'Serial deliberate dishonesty': Final presidential debate fact check

'Serial deliberate dishonesty': Final presidential debate fact check

CNN’s Daniel Dale fact checks the final presidential debate of 2020 and says President Donald Trump had far more false statements than Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

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  1. Lol dishonesty? coming from you guys biden said "this is a battle for the soul of America" while he lies cheats and steals and sold us out to the highest bidder meanwhile " peaceful protesters" RIOTERS/LOOTERS burn it down and Destroy America and CNN is helping them you are not news reporters/press. The quote he said is the only truthful honest thing that he has said this entire time if he or any of these looters and rioters or you guys believe in God repent and beg for your Immortal soul!!!…

  2. Dog talk about how bad Trump is why can't anybody stop him okay did you hear not too long ago it's going to go away but you know what I wanted to go away so I could go back to my normal life and I'm pretty sure there's a lot of people would love to do that vine I where am at my daughter wears a mask but the point is to just wear the mask okay I want to go back to the regular lifetime that we live it's not a wonderful place America cuz it's not if Trump runs we are all in trouble okay just by looking at him seeing him he's a sneaky person and I think everybody agrees on that well guess why God bless you all stay safe stay the distance because it all works out amen

  3. I just want you guys he's all got power he's all got everything stop Trump cuz it's not going to be right if he'll be elected it's just not okay so she talked about the stimulus checks to the elderly people did they get them yet I don't think they did okay that takes time for this is a month ago that he said he was going to send them out Trump does not do what he supposed to do to tell people not to wear a mask he's just I look at Trump that all the emotes low-income people she does not want us here he just wanted us to banish okay and that's wrong we belong where she ever in American we do what we have to do somebody needs to stop Trump because I see so many negative about.

  4. Ron Mang

    1 second ago

    @gamewinner I see where you're going on with this- You are giving him alot more credit than he deserves but be assured so is he and all you have to do is listen and buy it and are you not entertained? You can skew any fact you want or take it out of context and that's your out.If water was given to a dying man you might assume it was good if it was "sold" to you until you find out that it was a drop and not enough to save any life or that the man dying was actually drowning so water was of no use, or that the water was in the plan but not an immediate deliver and who is going to follow-up right.What all of this means is that it's a perspective and it's up to you to get the Big Picture.So let's see if I can link you to a few places… https://www.bbc.com/news/world-45827430 : https://qz.com/1907578/us-president-donald-trumps-economic-record-in-13-charts/ : US Bureau of Economic Analysis : https://www.bea.gov/ ; https://www.bea.gov/data ; https://www.bea.gov/news/glance ; US dep't of Commerce- https://www.commerce.gov/data-and-reports/economic-indicators ; – US Dep't of Labor ; https://www.bls.gov/ ; Here, Mr. gamewinner, and especially to all who might be reading this-do your research, here are all the Charts you'll need from official US Departments that will contradict Trumps assertions-he wasen't expecting you to do your homework-Read them with an open mind and ignore the Man and his voice behind the curtain and in your head. It is unprecedented that a current serving President goes to such an extent to mislead and just plain out lie-supporters believing this is tranparency-fake news declaration is any reason that does not follow the party line , that 2 former Rep Presidents, Rep Senators and Rep Congressmen/women, former Chiefs of Staff from Current and Former Presidents inc Republican, former trusted advisors and lawyers and has you believe that criticising Biden or anyone that does not toe the line is his National and Global Policy because he's made no Policy announcements during any rally, debate and his current discipiles are too busy defending him. That's what makes him #1 even before the story is over-That is amazing and he'll sell it as : I'm #1 : It's all about perspective and the vision of the USA you want as a Nation and how she fits into the global community. Perhaps this is what it all boils down to. One mans treasure is another mans garbage. So, if you've already made up your mind, you've already wasted everyones time Mr.Gamewinner whatever that means.You can't even be honest or transparent about you.

  5. This is an amazing campaign season. Basement Biden hides and lets the media campaign for him. CNN, MSNBC, et al. do all the dirty work and try to persuade listeners to vote against Trump (and by default, for Biden). President Trump is out at huge rallies with thousands of supporters showing up and Biden, when he does come out of his basement for a campaign rally, there are about 15 people there. By this measure only, Trump would win by the biggest landslide in history. Yet it seems that it is a very tight race. I didn't vote for Trump in 2016 and didn't watch the results come in so I didn't get to see all the crying at CNN etc. I am definitely tuning in this time as it could be that Trump will win by an even bigger margin this time. Can't wait to see all of the crying, hysterics and meltdowns.

  6. is catch and release true what trump said?
    fact checker: no false
    me: an actual journalist. Trump laid it out clearly and factually. It made headlines under Obama how bad the policy was.

    I have no idea who this "fact checker" is

  7. will biden make socialist healthcare
    fact checker: biden is not for a sanders healthcare for all
    me: an actual journalist – it's on their friggin website, you liar. they call for biden care, medicare for all and Harris has repeatedly said there's NO PLACE for private insurance under a biden / harris admin. biden also agreed to everything sanders asked of him, to get the bernie bro votes.

  8. Ok, you said Biden did not get money from foreign governments only his son get millions of dollars by his consultation ability? By viewing so many disgusting photos and emails of getting lots of money by a drug and sex addict Hunter, I get it. The Chinese Communist Party’s use this tactic to threaten Biden with the dirty secrets of his son and Biden’s brother Jimmy to manipulate Biden ( and maybe Obama) to benefit China in disputes over the South China Sea, US-China trade, intellectual property rights, and energy prices, etc., as well as getting Biden’s help to locate large numbers of CIA intelligence agents in China to the Chinese Communist Party.

  9. Fact checker stats that 75% were in court and only 25% were not in court to hear decision right? So what percentage of that 75% were present on their own free will and what percentage were there due to being apprehended and brought in for the hearing? You can twist stats to benefit you agenda but now since you’re called out on it what are is the percentage that came back on their own free will as the President was referring to?

  10. So on the Health Care question you go off of what Biden has said in the past and Biden did the fact checking for you basically? However on the question about Fracking, you say well yes Biden did say he opposed Fracking in the past but his campaign said that he really doesn’t so Biden was just joking or whatever the case

  11. Who is this “fact checker” who looks like a virgin who still lives in his mom’s basement? Here is a video of fact checkers being fact checked: https://youtu.be/KQXP-Lkz5sI

    CNN is a joke of news outlet. You can’t even call them a news outlet. Real news outlets aren’t suppose to be biased so how come they don’t fact check Biden?

  12. So this “fact checker” only posts one video about Biden talking about fracking which showed him slightly banning fracking instead of the other videos where they flat out said they would ban fracking. It shows this fuckin virgin is a joke of a fact checker.

  13. The only thing that is blown up are the severity of covid. The tests actually blow up any one who has had the flu systoms, they usually test positive because the virus is basically the same as a serious flu. Unfortunately, the Democratic Governors were responsible for thre deployment of Covid 19 strategies. They failed and refused to treat patience with hydroxychloroquine (with zinc) medications which have been proven to stop covid in its tracks if given within 5 days. Shame Shame, Shame on the Democrsts and leftist media. Thousands have died unnecessarily .

  14. The KKK endorsed Biden. Duke and Spencer. Check it out.

    A little KKK history the Democrats don't like to talk about…..
    "Founded in 1865, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) extended into almost every southern state by 1870 and became a vehicle for white southern resistance to the Republican Party’s Reconstruction-era policies aimed at establishing political and economic equality for Black Americans. Its members waged an underground campaign of intimidation and violence directed at white and Black Republican leaders. Though Congress passed legislation designed to curb Klan terrorism, the organization saw its primary goal–the reestablishment of white supremacy–fulfilled through Democratic victories in state legislatures across the South in the 1870s."

    Source: https://www.history.com/topics/reconstruction/ku-klux-klan

  15. Biden’s plan is to not stop fracking but he says he’s anti fracking , so he doesn’t mean what he says sounds like him and trump have a lot in common

  16. First, they came for the Neo-Nazis

    And I did not speak out

    Because I was not a Neo-Nazi

    Then they came for the Alt-righters

    And I did not speak out

    Because I was not an Alt-right

    Then they came for the Conspiracy theorists

    And I did not speak out

    Because I was not a Conspiracy theorist

    Then they came for me

    And there was no one left

    To speak out for me

  17. speaking from a German perspective, be very careful with CNN. It stopped being an objective news outlet many years ago. It sold out to global big money in alliance with a most radical form of career political left-wing infiltration group – who are actually the establishment today. I used to vote left-wing myself – but as I have extensively travelled around the world in the last 30 years, seen first hand what a destructive ideology socialism can become in all its forms – but especially in red, very red, brown (nazi), black (German middle class) and more recently green variants – I have totally rejected socialism as a central core political ideology. Social aspects to all policies are good – socialism, however, is highly toxic.
    Trump is far from perfect – but he is a defender of western democracy, civilization and freedom. He is, at this moment, the only option. Give up freedom, independent science, experience and objectivity at your peril. The Orwellian nightmare which comes thereon – I have seen first hand – and it begins with a destruction of the freedom and objectivity of the press.
    Socialism is largely a toxic German invention and it breeds corruption (yes crime like Biden’s/Clinton’s – research it independently), abuse, tiny minority privileged cliques ruling the vast downtrodden majority, brutality, violence, war, lack of opportunity, dogma instead of logic/science/facts, authoritarianism leading to de facto autocracy, lack of equality, lack of opportunity, incompetence, indoctrination, the death of new thought/innovation, famine, no hope soul destruction and suffering for the 99%.
    If you believe the really appallingly poor CNN of today, you are more than just poorly educated (indoctrination does not count as quality education), naive, untravelled, inexperienced and young.
    All media should be objective, free, clear of big money interference and independent. The polarization around CNN and Fox etc is a bad thing for your country and you. Don’t fall for it and don’t give in to hate and blind emotion. This should the case whatever your political opinion is.
    Don’t make the same mistakes as Germany in the last 15 years and also in the last century twice.
    In reality the Merkel regime has been a disaster for Germany and Europe. Berlin has learned nothing from the mistakes of the past. So don’t put Merkel on a pedestal. She is an ex-political officer of what was communist East Germany. Her role was youth indoctrination. Check it. A closet ideologue of the most destructive and in terms of life and this world inexperienced type.
    God bless America, the West and people (just ‘people’ – regardless of skin colour). Race baiting and gender baiting is purely divisive and is designed to be. Reject it, please!
    Finally, by voting for the Democrats of today and Obama, you are moving from the frying pan and into the fire. At least with Trump you have a chance to climb out of the frying pan without landing in the fire. Wish you well. God Bless.

  18. "Serial, Deliberate Dishonesty"… lies and more lies… I read this am that the GOP has installed fake ballot drop-off boxes… Lies and more lies, cheating, baseless smears, propaganda (lies) news, inciting radical cult members, fascism, interfering with our legal right to vote; voter suppression; gerrymandering; interfering with the delivery of US mail; using active military to assault peaceful protestors exercising their legal right to free speech; FALSE characterizing the Coronavirus as "a hoax" Dems cooked up; disseminating dangerous misinformation about this deadly disease would follow in Trump's news briefings; Trump has described our fallen soldiers, war heroes as "LOSERS AND SUCKERS"; Russia put a bounty on the head of US soldiers, Trump did NOTHING ABOUT IT from what I can see; the economy is a mess due to a Coronavirus response I consider a TOTAL FAILURE. Russia, China & Iran are each reportedly interfering in our election, working to help Trump get re-elected; Trump allegedly promised Putin a $50 million penthouse in Trump Russia as payment for Russian INTERFERENCE IN THE US ELECTION TO HELP HIM GET RE-ELECTED. DEMS have proposed legislation to PREVENT ELECTION INTERFERENCE, but the Republican Senate majority shoot it down, in other words, THEY SUPPORT INTERFERENCE IN OUR ELECTIONS BY RUSSIA, CHINA, IRAN. WHOSE SIDE ARE THEY ON? WHY are so many of Trump's former associates NOW IN PRISON or awaiting sentencing… What is that saying about birds of a feather… and I have only scratched on the surface… Former GOP Political Strategist, Steve Schmidt has said that Trump has "WRECKED THE COUNTRY"; I agree. Excuse me while I vomit… We need Biden/Harris to END THIS DYSFUNCTION, to LEAD/RESTORE the US to her former glory… BIDEN/HARRIS ARE THE SOLUTION TO WHAT AILS OUR COUNTRY! BIDEN/HARRIS 2020!!!

  19. Dishonest news is not just in the US. Look at Canada and the CBC which is more dishonest than any US outlet and the stupid thing is that the Canadian Government pays their bill.

  20. Everybody points to what trump says but nobody literally nobody can explain to me what joe Biden said he would do for the people he only say well trump doesn’t do this and that but never says what he will do They wouldn’t even let trump run through his list of accomplishments as president

  21. My thanks to all of you who voted. Your ancestors would be proud. They died so we could vote. Pelosi is investigating how to call the President crazy and changing Supreme Court. I would be very very cautious there.

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