Tesla's Battery Supply Problem

Tesla's Battery Supply Problem

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Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
Editor: Dylan Hennessy: https://www.behance.net/dylanhennessy1
Animator: Mike Ridolfi (https://www.moboxgraphics.com/)
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Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.

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  1. This would have been a little more comprehensible if many of the statistics I struggled with had been converted to units I could understand. For instance, I would have had a better grasp of some of the problems if, instead of saying "700 grams Nickel per kilowatt hour", maybe saying "7 kilograms Nickel per vehicle".
    I know it's a battery supply problem, but none of the statistics are in "X number of batteries" or "Y number of cars".
    Just my opinion… Since I'm maybe a bit average, as a Joe, I can think in terms of numbers of things I can ordinarily visualize, and then maybe abstract those units into ones I'm just now learning, but *starting* with talking about kilowatt hours and megatons of Nickel, I can't personally equate that to "My gosh, he's talking about using up all the Nickel in the world and only being able to make 100,000 cars! THAT doesn't sound too economical…"

    Well, just my own overly caffeinated and verbose opinion…

  2. What we need is to build drones that are solar powered that act like Bussard Collectors and fly them over specific areas of the ozone ideally the Antartic so they can take in all the CS gases to prevent further fresh water melting into the oceans!

  3. I think part of the shortage problem is disposable e-cigs and ridiculous medical test devices that hog the limited supply of rechargeable batteries for one-time use._

  4. This is why the current market value of Tesls is insane. Tesla will never reach the profitability people think it will. The elements needed to make Tesla batteries will be the limiting reagent of Tesla's growth. This is the same concept of limiting reagents in chemical reactions.

  5. I just do not see Lion battery cars as a large scale solution. They are just not energy dense enough, cause fires that cannot be put out, take too long to recharge, and uses too much rare earth elements. Either new battery tech is needed or hydrogen needs to evolve.

  6. Nickel. Important. Recycling is also important. Make your own watts. Solar is coming around. Storage is a stumbling block. I use deep cycle batteries. Not so good. Our chemists are working on it. Too bad gasoline is so good.

  7. Kammen ca. 15% mehr Tesla Produktion nur aus China das ausbaufähig war oder auch schon aus Houston Texas dabei mehr Model Y dabei mit im Mittel höherem Preis aber als nicht in Bilanz getrennte Anzahl dabei unc welchen mittleren Zinssatz er zahlt bei 10% hieße das ca. 3 Milliarden $ an Krediten in Q3 zusätzlich bezahlt.

    aber etwas weniger cash da in Q3 unklar wie Gewinnmarge auch zuvor bei steigenden Lithiumpreisen stieg.

    Wieviel Prozent der geoßen Hallen in Grünheide mit bezahlten Robotern ?

    Wieviel kauften Model 3 noch ohne Extras mit voller Subvention jetzt 1500€ weniger und 2000€ teurer ?

    2022 sinkt StaatsNteil.wieder auf 50© von 75% aber bis 2025 alles was Tesla macht auch Solarpanel  Elektro Tankstellen und Heimlade Statiinen hoch subventioniert aber nicht nur für Tesla das denen geht.

    Li2CO3 am 20.10 fast bei 200 000y

    und Strom zur Umwandlung knapp.

  8. The elephant in the room is the generation of the electricity for these cars. Most power is non renewable. Solar and wind just cant keep up. Oil, gas and coal still make uo the vast majority of power generation.

  9. The research of better batteries is critical to the future of renewable energy, but trying to solve the climate crisis with electric cars is a fallacy. Tesla tries to sell itself as environmentally conscious, but it's just interested in the car manufacturing market share.
    We shouldn't only focus on the supply side, but also on the demand. The only way to solve this is by designing cities and infrastructure to be less reliable on private cars and batteries and more focused on public transit, railroads and cycling.

  10. It’s nonsense to say we need to translation away from fossil fuels “quickly.” The data simply do not support this claim. Negative impacts of “climate change” are alarmingly oversold, whilst positive impacts are wholly ignored. The data set is tiny compared to history, and the data we do have shows the underlying causal assumptions may be completely wrong. There are many scientists who dismiss climate alarmism completely, and they shouldn’t be ignored when the cost of action is perilously high.

  11. Why hasn’t Tesla slapped a solar panel on their roof yet. I know it wouldn’t existence the range by much, and I know that it couldn’t fully charge it without plugging in; but, if nothing else, it would be a cool gimmick. And it might be able to extend the range up to 350 miles on a sunny day.

  12. The only way for Tesla (and apple and google) to effect the mining practices in the DRC is to stop buying from them. This would essentially starve their economy (and their citizens along with it) into making changes. This is obviously not a great solution.

  13. Would it be cheaper to build more reverse pump hydroelectric systems. Now, they only use them when there are 2 conveniently located lakes, but would it be cheaper to just dig the lakes?

  14. Regardless of your position these all draw resources from our water and ground and through laziness, lack of planning, lack of concern greed and accident they ALL poison our air and water. It’s one thing to say the emissions pollute, but very few “emissions/spills” into our drinking water will do more damage in far less time.
    The elephant in the room?….. an enormous number of people all wanting, needing or desiring their own car (powered by whatever) to get around in. You talk about % and # in needed resources to supply the demand. The “demand” is the elephant in the room.

  15. The best energy storage system is abundant and incredibly cheap and amazingly energy dense, 24MJ/kg compared to Li-Ion batteries 0.6MJ/kg. It's called COAL.