How long does the coronavirus remain viable on surfaces? | COVID Spezial

How long does the coronavirus remain viable on surfaces? | COVID Spezial

Traces of coronavirus can be transfered to the objects we touch. And in turn, can be transfered to us. Money, shopping carts, door-handles: Just about everything we touch is getting a second look these days or even a clever work-around. But are our anxieties over surface-contacts backed up by research into the virus and its viability? Let’s take a look.


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  1. I'd expect that Emanuel Goldman would have understood that this was a controlled experiment (as almost all experiments are), meaning that all the factors were controlled except one (in this case temperature with the control group being 20C). There are two reasons for this. The first being that if multiple variables are changed (as we would experience in the real world), that the result would be uncertain and wouldn't actually produce a scientific conclusive result. The second reason is that by controlling each parameter or factor at the least impactful for the virus (e.g. removing light), the results would provide a worst case scenario which could be extended in further experiments.
    A second experiment for example could keep the temperature constant and vary the amount of UV light exposed to the sample.

    I doubt Emanuel Goldman would perform any experiments where numerous factors were uncontrolled.

  2. My wife inspected a shipment of steel from China back in late March. She (and subsequently I) shortly after contracted what we believe to have been Covid 19. This was before testing in the UK become available so we were unable to verify the virus at the time, but the symptoms are exactly what is expected from covid 19.
    It had travelled by sea and took some 40 days on a transport ship. It was wrapped in multiple layers of different plastic materials to protect the steel from rust corrosion. My wife has noted that upon opening the steel covering, even some flys have flown out before now! The wrapping essentially protect the interior surface and in this case, can presumably protect the covid virus. As she was handling the wrapping and the steel, we believe that she became infected from this contact, despite most agencies dismissing this possibility. I wish to raise this issue here that hopefully it will gain some attention and study.
    These kind of transport issues are not being discussed and are a real issue for the global economy…

  3. So winter time no sun, less humidity, likely to survives a month! 🙁 the fact it lasts a week even at 30 Celsius is so scary because summer is over so no more 30C! Lasts one full day at 40C?! It's never that hot here even in summer. I was afraid of surfaces before now even more so.

  4. Goldman is concerned that a strong focus on surface contamination diverts attention away from airborne contamination focus…. fair play,…. but he becomes ideological in downplaying and dismissing as 'only a gesture' strategies to minimize surface contact transmission. He overstates the likelihood that surface deposition of the virus cannot realistically be a means of infection. Hands touch mouths and eyes, once that occurs the virus is free to migrate to the respiratory passages, mucous membranes are ideal for virus migration, it occurs with other corona viruses.

  5. Under the right conditions it can survive quite a long time. How much this contributes to the spread of Covid is not so certain, likely negligible compared to the spread caused by people refusing to wear mask and social distance.

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