What Comes Next: How does the US move forward from the Covid-19 crisis?

What Comes Next: How does the US move forward from the Covid-19 crisis?

In the first installment of SE Cupp’s “What Comes Next?” series, she sits down with experts Leana Wen, Julian Zelizer and Tom Nichols to discuss how the US should move forward with the pandemic. This week, we ask the question: What comes next for America and Covid-19? Regardless of who is elected in November, we will still be in the midst of a pandemic and facing multiple challenges in addressing it. Two former public officials — Sylvia Mathews Burwell and Frances Fragos Townsend — come together to tell us what should be done. #CNN #News



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  2. We ignore the msm and cnn which actual spread lies and misinformation and they keep in power people who want power yet do nothing for the american people…we vite for those who keep our rights NO MATTER WHO RUNS THEOR MOUTH ON CNN

  3. Attention, Everyone:

    There is no virus outbreak: Anyone, regardless of their age, education level, or gender, who thinks that a magical bat virus is floating around the world endangering the human species is a sad, sad fool. Anyone who propagates this blasphemy is either a paid crook, or getting other kickbacks for spitting in the face of God/shamming the Creator. What is your excuse? 2020 is more than half over; anyone reading this comment has sufficient time to become self-educated and do your own research. You cannot, in human history, catch a virus. Not now, or ever.

    Germs Do Not Cause Disease: https://lbry.tv/@yumnaturals:0/ksco-radio-tom-quinn-interviews-amandha:9

    You Cannot Catch a 'Virus'. The myth of contagion is based on 1864 writings by Louis Pasteur. Louis Pasteur was proven wrong and exposed as a fraud multiple times, including in two documents — "Béchamp or Pasteur? A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology", by Ethel Douglas Hume (1923) and "Pasteur: Plagiarist & Impostor — The Germ Theory Exploded", by R.B. Pearson (1942). Furthermore, a "virus" does not have metabolism, a necessary component of all living matter. A "virus" is nothing more than dead, inactive, cellular debris. Because a "virus" is produced within the isopathic terrain of one's own immunology, wearing a mask is unnecessary. Not only is wearing a mask unnecessary, wearing a mask causes lung acidosis – this is wherein the waste particles are recycled into your immune system instead of being excreted into the atmosphere, which causes lung infections and throat infections. Wearing a mask is a slow way of killing yourself, in addition to terrorizing everyone around you. Since you cannot catch a virus, wearing a mask is unnecessary, excessive, and demonstrably ignorant.


    The Center for Disease Control, United Nations, and World Health Organization are criminal organizations who create diseases (out of thin air) in order to justify their continued existence. They suppress natural cures for cancer (of which there are 300+) because they will make less money when chemotherapy is abandoned, put parents into jail after newborn babies die from adverse vaccine reactions (and call it "shaken baby syndrome", "sudden infant death syndrome" etc.), and hunt down, discredit, and kill all-natural/homeopathic healers who understand how to heal the body (from any illness). Use these resources to educate yourself and those you love about the myth of contagion. That way, you can protect yourself and those closest to you from being exploited in a very duplicitous and irreversible manner.

    If you would personally like more resources, contact me at: ogbebop@optonline.net

    Ultimately, this represents is a mere phase in the on-going battle for the soul (psyche) of Humanity: God is Perfect, and contagious diseases do not even exist! All severe life-threatening illnesses which are thought to be caused by (re: blamed on) germs/bacteria are in fact caused by imbalance, since All-Health is contingent upon the level of toxicity in the organism: this means that every individual is responsible for their own health, AND every individual has the power to lead a healthy life-style without relying on doctors, pharmacists, and psychiatrists. However, the belief that germs "cause disease" suggest the Kingdom of God is flawed, leading to two conclusions: One, God does not exist/God is Dead, or Two: If God does exist, this God is imperfect, irresponsible, and prone to error.

    Both statements are wrong.

    All things in nature are perfect as they are. It is only when deficiency, excess, or toxicity are introduced into the terrain (environment) by the organism itself does illness appear, at which point germs and bacteria can only represent self-generated refuse, not root causes of illness. The hoax that "viruses can be caught" is a theological prompt meant to estrange the soul (psyche) of Humanity from God, but the connection to God of every soul is eternal and unbroken, either by "Death" or Reincarnation. The hoax is demeaning because it says that "human beings are filthy", "human beings are imperfect", etc.

    Any religious figure who promotes this nonsense (televangelists, Jorge Mario Bergoglio) are popularizing Atheism/Neo-Fatalism/Nihilism/Hopelessness, and they are doing it through a doctrine (indoctrination) of FEAR.

    God is Perfect. Germs Do Not Cause Disease. All Is Well.

    There is no pandemic. The facts are so straight-forward and simple for anyone who has done their research on Antoine Béchamp and Louis Pasteur. A mask can't protect you. A vaccine won't save you. All "positive test results" are for CHROMOSOME 8 PRIMARY SEQUENCE (Human DNA), not a non-existent "virus".


    If ever there was an unprecedented life-changing threat to Humanity's health which showed up unexpectedly, there would be no aid relief package in Congress ONE YEAR before the event in question is known to the public (https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/748). The fact is, PNAC (Project For A New American Century) outlined how beneficial an attack on U.S. soil would be to expansionist policies ONE YEAR before the "attacks" in New York CIty (https://www.newstatesman.com/node/192545). Different hoaxes. Same techniques. No "weapons of mass destruction" ever existed. No "patient zero" ever existed.

    The world belongs to no one but God, least of all the government/politicians/psychopaths.

    The world is not for anyone to 'open' or 'close'.

    The world does not belong to the loudest voice in the room. #Don'tStayHome #GodIsPerfect #NoNewNormal

  4. Wake up America ! I did ! This is why I’m not voting for Trump again ! I made a mistake and it cost us 225K deaths and high unemployment rate after he inherited a good economy . I’m voting for anybody else but Trump because he clearly does not care about us . I woke up , all of you can too. Vote a Trump out !

  5. Why is everyone blaming Trump for this? According to the SCIENTISTS, we should have lost over 2.2 million by now. Trump responded quickly and decisively. He kept the damage to a minimum. Then he gave the governors guidelines on when and how to open again.

    About half the deaths are due to the dem governors shoving older infected people back into old age homes.

    What do we do next? HOLD CHINA ACCOUNTABLE!

  6. you know whats funny? Biden gets in and do you really think he can
    mandate masks or even lock all states down??? remember in the beginning
    and trump said he wanted to lock us all down and cuomo said he couldnt
    legally do it. it isnt legal or constitutional and therefore couldnt and
    that ONLY the governors could lock down their state, so what makes you
    think biden can????

  7. I agree that it's time to stop pretending that crazy conspiracy theories deserve lots of airtime. How about spending some of that saved time on plausible solutions? Or confirming facts and then saying "The White House made another baseless claim to the contrary." rather than giving us two minutes of crazy claims and then saying they're baseless. Giving lies top billing and more time does not make you fair-minded journalists: it means you're not doing your homework and/or abandoning your responsibility to report facts as accurately as possible.

  8. Pandemic Pandemic Pandemic! So, if Joe has a great cure only we have learned that he lies, and is as crooked as hell! What then? Do we believe him without telling us the real stories? No! He needs to explain himself to America! Right?

  9. Who would vote for an administration that keeps secrets from the people! Stack the courts? AOC and her flock openly expressed the plans today! Yes they will pack courts and ruin the constitution and freedoms of this country!

  10. What makes you think the pandemic isn’t getting taken care of, then people need to be more conscious about distancing but no administration should order us to wear masks, or worse shut down! We are adults people! Take care of yourselves and quit pointing fingers.

  11. I have subscribed to CNN from the beginning. It was 8-hour, then repeat twice before the next day starts. Ted Turner, Bernard Shaw, Pat Buchanan, Evans and Novak, Larry King Live, CrossFire, then wolf and LouDobbs. I wouldn't stay in a hotel unless it had CNN. 1988 Larry interviewed Trump. He was complaining the same thing he is today – how America was the world's military FOR FREE and how Japan was skimming 200-500 billion a year from America. He said if America didn't turn that around, there won't be much left very soon. Now? For 4 years every single program was picking on Trump. Enough already!!!! Let us hear some news. I am done with CNN.

  12. Do not believe the POLLS they LIE don't get complacent or lazy Democrats VOTE!! Democrats vote today and vote early and bring a friend or family member and make sure they cast their vote as well! If you have a mail ballot take to elections office or polling location or drop box its to late to mail!! VOTE BLUE, VOTE BIDEN/HARRIS 2020! Vote blue from local elections to the Presidency and bring back empathy, decency, leadership, unity, and patriotism. POLLS LIE do not stay home thinking its done and your vote doesn't count because it does.
    "My friend: Your vote is precious, almost sacred. It is the most powerful nonviolent tool we have to create a more perfect union." ~Rep. John Lewis
    If you need a information http://www.vote.org or http://www.voteusa.org or http://www.vote411.org or http://www.iwillvote.com or http://www.rockthevote.com or www.(your state).gov make a plan and vote early! GO DEMOCRACY!

  13. No matter who wins this election:

    Like the common cold and the flu, covid is now with us for eternity and leaders, doctors, and scientists will continue to not have a clue of how to handle it. Republican and democrat politicians will continue to care more about party politics than the good of the nation and the people that put them there. The hateful divide between liberals and conservatives in this country will only get worse. Violent crime will continue to soar. The earth will still get treated like a garbage dump. Unbiased and fair news coverage will remain something we used to have a long time ago.

    Neither of the morons we have to choose from will be able to fix any of this so there is no hope moving forward, but at least we won't have to watch political ads for for a while.

  14. Like this. POSTED BY Tonya Green 47 minutes ago in response to a message regarding IV C.  @Altair IV you are correct. My husband had covid in August. Luckily I'm a lowly M.A but I have an 02 sensor in my home. When he said he felt like he was having a hard time catching his breath I tested him and his 02 sat was 85. I immediately took him to the hospital. They tested his 02 sats and it had dropped to 76. They wanted to put him on a ventilator and I said NO. They put him on Oxygen and got his 02 to come up to 89. After further testing he had a blood clot in his lung. They put him on elemis and I told them I wanted him on a Vitamin C and D3 IV. They tried to refuse me and I pushed, they finally did it. He came home 2 days later with oxygen and the blood thinner. 

    After 2 more days he was of all oxygen and was feeling great. I still give him D3 and Vitamin c everyday. Had I not been there he would have been put on a ventilator and they wouldn't have given him the IV Vitamins either. He is 54, very overweight had high blood pressure and only one kidney. Today he's doing great. My husband won't stand up for himself or even me. I switched my advanced directive to my daughter who is an RN and a bulldog like me. I doubt I will get covid since I don't wear a mask and he drank out of my drink everyday before he was diagnosed with covid and even after. When he came home neither of us wore masks around each other and slept in the same bed. So either I'm immune or I got it and was asymptomatic.

    Posted by Robin Whittle in the comment section for THIS video one month ago: 

    Big News About Vitamin D, 4 Experts: 


     Robin Whittle

    Robin Whittle 1 month ago

    This video should be viewed by every doctor, public health administrator and politician, the world over. If COVID-19 doesn't make the world wake up to the terrible costs of the easily avoided vitamin D deficiency pandemic, I can't imagine what will. This will be a revolution at least as significant as those of handwashing, sanitation, vaccination, anesthetics, antibiotics, medical imaging and DNA analysis. 

    I think each of the four speakers presented completely cogent cases from different perspectives. Calcifediol in Cordoba, going straight into circulation (no liver delay of a few days) is precisely what those patients need to get their immune cells' autocrine signalling working again – a magic bullet indeed, when minutes and hours really matter. I totally support Dr Grimes view of the immorality of further RCTs along these lines. What more evidence to people reasonably want? This is a safe and very well researched nutrient, not a drug – and the patients are very deficient. 

    The UK 10ng/ml threshold of deficiency is crazily low. D3 is converted (in the liver, and perhaps elsewhere) into circulating 25OHD. This is converted in the kidneys to circulating 1,25OHD (calcitriol) which is a hormone (long distance signalling via the circulation) – for calcium and bone metabolism. So 25OHD is a pro-hormone for this one hormonal function of vitamin D, with D3 being a pro-pro-hormone. Many types of cell, including especially various immune system cells, use the circulating 25OHD as the feedstock for autocrine (entirely within the cell) signaling. The circulating 25OHD levels need to be 40ng/ml or more for this autocrine signalling to work properly. This aspect of vitamin D – pretty much all the bodily functions for which vitamin D plays a vital role except calcium/bone – is not hormonal. 

    The level of 25OHD is not signalling anything. It is a supply level of a compound which is needed and consumed by autocrine signalling processes of an unknown, but probably quite large, number of cell types, especially of the immune system. 40 to 60ng/ml (100 to 150nmol/L) vitamin D levels are required for proper immune system functioning. There is little vitamin D in food or multivitamins. High elevation sunshine is not available to most people all year round – and causes DNA damage. Average weight people need about 0.125mg (5000IU) D3 a day to attain 50ng/ml. This is a gram every 22 years and the ex-factory cost is USD$2.50 a gram. Good vitamin D levels will somewhat reduce the chance of contracting COVID-19. 

    More importantly these levels greatly reduce the risk of serious symptoms and greatly reduce the rate of vital shedding – so reducing the rate of transmission. If everyone had these levels, then there would be no need for lockdowns, vaccines or masks for COVID-19 and there would be numerous other health benefits, including much less sepsis, ARDS and severe influenza. There would be no need for influenza vaccines either. The reported reduction of risk of COVID-19 infection with higher vitamin D levels is probably not entirely due to an individual's better protection against a given viral insult.

    Since there is likely to be some correlation between an individual's 25OHD level and the levels of all the people they mix with who, if infected, could shed viruses and so potentially infect them, then part of the observed lowered risk would be due to those people, if infected (with higher 25OHD levels) shedding fewer viruses. Likewise some other component of the observations would be due to those people being less likely to become infected. Still, the observations are entirely relevant to the epidemiology of raising everyone's 25OHD levels. 

    For the latest research, please see Karl Pfleger's page "Low Vitamin D Worsens COVID-19" and my pages: search Bing or DuckDuckGo, for "Nutrition to reduce COVID-19 serious harm and death". (Google's search engine feigns ignorance of my vitamin D COVID-19 pages – censorship, I think.) For an explanation of autocrine signalling, search Bing or DuckDuckGo for my "Vitamin D in autocrine signaling". 

    This links to an article "An autocrine Vitamin D-driven Th1 shutdown program can be exploited for COVID-19" Reuben McGregor et al. which describes how lymphocytes from the lungs of hospitalised COVID-19 patients fail to complete their switch from pro-inflammatory to anti-inflammatory programs, due to their autocrine signalling failing due to lack of 25OHD.

  15. There will be at least two months AFTER the 2020 election that Biden (if he is elected) can assembler me his scientists and medical professionals. But, TRUMP will still be in charge and we only have one President at a time. Hoping that not too many more people will die. With Trump, Pence and Kushner handling things, God help us. Wonder if Elon Musk will make room on his next shuttle to the moon for them?

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