to change that. People are still fighting for racial justice.

    Yes, the media can make mistakes and they have been biased for as long as many of us can remember. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t hold the media and those in power accountable.

    And I, like many Americans, am not racist and don’t want another 4 years of Trump and his wannabe fascism.

    For anyone who has studied history or has lived under an authoritarian regime, the constant lying and abuse of power on other people’s human rights should not be warranted under our republican democracy.

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