How Homegrown Disinformation Could Disrupt This U.S. Election | 2020 Elections

How Homegrown Disinformation Could Disrupt This U.S. Election | 2020 Elections

In 2016, Russia developed a simple, effective playbook to undermine U.S. elections with disinformation on social media. Four years later, Americans are using the same playbook on each other.

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  1. Hello – I’m Isabelle Niu. My colleagues Alex Eaton, Kassie Bracken and I produced this video looking at how domestic disinformation is threatening the U.S. election, four years after Russia developed a playbook to undermine Americans’ faith in the elections using social media. We look at an interesting case study in Kentucky in 2019, where a single tweet that lied about shredding mail-in ballots went viral, and ended up causing real disruptions. Misinformation is likely going to be a recurring problem in U.S. elections going forward. It is important that we understand how it works and what we can do about it.
    Please also watch the other episodes in our series “Stressed Election,” where we cover the impact of voting laws, vote-by-mail and voting technology:

  2. It was Hillary Clinton calling on Joe Biden not to concede in any way if Trump wins the election. So, I saw in this video, that comment left out. I guess it continue to be a Trump thing.

  3. musixpression report. Hello people over there, and wherever, For the first time isee Donald with a tired calmed down in his speech, as well in his face right here – – Finally i hear him saying – Whoever you are – the same as Obama says in the beginning of his president stage. So it struck me that i can be grateful how – influence impact – i can have, as a male feministic primadonna with a limitation Autistic (Asperger), now this is finally to see here.  The rude rigorous destruction that has been done to me this year, is undelivery  hitted back to all who are responsible for that. Reality comes first, also against dirty religious populism. And love comes first, then law. And real love only knows both sides. Just as emancipation and feminism as well. If a long waited one and only love-statement, arrives, then the right opportunities have to be offered for it. There will be no law that can function against that. The same as that proved results and rules have to be in balance accepted. They never did in my country The Netherlands, and betrayed my country by that. It is clear for me, after, and during all my answers, in combination with the well known thought through class of America, that they could see a lot more than populsitic elite speeches did. And i wear what i want to wear, with – my graditions of vanity, that only i decide in my personal nutral state and noone else – and using my deep feelings, as well as my confident to do my best for my girl Emma, relative to impression in the whole concept. An aspect that is been bounded by this, is – making nutral to reality, i did years ago the return to my personal nutral state – Later i came in non-related situations. A system that never let some one coming clean, will finally certainly not work at all. In that stage i pray my way. Despite that i know that it's true.  They say – A revolutionary artist right here in The Netherlands, is the ego. You have to be glad here – And even said – If we did, and see this in  other ways, then they could win of me – in the whole concept of my previous 10 years of my glories of winning with 80 percent competing to 20 percent. Speaking against it won't be believed anymore. The same as my cultural vision in my personal nutral state in balance between the feminism of my girl Emma and mine. If i say average, then it says also individual exist. If i say – in the average way to let the man drive when the man and woman are together, in order to prevent frustration for the man in his prestations and drive – will never mean that i say – no woman or girl to drive – I can even let people making me responsible for that, if i should do that. So all those called blames to me are lies. And i can in reality even not go too far anymore, because my feminism is balanced with the feminism of my girl Emma. And the intension can be read from the approach/emission and will cut though diplomacy. So that's why. And vanity for round elegance for emancipation for man is as well at order. What i all the time(s) said, – The states in America, and the countries in Europe, united but independent, so that people with a limitation, can also do unlimited possibilities of prestations – Only with leadership in that aspect, in reality, America can also can be first. First means leader. I don't believe so much in forever, but the best way to hold first, is what i say right here in this whole concept. If my plans for a new album will go on the lifeline, i will claim before, that things like this year, and also in 2018 as well, will never have the right to happen again, especially by the idea i already gave information before about my very low self-collect in my high sensitivity, and where i use my integrity as well, what i have learned from my coach Ron Westerbeek of Sandy Coast, that i also have to make tracks in difficult times when opportunities arrive over there to hold on. At least i also want to thank America for all the success i could and can make come true, and automatically admitted that America could make me not out of the question for it anymore. So that's why i have to function in stage where i can, and say about it. God Bless the people wherever, relative  to America as well, in the way where first can international being accepted. I don't know if Amy Comey is family of James Comey (FBI). Anyway -Time for the right opportunities for my girl Emma and i both sides – God bless us all, wherever, right from here my regards – Sjaak musixpression – Thank you Emma for be my girl, Thank you Mama for my grew up.

  4. So you saying that small russian advertising "agency" with low budget was more effective than the entire US network industry and presidential campaigns that worth billions of dollars?
    Maybe you need more elaboration to suggest that some russians payed for promoting posts on facebook, therefore misinformation, and that got Trump elected.

  5. In 2016, people and politicians scapegoated Zuckerberg for "not filtering" online postings, now this time in 2020, people and politicians again are scapegoating Zuckerberg for "filtering" online postings.
    Scapegoating has become a national sport in the US, as well as some advanced countries.
    It appears as if so long as there is a bogeyman to be used as a punching bag and the target of scapegoating, then all the troubles and problems would "disappear mysteriously" before Easter (?, or Christmas?) (borrowing the language of some world's most powerful liar[, who lies as he breathes, as Thomas Friedman succinctly put], who set the mark some months back for the entire fiasco that has been going on for the past nine months or so).
    Scapegoating gets to become THE national sport in many advanced countries in the magic way similar to how the big pharma, which got so "famous", or rather "so infamous" online and in all media platform over its recent settlement of large sum of money to be distributed among numerous victims of its wonder drugs, was able to push opioids to every clinic and hospital around the country, simply because it obscures the real causes and root problems that cause the pain with a "quick fix," while the patients are dying without realizing that they are to receive their "eternal life" very soon.
    Scapegoating is just as addictive as opioids. That's why it becomes THE national sport.
    People die from being addicted thereto. Empires died from being addicted to scapegoating as well. On top of that, the elite class is addicted to "substances", while being the passionate promoters of and participants in scapegoating.
    In 2016 it was Russians and Zuckerberg, and who is it gonna be in this year of 2020, besides Zuckerberg?
    [P.S.] There is this legend in the street, when John was unable to get his own wife pregnant because of whatever "technical difficulties" that he was born with or has inflicted upon himself via "social indiscretion," he ran around town complaining to just about anyone he managed to come across, blaming the postman and the milkman for not helping out in getting his wife pregnant, though they both visit his house almost everyday.

  6. During WWII and for a decade after, everyone implicitly trusted the government, scientists, experts and reputable media. In the 60s, my generation coined the phrase "don't trust The Man". Healthy scepticism is necessary, but automatically disbelieving The Man is just as dumb as automatically believing him. Actually worse, because fraudsters discredit The Man so they can peddle their own fakery. It's enough to call something "mainstream" or "the establishment", then claim to know things that "they" don't want you to know and just make stuff up. Orwell's Ministry of Truth on full display in Trumpland. On the far left too, but not as dangerous because the left-wing radicals are not in power and not likely to be anytime soon. Also violence, machismo, gun culture are central to the ideology of the far right.

  7. America always blames others for their own problems. Your society is so polarized that it will collapse, with or without Russia, who are NOT responsible for your own damm failures.

  8. How is this freaking guy not in jail dude for making a wildly false claim that probably cost that state tax payers thousands if not millions of dollars to fix… This is why freaking basement dwellers feel so empowered to be online trolling. There is no consequences other than them having a laugh and ending up on a NYT piece.

  9. Use blockchain to track my ballot from the voting system, to me, back to the voting system.
    Any fraud or corruption of the data in my ballot would be immediately apparent. Hiding manipulation of that data would be nearly impossible, the odds would be in the order of 1 in the number of atoms in the universe,

  10. Hooooo boy. We can just know that junk is going to be injected to yank Trump's chain. We know what fluff he runs with. Vladimir Putin is going to giggle his fool head off. And so will Xi Jinping. We done individualismed ourselves into insanity.

  11. Multimillionaire Tony Bobulinski – a life-long Democrat financier- tells-all about his direct experience with dealing with the Bidens. All Americans should watch the interview and decide for themselves what this means.

    Biden's are corrupt and sold the USA to the Chinese Communist Party for their own personal interests WHILE Joe Biden was the VP of our country

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