Marcus Rashford's angry response after the UK rejects free school meals

Marcus Rashford's angry response after the UK rejects free school meals

The UK government has rejected a plan to extend free school meals until Easter 2021. Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford has called for the government to extend the scheme and started a campaign to end child hunger.

Coronavirus in UK 🇬🇧

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  1. I d say up until now i didnt know uk used to give free meals..That too should be appreciated…but more appreciating is of player n all those supporting poor..God bless them all…amin.

  2. if the footballers want to feed other people's kids then they can do so they got plenty of money for doing 90 minutes work a week.time to take a hard look at the parents find out why they can't feed the kids they bring into the world.what next free holidays free petrol free this free that its not worth working now you just get everything free brilliant.

  3. Please, please, please, Rashford get off your nearly £2k a week salary and give your salary to help. Why is everyone depending on the government! They provide benefits, they provide free NHS! This issue with children going hungry was around when the Labour Party were in charge as well. UK is not 3rd world country. UK has poverty just like many other countries. Rashford and other celebrities donate your salary this will help. I do charity work, does that make me brave?! I donate to charity. Make me a household name! Stop making people like Rashford something extra special.

  4. Its absolutely disgusting how the UK government justified millions of pounds worth of face masks ordered from Turkey which failed to meet safety standards back in May 2020 & discretely swept the entire event under the rug but refuse to justify free meals for kids during half-term.  Boris Johnson’s government is oh-so-quick, to jump on the “next/future generation” band wagon, but fails to feed the youngest, most deprived children of the UK for a period of two weeks. How shameful…

  5. Marcus Rashford is who I am happy to call, a human being with an actual heart, unlike the government. Bless your will, power, and soul, the world needs you Marcus.

    – Chelsea Football Club fan

  6. some could argue that he didn't do so bad, however, he has been there, done it and got the tshirt- so hat's off to him – meanwhile, others are sponging off the state, self-employed (and the banking system) are bleeding the country dry..

  7. The dirty old.farts in the parliament prob keep all their last cents. They talk about money needing to be kept whilst if they communally put money together, they could probably raise enough money to sustain free meals

  8. More to the point how much has he put of his own money towards it bad if you feel so strongly put your money to charities and stop telling the government how to spent other people’s money.

  9. Who does Rashford think he is? Why doesn't he feed these 'starving' kids with his vast fortune? Oh no, he'll not do that! Well, send it to Africa then, to feed the world!

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