What Can You Do About QAnon? | NYT Opinion

What Can You Do About QAnon? | NYT Opinion

A global cabal of celebrity pedophiles? Trafficked children being sold online through a furniture website? And Donald Trump about to rescue us from it all?

These QAnon conspiracy theories are so outlandish — not to mention demonstrably untrue — it feels like the natural response … is laughter and mockery.

But according to documentary filmmaker Kirby Ferguson, that’s the opposite of what you should do. Dunking on fools may feel good, but humiliating QAnoners risks driving them further down the rabbit hole. And you should care because you might have a QAnon believer among your friends or family — and on Nov. 3, it’s possible several will be elected to Congress. Q is not going anywhere soon. So what can you do?

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  1. 28.10.2020 – BARDA !!‼ ️
    Genocide is committed against the people of Azerbaijan and the world does not open its blind eyes, where are the organizations that protect the rights of this ordinary plant? Is so many disabled, innocent civilians perishing? Why doesn't anyone raise their voices? YOU WILL GIVE THE ANSWER IN RIGHT! ONE OF THE SINNERS WAS TWO SINNERS WHO SAW THAT!

  2. The video made sense until the guy claimed he think a single guy shot JFK 3 times from 3 different directions. Guess he wasn't ridiculed enough then. Refer to the film JFK
    (1991) , you might actually sound less stupid then

  3. Qanon…
    Let me get this straight… “Q’s followers believe there is a global cabal of Satan worshiping, pedophile cannibals, who capture, traffic and feed upon babies and children in order to maintain their youth and power. And Trump has been sent by God, or the “good” powers that be to destroy these monsters! AND… this anonymous message board poster calling himself "Q" had a bunch of critical information about these shady goings on behind the scenes with these high up government officials (like Hillary Clinton of all people) and Hollywood super stars (like Tom Hanks of all people), and (even the Pope, of all people), and determined the best thing to do with this critical, life threatening information would be to distribute it piecemeal (with some of it in riddles) to a bunch of idiots on the internet!!!”
    Have I got this right?

  4. Nice hit piece. Q isn't magical, Hillary doesn't eat babies, all these BS segments on Q are ridiculous and the American people see right through it. Qanon.pub Read Q's posts, decide for yourselves. Don't let mainstream media tell you what to believe.

  5. People refuse to ask themselves one simple question. For a virus so deadly to mankind; why would you need to be tested to find out if you have it when you are not even feeling ill? Not to mention the 99.6 % ( give or take 1/10 the of a % ) recovery rate. Less people have died this year than last. The case numbers on a daily basis are so uniform in their rise and fall the virus must be a well organised organism. This is a global reset of the NWO, agenda 21/2030. Very well orchestrated to divide the masses with endless distractions and civil unrest across the globe to wheel it in right under your nose.

  6. So. We have a “baseless” conspiracy that the Media and Big Tech are protecting a pedophile ring that runs the world…..

    In other news we have the facts that the media won’t cover the hunter Biden laptop and big tech will ban you for posting about it.

    Hmmmmm. Interesting.

  7. Nailed it. But as an evidence seeker, I have to admit, it's just too easy and tempting to ridicule the Qanon dipshits. I am weak. I make things worse. But dunking on recalcitrant, zero evidence bearing idiots is just so satisfying. I will try to be better.

  8. Great video. Substantive content. Needed message.

    Consider re-posting this with the title “What Q-Anon gets right”

    It would be a Clickbait version of the title, but more welcoming to those who need to hear it most, and representative of the reasonable evenhanded tone called for.

  9. So call me naive but what is the danger of QAnon? I mean if they're just anti child abuse, even if they believe weird things along the way. Unless because they are waiting for a saviour, they refuse to act. I don't really know enough about them. If they have meetings and put of flyers to help find missing and exploited children, then idc if they believe they are guided by Zorplax from the Doofenshmertz galactic empire.

    I've never heard anyone critical of Q say what specific threat they pose. But again, that might just be my ignorance to their stance/beliefs but I would think if they were doing anything nefarious, videos like this would start with that. What I do know is that there is a global problem with child exploitation. We see time and time again that there are "rings" which by definition are conspirators of people perpetrating these things. Jeffrey Epstein ran one and we know that was real. I don't know that there's a large scale, global economy of abuse but then again, there might be. We know one exists for drugs, human trafficking, guns, random bootleg products. I don't see why this would be any different. What I don't believe is that there is someone in the know leaking cryptic info nor that there is a saviour coming to fix this. A reckoning is not right around the corner. Not for Qanon, nor the republicans nor the democrats. Change may be the only constant but it's a slow, drawn out change rather than a bolt from the blue.

  10. There is nothing anyone can do about paranoid delusional disorder.
    Nothing legal that is.
    Any attempt to reason with them argue with them or ridicule them pulls them deeper into their madness.
    Before the interwebs these hapless people were isolated in their madness.
    Now they gather together with other mad people and their lunacy grows exponentially.
    If there is an upside, this disorder deepens with age.
    They do not get better.
    Institutionalization is most often the endgame.

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