Life v choice | Anger, protests in Poland over court abortion ruling [DEBATE]

Life v choice | Anger, protests in Poland over court abortion ruling [DEBATE]

Poland’s top court has banned almost all abortions, sparking nationwide protests and begging the age-old question: right to life or freedom of choice?

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  1. A while back, Me and my gf decided to have a baby. 5 months in the pregnancy, gf decided she wanted to be with someone else and murdered my unborn son. It's about time men start getting rights.

  2. Abortion needs to be free and unquestioned. Just look at all the terrible parents that raised bigots racists and Trump supporters. A fetus is a parasite and if you want it removed, it's your right to have it removed. Most of the people commenting on this video should have been aborted.

  3. Ab9rtion is murdering… Greetings from Poland.
    I do not care what pink hair alfabet community think what is my right . Cos I know my responisiblity.
    In XX century we have so many option to protect of our reproductive right and adoptions of unwanted kids, that this is just a pure evil act just create to ki..ll childrens in mass.

  4. Poland didn't protect families with disabilities children. Three years ago woman spend many days in our parlament sleeping on the floor to change this. Government did nothing to help them, but they closed toilets and put up banners to cover them. When you have disabled child usually your life in poland is terrible and it's nothing special that you can't live at the decent standard. We are talking about country where you can't bay in pharmacy pill day after and doctor can not give you medicines or performe surgery because his conscience does not agree with something. If you don't live in this country you don't know what hell the government did on Thursday to women. Don't judge when you are not have all informations.

  5. Jesus christ you guys had to pick a stereotype-looking pink haired person, and there are much better (important) arguments that could have been made against Lauren Chen (who also didn't make the best pro life case), instead of the damn milktoast "look at conservative hypocrisy".

  6. This comment section looks like a bunch of old people (mostly men- not to be biased) decided to just go off at women's rights and other females there just f think they have a right to tell others what to do, wow. You have a right to say that this is murder only under those conditions:
    -you are a woman
    -you can still have a child
    -you volunteer and found raise for disabled children
    -you adopted a disabled or dying child
    All of the above, not just one.
    May I remind you that 98% of all abortions in Poland were due to fetus abnormalities, for those uneducated it means, that the mother has to carry this child for 9months only to see it die soon after, a few years later when she's already in poverty or she has to keep struggling to keep her child alive without any founds from the country. Not only does the child suffer but also the family. Pro-life? It's pro- suffering

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