Hard Talk Pakistan with Dr Moeed Pirzada | 27 October 2020 | Faisal Vawda | 92NewsHD

Hard Talk Pakistan with Dr Moeed Pirzada | 27 October 2020 | Faisal Vawda | 92NewsHD

Hard Talk Pakistan with Dr Moeed Pirzada | 27 October 2020 | Faisal Vawda | 92NewsHD

Team Members:
Nazir Ahmed Ghazi | Arif Nizami | Asad Ullah Khan | Saadia Afzaal | Sarwat Valim | Haroon Ur Rasheed | Sohail Iqbal Bhatti | Faisal Abbasi | Shazia Akram | Irshad Arif | Moeed Pirzada

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  1. End of story very near.lick boots and enjoy .lf cvillian can be change why not real culprit ? If nation had changed yiayai east wing had not fallen from pakistan .Military regem is repeating same story again after 40 years and foolish are glorifing generals

  2. Loud and foul mouthed ministers like Faizal Vavda, Ali Zaidi, Shaikh Rashid, Shahbaz Gill etc etc are digging a deep depression for Imran Khan from where dumped once, Imran will never be able to come out and stand back on ground. They are highly irritating, abusive and never talk sensibly and with seriousness. May almighty Allah save people of Pakistan from such highly irresponsible ministers.

  3. Moeed Sahab kindly zara Faisal Sahab ko ye bata dein ke Khan Sahab ke pas NRO dene ki koi Authority nahi hai aur ek Historic baat samajh lein ke jinko NRO milna tha already NRO de dia gaya hai aur jinko NRO dena hota hai wo kisi ke paband nahi. …..aur Shareef Family aur Zardari family se koi ek Rupya bhi recovery nahi karwa sakta specially Shareef Family se to bilkul bhi possible nahi. …..kion ke Shareef Family aaj bhi Establishment ki aankh ka Tara hi hain. …….fikar na karein jald 22 Carore Pakistanion pe dobara Shareef Family ko Musallat karne ke liye Stage tayyar kia ja raha hai aur iss bar Showbaz Shareef aur Chaudhry Nisar jese NAIK Azeem Mohibbe Watano ko aage lane ki exercise ho rahi hai. …… Pakistan ka Allah hi Hafiz hai. …….

  4. General Sahab Traitor aur RAW ke Agent to Pakistan ki History main sirf aur sirf 2 hi log kehlate hain 1# the Great "MAADRE MILLAT" Fatima Jinnah aur 2# MQM Leader Altaf Hussain baqi tamam Pakistan ko Lootne wale to sab hi bohot ziada Mohibbe Watan log hain. …. Khas kar Shareef Family aur Zardari family. …..

  5. Samshad saab is so right. In the '90 when Pakistan had a modicum of leverage – they should have settled with PM Bajpai.

    The PK establishment in its foolishness scuttled the deal – thanks to Kargil.

    They lost another opportunity by doing Mumbai in 2008.

    Now – PK has zero leverage over IN.

    And PK and PMIK are begging for talks with IN – but IN does not care for any talks with PK – because IN knows that PK does not matter anymore – and that it has zero leverage going forward. IN probably has US' assurances that it will take care of PK – and IN now ought to focus on its Eastern front in baiting China.

    So, there is really nothing that PK can do about it.

    But notice how clever the US is.

    It empowered a small state like Israel to control the Arabs and the middle east.

    It used Muslim countries to finance and weaken the Soviets in Afghanistan and to eventually make it collapse.

    And then it used 9/11 & the "Clash of Civilization" thesis to neutralize or destroy all the oil rich Muslim countries.

    PK, btw, is the last domino waiting to fall in that end-game.

    And now the US is teaming up with India to neutralize China.

    Think about this: If such a small country like Israel can control the Arabs and the middle-eastern states – and a small state like PK can weaken the Soviets – think about how a big, vastly richer and technologically superior Indian state can be leveraged against China.

    And China – and Xi in particular – is foolish, IMHO.

    China ought to have been satisfied in being a economic juggernaut – and the manufacturing hub of the world.

    It is Xi's foolish ambition to become a superpower – in opposition to the US that will be cause the downfall of China, IMHO.

  6. Compromise is something that led us to where we are. They are traitors, everyone knows that unless we have these people who are holding us back starting the corrupt generals who give them the opportunity to run away. we are not going to go anywhere.

  7. Best COMMENT for Pakistanis to understand when Bush came to pakistan and journalist asked "WHY PAKISTANIS DONT THE SAME DEALS WHICH YOU GIVE TO INDIA ??" n Bush answered " BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT INDIA " .. Haahahhaaha BEST LINE .. so Pakistanis ko aukaat mein hi rehna chahiye

  8. فیصل واڈوا اپنی دہری شہریت کا انکشاف کب کریگا۔ بوٹ پالیشئا۔
    عمران خان کہتا تھا کہ جب بھی نواز شریف کی حکومت خطرے میں ہوتی ہی تو پاکستان میں اور باڈر پر حالات خراب ہو جاتے ہیں۔ اب کس کی حکومت میں حالات خراب ہیں۔

  9. What an idiot minister…he does not have any clue about anything…in fact an overwhelming majority of their generals politicians bureaucrats and anchors are intellectually bankrupt…they are morons living in a fool's paradise

  10. Neither bureaucracy is going to count wheat bags then how is he blaming bureaucracy? He is going to dismiss the clear who maintains the godown stock?

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