Macron’s stance on Islam prompts sharp reaction in Muslim nations

Macron’s stance on Islam prompts sharp reaction in Muslim nations

Muslim-majority countries are in revolt at French President Macron’s blunt comments about Islam, following the beheading of a Paris teacher who had shown his class caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad. RT discusses the conflict with Patricia Chagnon of France’s anti-immigration National Rally Party; Chris Phillips, former head of the UK National Counter Terrorism Security Office; and Mohammed Shafiq, a media commentator on British Muslim issues.

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  1. In my view it is appalling Mr. Macron's comments. ALL FREEDOMS have their own LIMITATIONS. Ex: MY FREEDOM of speech STOPS when my speech HURTS OTHERS. Mr. Macron should know that.

  2. They Need to conform to the western way of life if they want to live in the free world. It's that simple. I'm more than happy with all of them going back where they came from

  3. If u can't follow the countries rules…go back to where you came from!!! If your too sensitive into your religion then… Don't live in a country wheir people are just having their own belief!!!

  4. Lets welcome, Macron Presidency, the accelaration of a Fall in France. Where is French Economy in EU ? 20 yrs before, today and after. Karma will get you sooner or later.

  5. Just carry a gun or knife when you go out! Doesnt matter whether its in LA, London or Vienna! When such things happen it takes at least 5 minutes before armed police come in. By that time you either die or alive

  6. "They" are in France because French colonised their countries and enslaved them. All the bigots and racists forget the law when it's convenient. "While French law considers free speech to be an essential component of a democratic society, it is not seen as absolute.  French legislators, and French courts, seek to balance freedom of speech with other imperatives, such as other freedoms and rights, and public order.  Thus, freedom of expression may be limited for the sake of protecting privacy, protecting the presumption of innocence, and preventing defamation and insults.  Freedom of expression may also be limited for the sake of protecting public order.  It is therefore illegal to incite others to commit a crime, even when no crime ends up being actually committed.  French law also prohibits hate speech, and speech denying or justifying the Holocaust and other crimes against humanity."
    The blood is on Macron's hands as it is on those of the killers'. He created the instability. A truly incompetent president he is.

  7. They want war. Fight hard for freedom. The Virus is %100 FAKE and the G-3 CIA MOOSAD AND BRITISH INTELLIGENCE so to speak are murdering people with the marshal law lockdown baloney!!! Starve to death in your homes and help the ever sooo quiet UNITED NATIONS with their Agenda 21 depopulation program. The stock market is a fake clown circus. Go back to guns, gold and have your own business!!! If they give you money great it’s your stolen money you get back. Trump or Biden is a vote for Lucifer. A joke. Forget about them and take care of business. Think big. You owe no one anything. Have fun. Crypto is better than fiat currency but variety is the spice of life. Keep it simple. Fight %100.

  8. Isn't it amazing how all these military age males who are being persecuted in their own countries never go to countries with the same religion or culture but come to the west … and then complain and murder people that don't agree with them.
    Almost as amazing as stupid govts who feel they must allow them entry to initiate this social catastrophe.
    You asked for it Macron and Merkle … now live it.

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