Azerbaijan and Armenia agree to ceasefire hours after deadly attack

Azerbaijan and Armenia agree to ceasefire hours after deadly attack

Azerbaijan and Armenia have agreed to a new ceasefire beginning at midnight Sunday local time. This comes hours after shelling killed 13 people and wounded more than 50 others Saturday in the Azerbaijan city of Ganja, with neither side taking responsibility for the attack. CBSN’s Lana Zak speaks with Aliq Media editor-in-chief Arsen Kharatyan about how the world is responding to the conflict.

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  1. That region has always been and belonged to Armenians, in Azerbaijan and in Turkey there are hundreds of Armenian churches that carbon dating been used that showed  2000 years old. That's a fact. I don't think those churches dropped out of the sky the church has been there thousands of years with Armenian crosses carved into the stones. 

    Plus you always say you UN recognized that region belongs to Azerbaijan that's very interesting. So let's say you have a house that you lived there for centuries but other people came VOTED and decided that your house has been recognized by them and you should leave, I wonder if you will leave just like that walk away ? Just because other people recognize your house belongs to them don't you think there is no logic and or common sense. 

    Next one you guys claiming that Armenians they bombed civilians cities that's very interesting as well because stepanakert has been bombed so many times right inside the  City where does civilians stay live there is no army base whatsoever so how come it's okay for you people to do that but it's not okay for Armenians to respond to that. 

    There are dates there are videos with footages the day you start bombing right before Armenians responded back. 

    Why don't you keep her go do your research stop lying because every single lie has been discovered you guys put videos that dates a year ago or even before that like a child picture that it's crying and you said this is new footage then we find out that picture was taken a year ago in a totally different place and we found another child picture that you were claiming the results of Armenian bombing video has been found got a police officer from Azerbaijan telling that girl to cry and while she start crying forcefully they took a picture of her right after she finished Runs away so continue playing or whatever she was doing so every single videos that you people put it's totally lie and all of them has been discovered.

  2. FAKE NEWS FROM CBS – Democrats are siding with the perpetrators – Bias program – Armenia refused to return the land to Azerbaijan after U.N. passed 4 resolutions over last 20 odd years – with Armenia refusing to adhere and has systematically created genocide of the Azerbaijani people. This man is threatening the U.S. Government with consequences if the Government does not side with Armenia ! SERIOUSLY !

  3. In the hierarchy of those who take public service the president sits at number one. That man is demanding he serve the public now. Good for him.
    My condolences to those who have survived those who have been lost.

  4. Peace is impossible when you invade and occupy another countries lands. Karabağ is an Azerbaijan land and its occupied for nearly 30. Thats not about Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan. Russia and Armenia bringing this war to people. Thats all. Im just sad for the kids who die in 19- 20 years old. They have nothing to do about this war. Im %100 supporting Azerbaijan but thoose kids die for Armenia, im sad for them too. They should have been with their family and hold their girlfriends hand instead of dodging bullets and morters.

  5. AZERBEJAN returning buck own land, Arminia create lie and genocide on over 150 years ago and they come to west to cray with twist fact thts propaganda will not work this is not 1990

  6. ребята … турки и азербайджанцы … вы должны хорошенько изучить Израильские дрони и технологии … скоро нам воевать против Израиль … они очередной раз взилис грабить палистинский народ … сейчас … они захвативают сольеное море с прилигающими територями там есть нефть и палестинци не знают о наличии нефтьи там… они будут добивать нефть там … они станут намного богаче и наглее … и наша нефть им нужень не будет больше …и Израиль должень вернуть Джерусалим ТУРЦИИИ … АЛЛАХ АГБАР …

  7. Arsen is an Armenian, so he lies and does not tell the truth. Nagorno-Karabakh has historically been part of Azerbaijan. On May 14, 1805, Ibrahim Khalil Khan of Shusha, Karabakh khan, and General Pavel Sisianov, a representative of Tsarist Russia, signed an 11-point KURAKCHAY agreement. No Armenian is mentioned there, and each of us can easily find and read it on the Internet. Arsen hides historical facts and tries to portray the struggle as a religious war. But those who know Azerbaijan know that we have many ethnic minorities and throughout history we have lived in peace in an equal and friendly place. Don't believe ARMENIANS!

  8. The program is biased. Because one-sided lies want to impress the American audience as true! Why didn't we talk to one Azerbaijani from the other side? Is this your so-called Democracy?

  9. Nagorno-Karabakh is the territory of Azerbaijan. Nagorno-Karabakh is recognized as Azerbaijani territory by all international organizations, including the United Nations. Armenia has occupied these lands for 30 years with the support of Russia. Azerbaijan is fighting today to save its territory from the occupation of Armenia. The war is taking place in Azerbaijani territory. What is the Armenian Soldier doing in Azerbaijan? Armenia occupied these lands 30 years ago by brutally killing thousands of Azerbaijani citizens. 1 million Azerbaijani citizens migrated from these lands to escape the massacre. Armenia must evacuate these lands immediately and unconditionally. While the Azerbaijani army is fighting on its own territory and only against the Armenian Soldier, Armenia attacks civilian settlements with missiles every day and declares that it will not evacuate these lands.

  10. ‼️‼️The reality about this conflict in one comment‼️‼️
    Armenia and Artsakh are fighting against international terrorism. Azerbaijan with the help of Turkey and terrorists from Syria, is attacking the civilian population, killing them, and committing war crimes. Azerbaijani also bombed Armenian Church two times.The world, including the president of France, Russia etc. has accepted the existence of terrorists, fighting against Artsakh/Nagorno-Karabagh’s people. Many international human rights organizations proved the fact than Azerbaijan uses forbidden weapons including cluster bombs against civilians. Azerbaijan broke humanitarian ceasefire two times, Azerbaijan does’nt care about his dead soldiers, because most of the are terrorist. Erdoghan wants to recreate The new Ottoman Empire, and just wants to annihilate Armenians for his ambitions. He is trying to continue Armenian Genocide, happened in 1915. For Armenians this is fight for existence, for Azerbaijan this is fight for just 20% territory. The World and international community must speak out against this barbarism. This is 21st century, don’t be blind.

  11. Artsakh is Armenian historical land, only because it was "gifted" by Stalin to Azerbaijan during USSR, does not mean it is Azerbaijani (which is by the way, an artificial word coined by Stalin). After the collapse of the USSR, Artsakh proclaimed its independence like Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan did. Even before the Soviet times, even before a concept like Azerbaijan existed, Artsakh Republic was populated predominantly by Armenians, hence churches, cathedrals and cross stones (Armenian խաչքար, khachkars) dating back to 4th and 5th centuries, I repeat when there was no concept, no nation, no country as Azerbaijan.

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