Live: Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Wisconsin | NBC News

Live: Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Wisconsin | NBC News

Watch live coverage as President Trump holds a Make America Great Again campaign rally in West Salem, Wis.

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Live: Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Wisconsin | NBC News


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  1. President Trump should announce at least 1.0 trillion dollars for Infrastructure renovations such as Highway rebuild, Bridges Safety enhancements , high tech job training for middle class-project for economic recovery before November 3,2020 Election Day.

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  3. Wow! It's TOO late for Valerie Brockie, that fact is obvious.

    First thing Valerie Brockie said cements this fact. "Trump loves you all"

    Trump has spread hate and RACISM since before he took office, and Valerie Brockie calls that love.

    When someone kicks you in the face and calls you names, like Trump does everyday, Valerie Brockie calls that love.

    When Trump called OUR Soldiers "SUCKERS and LOSERS", Valerie Brockie calls that love.

    When Trump had women in cages and had doctors perform illegal hysterectomies on the immigrants, Valerie Brockie calls that love.

    When Trump told Putin he believed him and not U.S. intelligence, Valerie Brockie calls that love.

    When Trump cited with White Supremacy and RACISM, Valerie Brockie calls that love.

    When Trump LIES led to 215,000 dead Americans, Valerie Brockie call that love.

    When will Trump's kind of sickening love end?
    …..let's ask Valerie Brockie.

    Trump is no good for America. Trump NEVER was good for America.

    Trump will destroy America as Trump and SENATE GOP have been doing for the last 4 years.

    It's not rocket science, WE all see the Trump destruction all around us. And mark my words, like Hitler, we will all live to regret the day Trump was born…. But our children will suffer much worse because of Trump and SENATE Republicans.

    VOTE to rid ourselves of the Trump Criminal Administration.

    DUMP Trump 2020!


  4. You don't have to "believe" in Q anon in the USA or in any civil organization to clearly see how extraordinary the moment is and perhaps THE most important development in the entire human history. There are lots of independent researchers and associations of freedom loving people in many countries including mine (Serbia; but also everywhere in Balkans, cause people in all of these countries have always been an experimental ground for social engineering and for psychological warfare, and also, we understand China and Germany much better than the rest of the western world).

    So don't believe in anyone or trust anyone, instead, go to the official sites of the World Economic Forum and look for their official publications that are named: the Great Reset, especially speeches made by Schwab.

    Then look who of the politicians, bankers and pharmaceutical and IT moguls, as well as WHO representatives are meeting in Davos to plan how to realize that agenda, and then look at the official 2021 and 2030 Agendas of UN and other global organizations, most of which are completely private. You'll also hear Trump's warning speech to them.

    Many of the public documents that will freeze your blood are dated as of 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016 and they all detail the current state of affairs regarding the pLandemic especially, AI, digital-only money, 5G, smart cities, facial recognition and global comprehensive surveillance, un-manned veichels-only-allowed,

    handing over the power from the people to the executive branch and from there to crisis managing headquarters,

    ban on private property, on natural medicine, and the central part for the reset to happen – breakdown of the national economies.

    You'll also find the "need to redefine human liberties" and the need "for one power in the world to enforce order" (these are not my words, they are public and they are the goals set forth by the richest and most powerful people in the world and those goals have been achieved one by one as scheduled).

    History repeats, and again one vociferous and determined German lunatic and a few mighty rich American bankers with their numerous cronies in every world organization, especially in EU and USA bureaucratic structures (but we also see that in the UK) are aggressively and successfully establishing fascism as a way to control the whole world. Modern day China is just a model of such society whose creation succeeded, but no one believes that they have ever run the show, although their leaders were promised a big part in the One government and big technological influence.

    Trump will buy us, humans, some time to fight against transhumanism. If the democrats win in America, it will be a huge blow to the human race and a win for the Gen-rich variety of humans and AI (again, not my terms, but official published terms).

    If you, Americans especially, don't understand the modern flows in the geopolitics and the proclaimed 4th industrial revolution, fast, then I am afraid, there is little hope for humanity.

  5. If all the people around the world were allowed to vote in USA presidential elections, it would be 20:1 for Trump. People from all countries are really worried about the loss of their rights and liberties, the Constitutions, economy and even everything that makes one state (courts, assemblies (Parliaments), governments) if Great Reset technocrats win in the USA. Greetings from Serbia.

    NO to transhumanisam, NO to technocracy, NO to one world government made by bankers and pharmaceutical mafia, NO to depopulation of humans, NO to GenRich people ruling the majority of slaves. NO to MMF, NO to Economic World Forum, NO to Trilateral, NO to Bilderberg Group, NO to USA democrats paid by them, NO to One Power enforcing the order from the shadows, NO to nano-chips, NO to facial recognition and surveillance of everyone, NO to social credit points, NO to destruction of domestic businesses, NO to ban on the private property!

  6. President Trump is the only one that kept and overachieved all the promises. He is the President standing up for America and never making false apologies to trespassers and foreign aggressors like Iran and china. God bless America.

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