European countries rush to slow spread of COVID | Coronavirus update

European countries rush to slow spread of COVID | Coronavirus update

Countries across Europe are imposing tighter restrictions in the hope of slowing the spread of the coronavirus – as cases continue to rise. France has recorded a new high of 32 thousand cases in a single day. Authorities have brought in a curfew in major cities requiring all public spaces to be shut by 9pm. But not everyone has welcomed the new rules.
And in Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned of difficult months ahead, with almost 8,000 new infections recorded in the past day, which is the highest figure since the start of the pandemic. The chancellor has appealed to Germans to work together and urged them to stay at home as much as possible.
Italy is set to announce tough new national restrictions as it battles its own surge in cases. The government has already twice tightened the rules in the last 10 days – including making masks mandatory outside the home. The aim is to avoid another full lockdown to limit the damage to the economy.


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  1. Just have to be extra careful now and keep monitoring how your feeling while wearing your mask as people here in the UK are now being poisoned by inhaling there own toxins! A woman is already in hospital with poisoning with he mask just now!

  2. Schools are causing most of the 2nd wave in the USA. Herd immunity. I hope it works. I hope the authorities that suppress information specifically regarding cheap vitamins minerals and medicines as opposed to expensive experimental treatments with limited proven efficacy.

  3. Animals are covered in bacteria which is sustainable in the environment they're in. The meat market imports animals from all round the world. The bacteria from different environments isn't sustainable in the environment they're then in the bacteria mixes together and then creates what we call a pandemic. Human ignorance and greed has caused this pandemic. If we leave nature alone we can live without pandemics

  4. gente por favor para de sair pra rua gente ficam em casa vocÊS estão me deixando nervoso que vocÊS as vezes ficam doentes mais eu não quero isso gente esse vírus marca doenças

  5. Man, I tell ya. Its up and down with this thing. Some claim the numbers are inflated. I say more or less, an undisputed amount of people actually died from it and not to mention contracted and survived with complications in the aftermath. China should be embarrassed and thats just being nice about it.

  6. Absolutly Hilarious the plan is make the entire population Jobless and homeless, them force us to take the Vaccine. Here in Brazil São Paulo – Doria Said the Vaccine Will be MANDATORY! They want the population redution. All the Governaments around the world are together in this plan. Those Vaccines comes with RNA it will modofy our Genetic code. Be aware!

  7. COVID-19: Joseph Lister & Lunsford Richardson- Re-Invented- A Sanitizer-Antiseptic for Lungs, Heart, Brain, Blood etc-A pinch of VICKS,TigerBalm Amrutanjan etc rubbed in nostrils turns Vapor gets into body kills Viruses everywhere inside and cures patient in 3to 5 days

  8. Why can't we just say the Chinese released this virus? They clearly did, they even bragged about "unleashing the coronavirus dragon", or whatever it was, against the West. Any other time in history this would be a no-brainer.

  9. first virus of its kind that can be defined as a case even before they have developed a test for it, but seriously, this virus is so smart, it knows how to tell the time, measure distances in meters, and can tell the difference between a human and an animal, in fact, it even knows if you are meeting other households indoors LOL

  10. Just a reminder that a "case" is simply a positive test, and with voluminous testing will inevitably come voluminous "cases." With testing being done at 45 cycles instead of the recommended 30, nearly everyone tested will ultimately come up as positive, including goats, paw-paw fruits, and zoo tigers. What we have here is a non-lethal flu (for 99.4% of the population) which has been bridled and pumped up to a fear-generating media frenzy to facilitate a planned takeover of the world by global elitists. Plain and simple truth, sorry to be so blunt.

  11. Why are millions of people going along with this belief in a virus and shutting down their life, jobs or inconveniencing themselves, when there's still not a strict protocol for such a serious virus?
    Some restaurants closed their lobbies and some don't. They all should if it's that serious. But employees say it's up to the manager. What does a manager know about being safe 100% with this virus with no cure? But millions are still serious about wearing a mask. When so many businesses don't follow the same safety protocol. Nobody can attend a major sports game. But they can all eat in a restaurant with their mask on. Are so many really this dumb not to question how so many things don't make sense about this?

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  13. these positive covid tests can be lots of different sicknesses not just covid19. Now is the cold and flu season! Plus there is nothing wrong with having cold and flu symptoms, it's how our bodies clean out. And they want to stop that, totally wrong way of thinking.

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