How Graphene Could Help Us Build Bigger and Better Quantum Computers

How Graphene Could Help Us Build Bigger and Better Quantum Computers

Quantum computers can solve problems in seconds that would take “ordinary” computers millennia, but their sensitivity to interference is majorly holding them back. Now, researchers claim they’ve created a component that drastically cuts down on error-inducing noise.
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Quantum computers use quantum bits, or qubits, which can represent a one, a zero, or any combination of the two simultaneously. This is thanks to the quantum phenomenon known as superposition.

Another property, quantum entanglement, allows for qubits to be linked together, and changing the state of one qubit will also change the state of its entangled partner.

Thanks to these two properties, quantum computers of a few dozen qubits can outperform massive supercomputers in certain very specific tasks. But there are several issues holding quantum computers back from solving the world’s toughest problems, one of them is how prone qubits are to error.

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New detector breakthrough pushes boundaries of quantum computing
“‘Bolometers are now entering the field of quantum technology and perhaps their first application could be in reading out the quantum information from qubits. The bolometer speed and accuracy seems now right for it,’ says Professor Möttönen.”

The Most Sensitive Graphene Bolometer
“Bolometers are devices that measure the power of incident electro­magnetic radiation through the heating of materials, which exhibit a temperature-electric resistance depen­dence.”

Natural Radiation Can Interfere with Quantum Computers
“A multi-disciplinary research team has shown that radiation from natural sources in the environment can limit the performance of superconducting quantum bits, known as qubits.”


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  1. Since quantum entanglement is often used in sci-fi time travel scenarios I got to ask: can you watch porn from the future on a quantum computer? Asking for… science, I guess.

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  3. How is this going to affect the way we program? CS is already pretty damn hard I can only imagine throwing this stuff in is gonna send many to an asylum:/

  4. science channels promised us that graphene based tech will revolutionize the entire industry in a matter of years.
    it has been 10 years and we don't even have graphene batteries yet.

  5. I would use a quantum computer to solve the enigma code, complete tasks for Folding@Home, Rosetta@Home, SETI@Home, language recognition, and to scan the whole world so I can play Grand Theft Auto and Gran Turismo on any road or track I want.

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