Ex-vaccine director: President is giving a very mixed message right now

Ex-vaccine director: President is giving a very mixed message right now

Rick Bright, the ousted director of the office involved in developing a coronavirus vaccine, explains to CNN’s Jake Tapper why he is speaking out against the Trump administration.

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  1. Good to know that some people coming out of the WH do have a back bone. Hope they don't start with the disgruntled employee crap again.
    Trump has been wreckless the last 4 years, but especially in the last 9 months.

  2. This is very scary, we are now whatching the birth of the UNusa, the new BananaRepubliKKKdictatorship…
    the trumpetClown is a simultaneous reapering of Napoleon, Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin…..
    Forget about voting, he is not going away.
    You had your chance 2016.
    Now it's gone…….

  3. Now WHO and other top scientists from the Barrington Declaration confirm Trump’s leadership on not shutting down and taking the risk to keep things open

  4. The first thought that POTUS wasn't sick with Covid-19 when he was admitted to Walter Reed! He looked and sounded sick but with what? Seasonal flu or Corona Virus! So maybe he wasn't ill and that's why everyone who treated him had to sign a NDA, Non-Disclosure Agreement, to keep it from the American people! My answer is VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Let's go forward and MASA! Make America Safe Again or Make America Sane Again! Be smart and stay safe!

  5. Say it like it is. Trump and his administration not only lied but deliberately & knowingly directed us toward the deadly threat (lying about effectiveness of masks, creating super-spreader public events, undercutting medical authorities, etc.) resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths. We call it premeditated Murder. Donald Trump is PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE.

  6. Mr. Tapper……. why make the issue very big? Are you not happy ? What is important right now, …..the President who is protecting the country from the hands of invaders, was able to survived the deadly virus. What makes you very worried about him ? He is so alive, inspired, happy and clear, as if the corona virus served as vitamines that gave him great Power and Energy !!!

  7. wake up listen to trump un edited tapper got tds wake up america vote trump he has shown the world covids not as dangerous as msm make out wheres clintons e mails is she arrested yet weigner laptop got the info

  8. One of the main reasons totalitarian governments (whether left-wing or right-wing) fail is because they lack a system of checks and balances, which leads to a lack of accountability. The end result is always a society where political loyalty is valued over competence. By politicizing science, Trump is moving us very rapidly in a totalitarian direction. He is also causing massive carnage through climate change denial and other forms of reckless endangerment.

  9. Rick Bright, what an idiot. He proved himself an idiot by trying to shoot down Hydrochloroquin which has prove to be 79% effective. Anyone that believes this tool unfortubately has been caught up w
    In the hoax. Just look at President Trump and hear what he has to say and then tell me that he is not sound of mind. Yes the truth isn't getting out about the virus i.e. empty hospitals, gross incorrect recording of deaths, 90% plus of people put on ventilators having died, banning of cures like Hydrocloroquin, gagging doctors who want to tell the truth etc. This guy us a liar. For example the doctor that has been prescribing Hydrochloroquin fir over 40 years said that not one of his patients have died from the drug but now this tool said it could be a death sentence. Also, lets be clear, Trump never said it was a cure, he da3id it appears to be somrthing that could help. Also, those states that banned it, put patient who are relying on the drug for ather ailments at risk of dying all because the left was so desperate to prevent Trump from being right. There ste many,many doctors who have treated their patients eith Hydrpchloroquin with 100% success rate and the one patient was 92 years old but they have been silenced by the media and the liked of Facebook. Many more people could have been saved ifvit wasn't for these very sick individuals.

  10. With CDC and the world shut down! No jobs! No income! Can't sell any thing! Cause on one has any money! Only makes it harder. I'am like the rest of AMERICA , with 1 foot in water, 1 foot on the curb. We need help! Our Government laugh at us! GRRR God Bless our,.elders, jobless, handy cap, who lost there things threw storms ect. and to AMERICA. Our Government have turn there backs to > WE THE PEOPLE NEEDS HELP!

  11. About 0.4% of the population worldwide has been reported as having had the virus at some time over the last 10 months. If you assume about an 8-day recovery period, about 0.01% (1 in 10,000) of the population would be actively infected at any time with covid-19.
    Each year in the US about 40% of the population (4 in 10) report as having had a case of flu or cold even though we have a vaccine for many flu viruses. If we find a vaccine for covid-19 tomorrow it is unlikely to reduce the prevalence of covid-19 sufficiently to overcome the prevalence of hysteria in the population.
    The death of elderly people while testing positive to covid-19 or having a recent positive covid-19 test is the greatest contributor to this hysteria. Many of these people have other underlying medical issues (comorbidities). It would be risky to attempt a rapid and extensive vaccination program for this group of people with a newly developed vaccine.

  12. All manufacturing jobs are gone from America to China, Mexico, Canada and other countries.
    All Call center jobs are gone from America to countries in Asia.
    All High paid Information Technology jobs are taken by immigrants in USA
    Remaining High paid Information Technology jobs are all outsourced to India and other Asian countries.
    If you think Silicon Valley has lot of IT jobs, Every city in India (Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Noida, Calcutta
    and other cities each of them have ten times the number of American jobs that are in Silicon Valley. Every single American company has branches in all of these
    cities and all American jobs have been outsourced.
    All high paid medical jobs are taken by immigrants.
    Do you think Americans are not capable of doing these jobs?
    It is good that people are protesting for racial justice but I think they should also protest to bring back their jobs.

  13. Too bad half the country don't understand about policies.Biden policies: Green new deal will hurt the fracking sector. Higher taxes will hurt businesses, More job cuts. Corporate businesses will move out of the country. Affordable healthcare increases your premium, limits your choice in physicians, increase rates for private companies. DeFunding the Police will increase crime and violence. SUPPORT THE COPS. TRUMP 2020!!!

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