Biden faces voters' questions during town hall

Biden faces voters' questions during town hall

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is back on the campaign trail after facing tough questions on issues including the COVID-19 pandemic and the Supreme Court in a televised town hall last night. CBS News political correspondent Ed O’Keefe reports on the event, and Sean Sullivan, CBSN political contributor and national politics reporter for the Washington Post, joined CBSN to discuss.


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  1. Biden : you don’t have to lock down if you wear mask . Ok I agreed this point . But why not many county did that in beginning? Anyway , I would blamed WHO and so called scientists

  2. I think it’s creepy how all the world elite are propping up Biden and trying to convince us to vote for him. Almost all of us know that he sniffs little girls while he caresses them, I’ll pass.

  3. Biden's ABC town hall included questioners with ties to high-profile Democrats, including one questioner who previously worked as a speechwriter in the Obama-Biden administration. ABC willfully concealed that information from the viewers. ABC is a propaganda wing of the Democratic party.

  4. Ugh, we need some hardball questions

    Mr. Biden, under your and Obama’s administration we got involved in Libya. As part of that involvement, we saw a reemergence of slavery in Libya (2011). Are you critical of the actions of Obama in that regard, and will you take active measures against involvement in foreign conflicts to remove our complicity in such outcomes?

  5. This man is a fraud, racist and a crook. Of all people, why would the Democrats pick this man as their candidate? Remember all the establishment Democrats like Carville railing against people supporting Bernie??? Look at all the billionaires who are propping up this clapped out establishment disgrace. What are they going to get from him? Who kept Warren in the race? Look several layers deep people!

  6. I need a bed on this town hall, ive got bored and sleepy. His answers are not convincing, im not voting this candidate. Biden is weak, old , demented and his brain is like having a virus it keeps on downloading……..
    cant keep up much to the questions and not articulately answer it. I’ll pass for the blue this time, ill welcome red instead. Sorry ur not able to get my vote creepy joe.
    This media is bias as usual they caress joe and diddnt asked also about hunter biden, media is a joke and dead already they should remain neutral.

  7. Trump could have, at least, been supplied with an unbiased debater… um… moderator, at his town hall. Every time he speaks with someone, it's a liberal. Then again, we are talking about the Trump-hating Lame Stream Media. If you're a domestic terrorist group (blm, antifa) you're praised as "peacefully protesting", while burning someone's house or business down. If you're defending your house/business, you're demonized.

  8. It is completely insulting that Biden thinks we will buy his lame excuse for not answering the questions about the Supreme Court and the filibuster. He says he won’t answer until he is elected because he does not want to distract people! What a joke, that is how stupid he thinks the American people are. Biden says “the American people do not deserve to know”! Joe won’t answer because no matter what he says, he is going to make more people upset. The problem is he doesn't know how many people will be upset. Well my friend welcome to the real world where people must make tough choices. You won’t answer because you have no moral compass and zero ethics. Also, where is the list of judges you would appoint to the court? Joe, you are a fraud, but you are also an expert of turning your political power into cash from China, Russia, Ukraine and other countries! Trump is the only leader in modern history that does what he says he will do. You on the other hand will say anything to get elected. You tell one group you will ban fracking, then you tell another group you will never ban fracking. Which is it Joe? Biden supporters have it all wrong. Check out this video

  9. They are so transparently bad. They keep treating us like idiots and that ny fellow friends will be their downfall. No more sport cars for these news rejects during Trump's new 4 years lol. Good luck losers.

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