Trump in Miami: COVID, Q-Anon, Antifa

Trump in Miami: COVID, Q-Anon, Antifa

US President Donald Trump sat down in NBC’s hot seat for an hour of questioning by Savannah Guthrie, the two meters between them making it no less tense. A few favorite topics got some airtime, including QAnon, Antifa and, of course, coronavirus. Here are the highlights.

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  1. The interrogation of our…
    U.S. President…
    On "A" daily basis…
    Is really beyond sickening.

    I can't fucking wait to see the entire MSM…



  2. The Greatest Memory ………….. forgets ‘recent’ unforgettable happenings !
    Mr “I don’t forget” said he would eliminate the US Deficit in 8 years, but it has just increased $3 .5 trillion .
    You must try harder Donald !!!

  3. Q is real and base on truth and facts. Q several times has proved he (they) are legit and has access to

    anything, anytime, anywhere concerning the White house on down or our country or any other country in the

    world. Releasing clues on one site only and no where else relating to certain situations that has happen, are

    happening or will be happening. Done this way to not break their security oath they took regarding top secret or

    higher information they have knowledge of. Of which I have done the same with family and friends when I was in

    the military with a clearance. I couldn't said anything about what I did or saw but if I give them a clue in general

    and they figure it out on their own. They had a idea of what I did and I did not break my oath or give away any

    information. The clue and the situation refer to are then figure out by everyday patriotic Americans. Search's, check

    and double check, share with other like minded people. Double check again and when they agreed they got it 99%

    plus right. They passed it on in person, texts, posts or videos. Where others then learn, check on and do the same.

    Any of the very few mistakes that were made were as soon as they found out corrected, updated and pass on. Of

    course there are false sites put up by the deep state but once you been to the real site, see how they work. It's

    easy to tell who the fakes are.

    The deep state is real and has been for decades. Their main strength was hiding in plain sight and having their

    puppets in control from the top of governments all the way down at different levels and in all major fields to control

    what people think, did or saw or even what happen in the world as a whole. Now they are scare and freaking out

    majorly the real truth is coming out about them and that the American's people and the world are waking up to

    their sick and evil group of criminals, perverts, sell out and traitors.

    Just wait and watch. The proof is coming soon that Q and everything Q Anons have said is true. One way I can

    prove it now is go looked at the U.S. Federal District Criminal Courts records online on indictments in America.

    Normally in a few years time span there are 15 to 20,000 indictments put out. Since Trump took office, its now

    stands at 646,196 indictments and climbing. That just our country.

    Obama's care like the Wuhan's virus are just hidden attacks on America to control your life. The Wuhan virus was

    man made in a facility in Wuhan, China owns by George Soro. Release on purpose to keep Trump from getting

    reelected and put the American's economy in the dump. So they can blame Trump and force Americans to vote by

    mail in November to keep them home and under control with the mask BS. So they can jury rig the election and

    say their puppet won. Knowing people would die but not caring at all who or how many for keeping power was

    more important to them than your or mine life would ever be.

    Obama's care was made to have control over your medical's needs and to have access to your private medical's

    records for further control over you and your family. Its was also design to cost you a small fortune to have control

    over where you spent your money at so you would have less for anything else. The fines was made to remove your

    freedom of choice for medical coverage whether you wanted any or not and force you to joined the

    unconstitutional illegal swamp government take over of health care.

    Bottom line, Q is real. What has and is being reported by Q anons is all real and starting very soon will be release

    to the general public. Wake up America you have and are being con with BS that go back decades! Have an

    beaching day!

    CHAZ, BLM, Antifa, NFAC, MSM. All bankroll and approved by the deep state, Rothschild's, Soro's, Bushes,

    Clinton's, Obama's, Liberal Progressive socialists, the democrats party, RINOs and others.

    All who want to destroy America. Our rights and freedoms and to lord over us. Saying what we can and cannot

    do, own or say.


    Qanon.pub_Qresear.ch_Qalerts.app_To learned the truth "X22 Report" n "Now we know" on Bit Chute

    for more info.

    "Political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners" -George Carlin

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