Biden Delivers Remarks On Coronavirus And The Economy | NBC News

Biden Delivers Remarks On Coronavirus And The Economy | NBC News

Watch live coverage as Joe Biden delivers remarks on how to combat the coronavirus pandemic and support the economy.

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Watch live: Biden delivers remarks on coronavirus and the economy


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  1. Sitting around holding hands and singing KumBaYa is a dead end. This guys whispering sincerity is sickening. Trump has done and will continue to do what is best to make America Great Again. He did it before COVID, he is doing it during COVID and he will do it after COVID. America must not be fooled by the magic thinking of these Marxist do-gooders. They will bring America to its knees to the worship of big brother.

  2. sleepy joe you know nothing about economy so dump only know sexual. Lucky for USA have President Trump banned chinesevirus bio weapon MADE IN CHINA when dirty demo party bring chinese virus to USA look at NY states dems party run.

  3. joe you so dump even learn questions and answers before debate but still dump is dump no change. Keep hiding in basement reading by yourself + fakes news. Can you read your dump son hunter & you cheating to USA get money from China, Russia, Iran

  4. Its soooo hard to believe the USA would cover up this kind of TRASH!!


  6. One of the reasons for the delay in people feeling ill in the USA with Covid-19 & going to the hospital is because so many people do not have health insurance. You cannot compare Cuba to the USA. However, the USA is the only industralized country on the planet that does not have a national health system. Cuba with 13 million population & 61 years of U.S. embargo has been able to provide free medical attention for all cubans. The USA is the richest country on the planet. It's a shame they have not done more for their citizens.

    The USA has had almost 9 million cases of covis-19 & 230K dead. Cuba has 6,566 infections & 128 dead. 7% dead in the USA of those infected while in Cuba One tenth of one percent dead from their infected. I know cubans that live outside Cuba, that returns to Cuba to have a needed operation done because it does not cost them anything. Cuba has more doctors that the U.K. that has 66 million people & Cuba exports doctors & nurses to many other countries. Education is also free to all cubans from the cradle to the grave. Any Cuban that is not educated is because they do not want to. Because every company in the USA is basically a for profit company the compassion has disappeared. Most students that goes to a good college or University in the USA are saddled with 100K or more in student loan debts after graduation. So they are handicapped before they get a good job.

    In Scandanavian countries they have a mixture of socialism & capitalism. The people pay high taxes, hower they have a higher standard of living than the USA & a higher per capita income. Currently there are over 2 million people living on the streets in the USA. A number that could double next year if things do not improve. The USA can do a whole lot more for their citizens. This election cycle it is estimated that over 11 billion dollars will have been spent to get politicians elected. Think of how that money could be better used to provide housing for the homeless/

  7. Biden Harris 2020

    Impeached Russian asset Individual one is a homicidal criminal maniac fascist racist.
    TRE45ON 225000 deaths 9 days bunker boy!

  8. Go Biden – America needs a REAL LEADER not a narcissist. While people are dying all tRump cares about is his re-election! The most un-Christ like tRump being idolised by the cult of pretend christians. God bless you Joe, the true followers of Jesus need you.

  9. Trump is just full of baloney he thinks this covid-19 is just a big joke well he got it but look he was out within five days he didn't die from it and he still doesn't wear a mask and a lot of people noticed that so they figure out he doesn't have to wear when why should we well I'm tired of being pooped into the house and locked into the house and only going out for doctor's appointments and getting groceries and then coming back home I haven't been out to my mailbox for a week and I'm usually not like that I usually go get my mail everyday and people like Trump thinks this is just a big deal well now it's flu season coming on it's not a big deal the flu is totally different from the Cove it different symptoms

  10. As usual reading a teleprompter…. and can even read it properly. Just copying what Trump is already doing, expect the ridiculous masks… this man is such a wicked person! A barefaced liar.

  11. "6 Ways a Biden Democrat Run Economy Would Hurt Suburban America" 27 Oct 2020
    1. The value of your home will plummet.

    prices are up this year despite the sudden recession triggered by the
    stay-at-home orders and the sudden lockdown of our economy this spring.
    Americans have been snapping up homes at the fastest pace in a decade,
    eager for the kind of freedom and security they cannot find in city
    centers these days.

    Donald Trump has given a boost to home values
    by cutting taxes, leaving middle class Americans with more savings for
    down payment, and repealing intrusive regulation that threatened the
    suburbs. This summer Trump repealed the Obama-Biden administration
    policy known as “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing,” a rule designed
    to pressure suburbs into building low income housing and abandoning
    long-standing limits on housing density.

    Biden has said he would
    not just revive the rule—he would put it in steroids. Left-wing writer
    Matthew Yglesias—whose recent book calls for America to open its borders
    to increase our population to one million—has praised Biden’s housing
    plan as “surprisingly visionary.”

    So what’s the plan? It is
    basically to export the problems of the big cities to Americas suburbs
    and end single-family zoning. Crowded schools, cheap apartment towers,
    crime—all coming to your street in the name of “fair housing.” And don’t
    forget, the left also wants to defund the police.

    To Biden and
    the Democrats, the low-crime and high-quality education available to
    many suburban families are products of “white supremacy,” redlining, and
    unfair housing practices—despite the lack of evidence for these claims
    and decades of federal and state laws making racial discrimination in
    housing and lending illegal. Never mind fifty-years of liberal housing
    policy, the fact that some towns or neighborhoods have high priced homes
    is not a testament to the quality of the community but an indictment of
    their exclusivity.

    “He believes the middle class isn’t a number,
    but a value set which includes the ability to own your own home and
    live in a safe community. Housing should be a right, not a privilege,”
    Biden’s campaign website declares.

    Translation: it is morally
    wrong to require a middle-class income to live in a middle-class suburb.
    And Biden plans to make it illegal.

    2. You will pay for Biden’s repeal of Trump’s tax cuts.

    has said he will repeal the 2017 Trump tax cuts that slashed the tax
    bill for nearly every American family that pays taxes. He says that he
    will only hike the rates on Americans who earn over $400,000 but every
    middle class family will pay for Biden’s tax hikes.

    proposed overhaul of 401(k) plans will hike taxes on the middle class.
    Under the current law, you get to deduct your contributions to your
    401(k) plan right off the top of your income. You don’t pay any tax on
    the income you contribute or its gains until you start to spend them at
    retirement. This is one of the reasons 401(k) plans are one of America’s
    favorite ways to save.

    Biden wants to get rid of this tax break.
    He thinks it is unfair because it rewards people with higher incomes
    who face higher tax rates. He would replace it with a complicated scheme
    of tax credits intended to help Americans with lower incomes save more.
    While the details are complex, the result is not: any married couple
    earning more than $80,250 would face a higher tax bill.

    also wants to hike taxes on corporations. Economists agree that this
    amounts a tax on shareholders because it lowers the after-tax earnings
    of businesses. That means lower dividends, fewer buybacks, less
    investment in growth, and lower stock prices. Over time, this tax hike
    on businesses will hurt the ability of middle-class Americans to save
    and invest for their retirement.

    3. Your wages will go down as manufacturing continues to be outsourced to China.

    now claims he will stand up to China, but he has no plan for preserving
    American jobs in the face of China’s predatory mercantilism. He has
    criticized Trump’s tariffs, which helped rescue America’s steel and
    aluminum industries and are forcing China to negotiate with U.S. trade
    officials, but offered nothing to replace them.

    Tough talk will
    not cut when it comes to China. Action is all that counts. And Biden’s
    decades in the U.S. Senate and 8 years in the Obama administration have
    created a long record of doing nothing at all to protect American jobs
    from China.

    Biden does not even see China as competitive threat to American workers.

    “China is going to eat our lunch? Come on man,” Biden said at a campaign event in Iowa.

    he even know how much American manufacturing has been moved to China?
    David Autor, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology economist who
    studied the impact of trade with China has described it as the “China

    “When import booms from Japan, Mexico and Asian “tiger”
    economies such as Taiwan arrived in the U.S., many cities and towns were
    able to adapt,” the Wall Street Journal wrote about Autor’s work.
    “China was different. Its emergence as a trade powerhouse rattled the
    American economy more violently than economists and policy makers
    anticipated at the time or realized for years later. “

    But Biden
    scoffs at the China shock. That reflects his decades in Washington,
    D.C., where government bureaucrats are not threatened by outsourcing.
    Far from it—government wages have been climbing while wages of the rest
    of us stagnate and our factories close down.

    4. Your wages will go down as Americans are forced to compete with imported foreign labor.

    United States is one of the most generous countries on earth when it
    comes to immigration. We have welcomed more immigrants than any other
    country in the world. Currently, nearly 45 million people living in the
    U.S. were born in another country—one-fifth of all the migrants in the

    For some, however, no amount of immigration is enough. The
    radical Democrats supporting Joe Biden have opposed every effort to
    control our borders or rethink our immigration policies to suit the
    needs of our economy. They would flood the country with millions of more
    immigrants—pushing down the wages of working Americans and stifling
    innovation, as businesses would increasingly rely on cheap labor instead
    of advancing technology.

    “Where Biden pushes regulation in most
    areas, immigration is not one of them. Biden has proposed relaxing
    strict immigration policies and instead turning to a model where every
    type of immigrant, documented or undocumented, could gain access to
    government resources and a path to citizenship,” according to American
    Action Forum.

    It’s as simple as supply and demand. If America
    does not limit immigration’s contribution to the labor supply, the price
    of that labor falls.

    5. The crime wave engulfing American cities will spread to the suburbs.

    is on the rise once again in the the big cities controlled by
    Democrats. Shootings incidents have doubled in New York City, and
    murders are up 40 percent compared with last year. Burglaries are up
    41.8 percent year to date.

    The Democrats plan to lower crime in
    the cities is to ship it out into the suburbs. According to Biden, the
    problem is not the lack of policing or releasing criminals without bail;
    it’s that the cities have too many poor people. So his policy is to
    social engineer the urban poor out into the suburbs through aggressive
    use of federal housing policies.

    And don’t forget: the Democrats
    think that Trump’s campaign for “law and order” is racist dog whistling.
    Their voters are marching in the streets—and increasingly into the
    suburbs—in protests against the police. Don’t expect them to stop the
    crime wave from crashing into our neighborhood streets and parks.

    6. The Democrats’ Green New Deal will decimate millions of jobs and lead to California-style rolling blackouts.

    has endorsed the so-called Green New Deal that would attempt to rapidly
    eliminate the use of oil and coal in the U.S. power grid. But we’ve
    already seen where this leads in California: rolling blackouts,
    expensive power, and a fragile energy infrastructure.

    At the last
    presidential debate, Biden admitted that his program would end fossil
    fuel extraction in the U.S. He would not do it right way but would
    “transition” off of fossil fuels.

    That would drive up energy
    costs. The Green New Deal would also eliminate energy jobs all across
    America, overturning the fracking revolution in the U.S. that has made
    us energy independent, created thousands of good paying jobs, and
    revitalized local economies from Texas to North Dakota, from Arizona to
    Pennsylvania. Even as far away as Wisconsin, where no oil is pulled from
    the ground, jobs would be permanently destroyed.

    Party officials and strategists are worried. They know the 2020 election
    will likely be decided in America’s suburbs. And if the message gets
    out to voters about what Biden has planned for those suburbs, Biden does
    not stand a chance.=

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