The biggest takeaways from Rams vs. Bears in Week 7 | First Take

The biggest takeaways from Rams vs. Bears in Week 7 | First Take

Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Marcus Spears discuss the Los Angeles Rams defeating the Chicago Bears 24-10.
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  1. Im so glad that Nagy's getting exposed right now. Dude we been playing the same formation and plays everytime. We know we can't run in the middle but we keep trying. 7 weeks in and No bootleg or Flea-Flicker or something.

  2. this dude gives Foles all of the outs just so he can keep his take on Wentz being bad…. I dont see him talking about the decimated O-line the eagles have, or the amount of injuries at skill positions, lack of a secondary etc.. but Foles gets the benefit of the doubt at every turn even though hes a career backup just because Kellerman wants to cling to a couple of seasons in a 15 year career

  3. This game proves that Mitchell Trubiski was not the problem with the offense. The red herring changes, but the culprit remains the same. These same talking heads said Nick Foles was better. Lies. Trubiski is not great, nor was his coach helping him. His offensive line made him look bad too. Now Trubiski on the bench. Who is to blame now? I think you blamed Trubiski for Ryan Pace missing Mahomes and Watson. Meanwhile Trubiski beats Nick Foles with a true kicker. Anyone remember that? Nick can run. We have no line. Let's rethink this… We need a mobile QB or a better line. We can not get a better line. Lets put in the guy who is better equipped to do the job. One of the worst Head coaches in the league. Reminds me of the Bulls coach last year. All ego. No results, respect or creativity. A liar. Irresponsible.

  4. The bears are trash they barely can score on offense it showed in every game so far they try being cheap and think it's going to work passed on desean Watson passed on Terrell Suggs passed on leveon bell passed on Antonio brown bears showing their fans they don't want to even try or care

  5. We can partially blame the bears offense for being utter garbage but the one that should ultimately be put to blame is Matt Nagy, he refuses to adapt to the players he has and that’s what made trubisky look so bad, trubisky is a mobile QB not a pocket passer. And don’t get me started on nagy’s predictable play calling that even a high school football coach can predict from miles away, and screw Ryan Pace too

  6. No explosive talent on this offense in Chicago whatsoever. Jacksonville had the same problem. It’ll never matter how good the defense is, there’s literally NOBODY worth the time of day on that offense.

  7. The Bears have scored 30 points once this season and that was against the Falcons!
    They have a PPG of just 19.7!
    They've given up a PPG of 20!
    They've played 7 games, lost just 2 and have allowed 140 points to the 138 they've managed to score!
    Let's face it, the Bucs should have beaten the Bears, They were beaten by the Colts and the Rams who both have strong defenses and average offenses.
    They only beat the Giants 17-13 but the Giants are another team with a strong defense and no offense – Just like the Bears!
    Does anyone believe this Bears team will beat the Saints or the Titans in their next two games? Then they've got the Vikings which is a divisional game and after that they're up against the Packers – 5-2 could easily become 5-6 though 6-5 is more likely given how bad the Vikings have been this season.
    The Rams offense is average, just because it was enough to get past the Bears doesn't make the Rams a Superbowl Contender.

  8. Dude what happend here wasn't anything close. Leanord floyed who just left the bears is on the rams. He knows the enitre set of the bears. Naggy fault for not chaning the tell signs of the offense. They where getting the jump on plays. Floyed even had 2 sacks. How, he barely had 2 sacks his entire time in chicago much less a game. The bears defense is better the rams period. The rams offense is better then bears but not when bears play there regular football. They are 0 and 3 now when the come off a buy weak they are just always flat. Now here is example if they mess around and beat the saints then what. The offensive line has sucked all season except the first 2 games. They need an upgrade from anywhere shoot id sign dudes from other practice sqauds anywhere. Also naggy play calling is all about things being perfect he can't adjust on simple stuff to fit his personale. He keep running paterson who is not a running back. They need to stop this, he is athleting but he has know vision. The bears are can beat anyone anytime because of the defense. The offense only has to be average and they will beat most teams. The problem is they played below average that day. I woud bring in on short yard Mitch and dave montgomery on those short yards. The saints do it all the time whith there QB.

  9. The Bears will never be a Champion again while the McCaskey family is in power. They’ve milked the ‘85 season for 35 years. Bears fans need to boycott this team and their shitastic ownership.

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