Modi unnerved after rebuke from China and Pakistan, no help for them from Russia either

The bitterness was witnessed during the Shangai Cooperation Council (SCO) meeting held in Moscow this week.

Modi unnerved after rebuke from China and Pakistan, no help for them from Russia either 1

PAKISTAN and China were furious over Indian allegations that the two countries were conspiring against India over Ladakh territorial issue. The two countries, closest friends for decades, took strong exceptions to remarks from Indian foreign minister Jagan Nath that that two of his major neighbours were in unholy alliance against New Delhi, sending drones over Ladakh to spy on Indian troops movement in the Himalayan territory.
The bitterness was witnessed during the Shangai Cooperation Councll (SCO) meeting held in Moscow this week. Pakistan and China were represented by their respective foreign ministers. Russia, too as its member seemed annoyed by the Indian allegation against two major members of the regional group session, and advised Indians to control themselves.
Complaints, if any, ought to be resolved through negotiations, which must be within diplomatic norms, felt the Russians, according to unofficial reports reaching Pakistan from Moscow. It was a major moot, and aimed at ensuring peace and harmony among members.
But Modi, and his BJP administration, behaved as it they were the masters, dealing with subordinates. Now that Indian foreign minister has reached Delhi, rebuked and insulted, Modi seems unnerved, for he had been failing persistently on foreign policy matters, especially when dealing with Pakistan and China, forgetting that both were sovereign nations, strong and powerful enough to take on the strongest of enemies.
The Indian prime minister’s agony kept rising because of the humiliation suffered at the hands of Chinese. Ladakh is a disputed territory, its vast plains is divided by a Line of Action under an old treaty between China and India. But some two months ago, Indian troops intruded into eastern Ladakh. Chinese after serving several warning, finally deployed its forces, which beat up Indian troops in hand to hand fight, injuring some of them, and forcing others to leave the battle fields.
Several former Indian military experts of the level of 4-star Generals, waned Modi to rely on dialogue instead of military options. Chinese are well equipped with latest war equipments. The Indian brought their Rafale combat aircraft, which they recently acquired from France, little knowing that the Chinese have developed G-20 modern military planes with radar jamming equipment, and can prove dangerous in case a war broke out with India.
In fact unconfirmed reports suggest that Chinese had already shot down a Russian-made Mig-21 aircraft of the Indian air force. Neither side commented on the incident. But credit goes to China for keeping quiet, lest Indians felt humiliated and embarrassed.
The situation in Ladakh had gone from bad to worse. It kept deteriorating with the passage of time, and now the situation in the area has entered from tension to conflict zone, and looks like entering the war situation. China, being a peaceful country, with no expansionist designs, is now forced to deploy several battalion of its troops along the Line of Action (LAC). Tanks and large number of combat aircraft too are ready in case the situation warranted. The Indians too have brought troops along its own side of the LAC, but so far neither had tried to ignite the situation. About a dozen flag meetings between border commanders of the two countries have failed to yield desired results.
China is not willing to surrender claim on Ladakh, which it considers its territory, and if things go out of control, its troops may march on to Bhutan, posing serious threat to Indian bordering State of Arunachal Pardesh. Modi seems worried, for he has no answer to Chinese power and military might, India accuses Pakistan of sending Chinese built drones over Indian positions, and even claimed to shot down one of these. But there is no confirmation so far.
Chinese were in comfortable position to cut off the Ladakh-Srinagar road. It desisted from doing so, lest the situation goes out of hand. If that happens, Indian supplies to Srinagar, capital of occupied Kashmir will be cut off, and IOk will beat mercy of the Chinese.It is a dangerous situation. One only hope India refrains from misadventures, which when happens, will prove very costly to Indian prestige and troops morale.

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