Why You Should Care About TikTok | NYT Opinion

Why You Should Care About TikTok | NYT Opinion

Maybe you first learned about TikTok when your kids tried to teach you the Toosie Slide, or when you came across a kinetic Charli D’Amelio video that got millions of likes. Or was it when your nephew started a small fire because of the “outlet challenge?” In any case, you’ve definitely heard that President Trump was intent on banning it and forced it to make a deal with an American company. But who really cares about an app — used mostly by Gen Z?

You, for one, should.

In the video Op-Ed above, a group of highly influential TikTokers from around the country, with followers in the millions, demonstrate that the platform is more than cringy video for and by teenagers. It’s the most downloaded app and nearly 100 million Americans use it for a range of things — like political organizing and learning about beekeeping — and even boomers and educators are on the app. It’s also just fun.

Like any social media platform, we should keep an eye on it. But that doesn’t mean this one app should be targeted — if anything, we should be paying closer attention to other companies, like Facebook.

Even if you still don’t care about what’s happening with TikTok, you should be worried about what could be next.

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  1. Stop ALL apps harvesting data. Pass laws to stop free data collection of everyone just because they use your app. This nonsense has to end somewhere. I dont want CHina doing it, I dont want the US government doing it, I dont want Facebook,google, microsoft doing it. We need to do something.

  2. As you already know, every part of our body needs oxygen to survive. Everyday functions of the body like digesting your food, moving your muscles or even just thinking, need oxygen. When these processes happen, carbon dioxide is produced as a waste product. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a gas the body naturally produces as waste. We breathe in oxygen (O2) to fuel organs and tissues and the end product is CO2. The balance between these two gases is required for a healthy body. However, when we rebreathe CO2 it can have harmful and sometimes dangerous effects on the body. When CO2 levels are elevated in the body it is known as hypercapnia. Hypercapnia can occur for a number of reasons, one of which is rebreathing our own exhaled CO2. Rebreathing CO2 can lead to increased blood pressure, headaches, muscle twitches, rapid heart rate, chest pain, confusion, and fatigue. In extreme cases, if left untreated, hypercapnia can lead to organ damage and even have long standing effects on the brain. Wearing a mask interferes with this process. I know there are many so-called "experts" that claim otherwise but they are clearly lying for their own political gains.

  3. u guys have no clue wtf ur talking about lets take the hole data to the chinese goverment regardless of if the company wonts to or not if the ccp says u have to give us ur data then thay have to regarless of whare its stored becuse its a chinese company and the ccp has full control over any company based in china just becuse u dont see the prof dosent mean its not thare that we just cant see we should care about what information gets out and what information people can have access to those vids u post on ticktock have gps corndnents linked in them thay have ur phones information and any other information it collects and says it dosent store it in china this app never should have been alowed and u people who sit and think its such a great app need to lose ur cell phones and go out and live life not live it trew a screen

  4. So how about they agree to the terms? How about you use a different platform? How about we don't feed into China and become independent from them? How about you stop claiming the whole world is going to fall apart because TikTok is going away? Oh man the lack of logic…

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