Racist attack investigation reopened by Met Police – BBC Newsnight

Racist attack investigation reopened by Met Police - BBC Newsnight

After a racist attack on three black women, a Newsnight investigation has found that for nearly two weeks police officers failed to recover CCTV or take witness statements, even from the victims. Please subscribe here: http://bit.ly/1rbfUog

An investigation into a racist attack on three black women has been reopened by the Metropolitan Police.

For nearly two weeks after the attack officers failed to recover CCTV or take witness statements, even from the victims, BBC Newsnight found.

The three women say the police made racist assumptions about them and that hampered the investigation.

The Met denies this but has apologised for failing the women and said it was reviewing its work.

The force told the women it had closed the probe into the crime in April, but reopened it this month following Newsnight’s investigation.

Newsnight Correspondent Richard Watson reports.


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  1. I've been racially attacked in pubs loads of times and all the police do is pick the black guy off! The white Ines stay on the pub like it's a privilege! It's basically ok to be racist here. So when police don't give u justice you find yours.

  2. Is this the only case were the 2 officers dint do there jobs? Many cops are from outside London which doesn't help the situation and don't think met playing defense helps build confidence in communitys like kilburn. Let's hope that these girls move on is what the met Hope's.

  3. Tom Gazebobob
    My wife,in standing up for a dark girl experiencing an attack such as this in broad daylight here in Northampton was shocked to the core at what was being said. There were other women in support of the girl in question. I was seeing all this going on from our car and I imagined , as I saw my wife walk with her arm round the The girls' shoulder that it was a "woman" thing and stayed out of it.
    I was young and employed in my trade at the time and recall the reaction when I said how I thought a young woman was a good looking girl of colour and that made me vow to keep my mouth shut in times like that in future. You have no way of knowing what people harbour inside. I dread to think what we are headed for in the future.

  4. When she said there was a "smartly dressed" one alongside a bunch of thugs, I just thought of a stereotypical mafia movie. Various mafia networks are in every city though. Even here in Bremen, Germany. Many of the homeless beggers are working for them and can't escape. Pretty disgusting and sad story. Sounds very much like the police are connected with the perpetrators.

  5. This attack was not "motivated" by racism. People who hate others and want to torture and kill them will find any reason to do so (religion, racism, fun, etc.). The woman testifying is very impressive, so quiet, strong and class! It goes without saying one should not trust the police. On the contrary one should be very weary of the police.

  6. Oh No Shit .. not fair …..
    This is out of order
    Attacked by Men ….
    I am so Glad you guys survived and you are beautiful …..
    You guys survived and this will make you stronger ….. All prayers to you guys and your family's. …
    That's my area all my life but it is more likely to be passers through they did this and left the area ….
    That's disgusting no evidence … You see they …. the police don't care ….

  7. When you black you don't have the luxury to rely on the police have to be your own soldier own bodyguard and have to move different than your counterparts those dudes are weak real Coward to hit a woman

  8. This is not really reassuring storiy hopefully he never happened again.
    As a black woman myself who speak others native languages than english and live in London I will be even more vigilent when I am going out now .

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  10. This is happening WAY to often in the UK. I have experienced something similar myself.

    Minorities should start demanding the legal right to wield knives, like the practicing Sikhs, – but also the legal right to use them for self-defence. That would get the MET in line.

  11. Random attacks like that usually happen by people not from the area travelling into the area to stir up racial tension and then they crawl back to their sewer town to gloat about what they did. Proper evil people out there. nasty and vile, our crap legal system they and many others like em are still very much at large, that could be anyones daughter, need to get these monsters off the street

  12. some police are proper racist in uniform and its my own experiance some police look t your skin colour and religion background i dont trust police any more cause they wont listen to ppl of colour.

  13. As a black man – if I even push a white person the cops will be there like I killed someone. Com to Bristol and you can see open racism by the police. There is zero relationship with them. They hate us – simple. I skipped a pothole weeks back – police followed and stopped me. Cos I am black. Play safe my bro/sis – them guys hate us and politicians never say a word. If we try to complain the police will frame you for something 'unknown'. But we must carry on. We must never give up.

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