Stephen A.: Kawhi has been described as 'selfish' & 'indifferent' | First Take

Stephen A.: Kawhi has been described as 'selfish' & 'indifferent' | First Take

Stephen A. Smith describes the shortcomings Kawhi Leonard has displayed as the leader of the LA Clippers following news of Tyronn Lue replacing Doc Rivers as the head coach.
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  1. Kawhi will never make a good choice in his career without the SPURS making it for him. He won with them and he won with them putting him on a good team in Toronto. Now making a career choice without POP he chose the CLIPPERS. How foolish, he may need to hire POP as his agent so POP can get him winning once more. CLIPPERS will never win. what a joke. HE SHOULD WRITE A THANK YOU LETTER TO THE SPURS AND QUIETLY PLAY OUT HIS CAREER.

  2. Don’t expect you to know what leadership looks like Stephen A you mumbling fool…this is the Clippers FIRST year together…give them a season to gel moron…

  3. There are 3 levels here
    1. MJ is creator of products (MJ created Pip and Phil)
    2. LBJ is user of products (LBJ used Wade, Bosh, Kyrie, Love, now uses AD)
    3. Kawhi is product used by Pop and Ujiri

  4. U idiots were too stupid to say that they needed a PG last year. And stop bringing that fukn scrub Patrik Beverly, dipshit ain't no elite player.

  5. Chemistry was the sole reason the Clippers self-destructed against the Nuggets. Kawhi shoulders the blame because he chose the Clippers, he chose PG13. He chose to load managed all season, causing chemistry issues. With the pandemic, the Clippers had no time to be more cohesive. They got through by talent alone. Against the Nuggets who had more chemistry and a match-up advantage in Jokic whose basketball IQ is off the charts, Clippers collapse. Kawhi choked in Game 7 as he realized his team is not a unified unit.

  6. He IS, SAS. Both selfish and indifferent. Ruined San Antonio not by leaving but the way he left, forcing a trade under duress. Then he got lucky with all the injuries on the Warriors and "led" Toronto to the NBA title, helped by one of the luckiest shots ever. He left San Antonio because he is afraid to be the singular leader of any team. He had to have PG13 join him and now he got Doc Rivers fired. He, and other players who maneuver themselves off a team, will lead to the demise of the NBA since there won't be enough teams to occupy LA or NY and none of the other teams have a chance.

  7. Kawhi: I'm the one winning the games. making the shots! They coming to see me!
    Patrick Beverly: They coming to see the Clippers!
    Kawhi: Aint nobody coming to see you Patrick! You wish you could work it the way I do because you can't! Because there is one Kawhi Leonard! And without him. The Clips are just another team in search for another Kawhi Leonard missing a championship. They should call it Kawhi Leonard and the Clippers. Yeah that sound good to me! Y'all begging me not to leave you and I refuse to let you go!! Kawhi Leonard and Los Angeles Clippers What you think?
    Patrick Beverly: Not gonna happen!

  8. To be fair I don't think that LeBron in Kawhi's place would have won either. How many teams would they beat even if (the so called best) LeBron was the one on the Clippers? Even if he magically gets good stats like 28 pts on average, when it's LeBron who's supposed to be showing up, I highly doubt it'll be enough. Kawhi got them pretty far for a team where Paul George is basically the 2nd best player and he's been failing in the playoffs for a long time. LeBron's a great player but he has a team of vets even better than what he had when on the Cavs now, it doesn't prove anything really that he wasn't even needed to win for that Lakers team. Funny how team stacking is considered part of the equation here and many sport fans are just dumb with big lapses in memory. Lakers had tons of good players and veterans who came and even when LeBron wasn't playing they could beat other teams, so not sure why anyone would suggest he's so great now. Even the coaching staff of Lakers screams it was assembled as a superstar team, but not really the same style as the usual ones with 1 to 3 superstars, they have Jason Kidd and other coaches on the sidelines from various good teams plus a normal coach on their staff and tons of vets, and high scorers from various times and teams. Lakers is basically is LeBron gets to pick one of his best teams, with AD scoring and defending well, and he still showed up and flops, gets freethrows, gets up to 26 to 30 pts a game. AD is used to carrying his own team alone and that's how good he is. If he wanted to be the best of all time, he should have stayed on the Cavs, and done it himself or with his own team like Jordan and other greats have done, now he's completely 'out' of that conversation. Again why is anyone looking at this Lakers team and then saying it's all LeBron? He's good and he might be effective some times but he's not 'greatest of all time'. They must be stupid.

  9. This is where Kawhi is missing Danny Green beside him. He was Kawhi’s voice in Toronto’s locker room and everyone knew it. Not having that “interpreter” for his quietness is a real handicap in LA.

  10. Came here to say this. Before they choked, they were the deepest team in the league. Now they need a pg, they need a big man, and they need this and that. Smh the excuses the media makes for this squad is on another level

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