Keiser Report | Corporate Bitcoin FOMO | E1608

Keiser Report | Corporate Bitcoin FOMO | E1608

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy note that the Treasury market is now so large that the only way to keep it under control is for the Fed to intervene. They also look at Reuters reporting that the latest nearly $1 billion fine on JP Morgan (for manipulating precious metals prices) is unlikely to deter the bank’s ‘recidivism’ as the previous $36 billion also failed to stop them. In the second half, Max chats to Parker Lewis of Unchained Capital about the importance of price discovery and ‘running out of bitcoin.’

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  1. MR.MAX KISER I BUY SMALL AMOUNTS OF BITCOIN WEEKLY I DONT PAY ATTENTION TO THE PRICE I BUY $300 dollars every Fri started two months ago I know nothing about bitcoin i am buying bitcoin for my daughter she is 2o and in collage to become a SPECIAL EDUCATION elementary school teacher SHE ASKED IF I WOULD COMMIT TO FOING $300 a week for the next 18 months and I committed to that regardless if Bitvoin goes up or down I don't look at the price based on your broadcast i am doing the best thing that I could be doing with my paper money for her future fo you agree please respond if you have time thank you MR. MAX KISER

  2. More whining about the fed. These episodes sound like a broken record. Lacking content, imagination? Keiser report in summary: BTC/Gold good – Fed bad.

  3. Bitcoin is crypto gold….but like gold, it is being manipulated by the Fed. The Fed manipulates gold and silver because they are alternatives to the dollar. So is Bitcoin. Why would Fed manipulate/cap gold and silver and ignore Bitcoin? Bitcoin should be at least $20K right now. Ditto gold. Why aren't they? The Fed. The Fed cannot afford to leave alternatives to the dollar alone. It must manipulate them or their dollar is doomed. Much better to buy a crypto like Theta which is not yet on the Fed's radar screen. It may one day, but I suspect it will be well over $100 before the Fed starts messing with Theta.

  4. Buying crypto currency is the beginning of true enslavement. You have played right into their game that they created… once cbdc is up and running along with 5G and ID2020 you will be owned.

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  6. The banking system is illegal and was created in 1913 . The DS is totally envolved in what Amerikan banks do . M & S have to walk a line not to venture into 'conspiricy' theory yet if you really had a good grasp of what goes on you'd always underpin your view of how the system works with what JFK (and many others) said . Top bankers do what there allowed to do , if they do what there not allowed to do you'll see them thrown to the dogs . Its really that simple . Biden 'corruption' is ds machinations , especially with Ukraine blackmail and bribery , finding the weak links to manipulated the country .

  7. you fools think that you will still be able to make transactions in unofficial currency….no one will accept payment in an unredeamable currency………try paying yor bills with monopoly money….good luck with that……….

  8. What would happen if the central banks stopped the interchangeability of Crypto and Fiat currency? Is there going to be a value for Crypto currency?

  9. Nice and informative video ✅ Who would believe bitcoin would rise from its initial conception price to $12,000 region and above over the years? This shows that the Coin is gaining grounds and isn't fading away anytime soon. Bitcoin being the largest by market capitalisation and most used/ traded cryptocurrency opens a whole new world of investment, especially as a trader but a major concern for amateur traders is the level of skill it takes to be a profitable trader hence the need to follow a successful trader and copy his trades alert is needed as i have been doing with Mr Ovid Reece strategy/signals and i have been able to grow 6.5 btc with my initial 0.9 btc in a space of 6 weeks. The cryptocurrency market is not just buying and holding as you can make profit from the market at any time. I would say this to anyone who is willing to achieve and grow a very strong portfolio to take advantage of this present market price to buy and day trade with Mr Ovid's daily signals. He can be contacted via Whatsapp+ 44 7723 170842 and telegram @ovidreece for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

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  11. It’s unbelievable but true we award being fraudulent nowadays from the top down, and we feel we have the right to call out other countries poor records we need to look hard at ourselves first then maybe we will get out of this nightmare we’re all experiencing now…

  12. I enrolled in Coinbase. My enrollment was accepted with payments from my bank account. My purchases were limited to $1,000. I asked for a rise in the limit so that I could buy as many as 10 bitcoins. No rise at all was offered to me. No means other for making such a purchase was suggested. For example, there was no suggestion that I could make an advanced deposit of sufficient funds with Coinbase. Instead, I was told my account required further documentation. There was no indication that if I supplied further documentation, the limitation would be removed. The exchange of messages required more than a week.

  13. Bitcoin will continue to go up only 21 million it blows away precious metals even though I have them as well I like to diversify but once people get a little more educated with cryptocurrency they will be jumping on like what is happening right now by huge corporations Banks like JPMorgan Chase

  14. Quick invest in chickens.
    The price of chickens are going up faster than I can buy them.
    Remember folks you Can't eat gold and digital cash.
    Better think about Barter ,it's going to be a mix of a lot of things to trade in the future.

  15. They've been pulling the same liberal smokescreen bullshit for decades it actually works very well warm and cuddly on the outside ripping you off on the inside and stabbing you in the back

  16. FRAUD, obtaining benefits by deception.
    Why are these financial FRAUDSTERS an economic VANDALS still allowed to trade.
    Don't people get jailed for fraud anymore, how is this even legal.

    Absolut treasonous scam being perpetrated right under our noses with the blessings of the United Nations criminal organisation.

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