The uncomfortable question Trump asked Netanyahu

The uncomfortable question Trump asked Netanyahu

After announcing that Israel and Sudan have agreed to normalize relations, President Donald Trump asked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to weigh in on the ongoing US election.
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  1. But.. What was accomplished with Sudan and Isreal you don't talk about or later first the most important things right? Now is the deal bad or good or somehow bad idk pls tell me what to think? *blinksnaivly

  2. Well aren’t you all proud? The depravity of the media and Hollywood. The coverups and the lies. No one is hearing about the Hunter Biden laptop and the corruption money that has been shared with a Biden family. Wake up America you’re being played the media is playing you and he’s Hollywood wannabes. Look at the Harvey Weinstein situation it took some really brave people to come forward. Do your own research look at the Australian newspapers go outside of this country and look at the media and you will be able to see such biased portrayal of President Trump. This is your country don’t want the billionaires of Silicon Valley and the Chinese propaganda take it away from you. Do your research look at the Clinton corruption that goes all the way back to white water and remember when Bill Clinton sat in front of the camera and said I never had sexual relations with that woman well thank God for the purple dress not only did he come out of that he destroyed a young woman’s life. I remember how the Democratic Party demonized her. Remember that Hillary Clinton received the answers and questions to the presidential debate that’s called cheating that shows a person’s character. Let’s not forget about Elizabeth Warren oh yes she lied about being Native American so that she could occupy a spot that was meant for somebody else she pushed other people aside through lies and deception. Nancy Pelosi really let them eat ice cream right Nancy out of your $10,000 refrigerator. When you can’t even work to get a package together for the American people because you’re trying to hurt the president you can’t even lay down your arms to help the people of the United States. Present Obama remember fast and furious yeah those guns went somewhere didn’t they there Mr.
    Remember a late night talk show hosts are paid by someone to fill your head with some thing oh yes did somebody say that about the World Trade Center when it was terror attack somebody did something. Remember your vote doesn’t impact you as much as it will impact your children your grandchildren and the future of your country. Ask a Cuban Ask a Cuban who came to the United States what they think about socialism and what’s going on in America. Wake up America do your own research don’t let somebody tell you what you should think. Remember what happened in Germany if you demonize a person such as they have with the conservatives such as they have with this president if you D humanize them make them the devil it’s easier to kill torture and harm those individuals. Do your own research America.

  3. Netenyahu sells weapons to Azerbaijan to commit Genocide, and i am suppose to care about your holocaust?
    This Christian American says "F@#$k your holocaust.

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  5. Well that wiped the smile off Trumps face lol. Putin came out an said there was no collusion between Russia and Biden. Putin can see the writing on the wall with Trump.

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  7. TO CHANGE YOUR VOTE: THERE IS STILL TIME IN MOST AREAS: Following the final Trump/Biden debate there is a flurry of people wanting to change their vote: Here"s some info : Wisconsin, up to Oct. 31; Pensylvania, Michigan, New Mexico, Mississippi, Minnasota, New York, Connecticut: Contact your City Clerk. All others, there was no specific info. on the "Black Conservative Patriot" video station therefore contacting your City Clerk or other authority & sharing the info is called for urgently

  8. Americans need to wake up to the criminal state of Israel that has a complete strangle hold on both parties in the US government. Israel controls Americas foreign and domestic policy. Americans have literally been dying in wars wanted by Israel for the expansion of Kill Israel. When will Americans wake up. BTW Trump is the biggest Israeli puppet.

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  11. Another thing: Trumpty Dumbty “making” peace agreements abroad, but dividing his own country with insults, lies, attacking peaceful protesters, xenophobic outlets, discrimination of immigrants in an inhumane and atrocious way. Trump is a fake and a hate sowing moron.

  12. Everyone is attacking Trump because he doesn't give any corrupt
    billionaire lobbyists any influence which is just unheard of. That
    means no billionaires have influence over the Country and that's too
    scary. Thats why 90% of media is negative and uses false context and
    blinds the masses using hate and fear for Trump to make the masses
    easier to manipulate. I hate it, but i hope the country finds the truth.
    I love you all. Trump2020!!

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