Trump Attacks Fauci On Call With Campaign Staff | NBC Nightly News

Trump Attacks Fauci On Call With Campaign Staff | NBC Nightly News

During the call, President Trump said every time Dr. Anthony Fauci goes on television, there is a “bomb,” but there would be a “bigger bomb if you fire him.” This comes after Fauci said he was not surprised Trump contracted the virus during a “60 Minutes” interview.
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Trump Attacks Fauci On Call With Campaign Staff | NBC Nightly News


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  1. My experiences with Drs are that except for one, they are all the purest forms of Axis of Evil. If they bed themselves with criminals/politicians, they are legalized mafia executioners! They will abuse you, terrorize you into believing you have lung cancer with no sputum tests they want to perform a lung biopsy to puncture your lungs. When they are questioned and challenged with threats of demanding a second opinion they will tell you WE HAVE THE COURTS ON OUR SIDE WE ARE PROTECTED and will utilized false patient notations on your charts!

    For all you who believe in Drs, then you never lived my life! Many of you scream Trump is sick, dementia, yet Pelosi and Fauci are if not in their 80s and are politically connected with an agenda! We didn't shut down to destroy this nation under Obama's H1N1, but we destroyed everything today. The people were willing and now they cry! I don't care, and I will never care again! Life and years can never be returned so as far as I care these people should have those face masks welded to their faces for the next 8 years and massive lockdowns and mandatory bi-annual vaccinations so drop your pants and show those nice Drs your vertical smile! I don't care when I was inundated with graphic death threats and dismemberment of my body and execution of my elderly folks because I was a victim of a crime and had material information regarding a murder of a 12 yr old girl and where her remains could be unearthed thus those maggots blew my mother's mind right out of her skull so shes forever gone, locked up in a lockdown unit with an ankle bracelet in a senior home, then may all you suffer and endure! I'm am in so much favor of those lockdowns and face masks to be welded on your faces that I will never care again! Dont ever come to me begging for help, I will never help you, ever.

  2. Fauci deserves worse than criticism. His failure to adopt an effective treatment protocol given to him in March has cost the US 220,000 lives. He instructed its use from day one to the present. Ten countries who adopted it have one-sixth out death rate.

  3. of course trump and fauci would turn on each other; the crap is hitting the fan. Each is guilty. Will someone please ask fauci about these articles (I tried to send him an email, but he is not accepting emails from 'commoners'.)
        AND THIS:
             AND THIS:

  4. Trump is childish and very disrespectful. Dr. Fauci has been around and seen many epidemics, when Trump was in boardrooms or reviewing bids for houses and estates. I have to wonder, what kind of people are voting for Trump? How is he still an active President?

  5. Owned by China- MSNBC & NBC, CNN, AMC, ESPN, most of ABC, half of all Hollywood movie productions, 1/2 of Bloomberg, Disney, New York Times, and a dozen other news media outlets. Look it up! Just google it! I was beyond shocked! Like a mix of anger, frustration, then sadness…. big corporations sold us! They sold the American people and our right to information!

  6. The absolute only update and/or conversation without political bias or non- scientific data or scare tactics… Protecting the very small subset population of the most vulnerable, susceptible people who should take necessary precautions and allowing the virus to run its natural course.
    Allowing the infection to pass through the general healthy population, that effectively have almost a zero percent chance of serious infection, is the Only way to completely neutralize the viral virulence. Prolonged isolation of the elderly or people in care homes is nothing less than inhumane and should be considered crimes against humanity.

    Naturally acquired Herd immunity is not an objective opinion or hypothesis, a theory, a strategy or a debate, it is biological law that exists and occurs like gravity or the laws of thermodynamics whether anyone understands or believes in it or not.

    The strangest phenomenon to be witnessed in this century at such a colossal scale, is "Science Denialisim". (refusal to accept and ultimately deny, /even in the science community/ established fundamental, empirical science and facts.) Bluntly stated: ignorance perpetuates irrational fear, fueled by the hyper hysterics of the internet.

    There has never in history been an effective Cor/virus vaccine, caused by two fundamental factors, antigenic shift (mutation) and virulence dilution, that occurs far more rapidly than any vaccine can be developed, tested and globally distributed. In other words any vaccines that are being developed right now as we speak, are already dated and ineffective.

    The high case counts with low casualty numbers are a normal predictable pattern of all Corona viral outbreaks. The virus has drastically weakened virulence from T-Cell antibody immune response to massive population infection spread and saturation, to the extent it becomes, to the vast majority, nothing more than another common cold like annoyance.

    Because the SARS-COV-2 virus is now at the epidemiological low level virulence classification, what is known in epidemiology as the pathogen endemic equilibrium phase. (viral stasis) All future focus should be towards (MPIE) mass population immunization by exposure, (herd immunity) from the healthy population, as rapidly as possible in order to protect the most vulnerable health population.

    Any deviation from this narrative from the scientific community will only prolong the suffering and cost more lives to be lost. Instead of trying desperately to prove to the world that they were right, it is long overdue time for all scientists to admit consensus and follow the exact public health protocol that has been unspokenly used for every pandemic in modern history, whereas naturally acquired population immunity (herd immunity) is the principal driving force and Not in refute.

  7. Calling idiots at whoever doesn't support his egomaniacal stupidity. Didn't pay taxes, didn't build the wall, more than 200 000 death, but he is never at fault for anything. There's always someone to blame. Even called Biden the worst candidate when his own chances of winning are very slim. Shouldn't that tell him that he is by far the worst president who ever lived?

  8. dr. fauchi is a fraud covid-19 hoped up 85% they're lying about the the numbers he is the ringleader needs to be in jail the survival rate from people between 1 and 80 under covid-19 situation 97% and it's hyped up 85% the survival rate is bigger than the hype the truth is the vaccine the disease is the lie covid-19 is not the problem the agenda behind it and the LIE is the problem the only solution for the world for it to get better is for people to start speaking up against the agenda

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  10. ​@ I am from DR Congo (> 90% Christian Country in Central Africa), Hunter Biden and the democrats elite have destroyed our country in complicity with big China mining companies. Hunter Biden is a real tropical gangster. Even Hollywood actor will dream to play such role in a movie! Help us to bring the awareness .

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