Trump’s Campaign Is Building an Army of Poll Watchers. What Can They Actually Do? | 2020 Elections

Trump’s Campaign Is Building an Army of Poll Watchers. What Can They Actually Do? | 2020 Elections

President Trump and his campaign have been calling for an army of poll watchers on Election Day. What is poll watching, and when does it cross the line? We look at how a federal consent decree restricted the Republican Party for decades, and why its expiration could make a difference in 2020.

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  1. Hi everyone — I'm one of the producers of this video. Poll watching has become a heated topic heading into Election Day. We look at how New Jersey's contentious governor’s race in 1981 turned into a lawsuit that effectively stopped the R.N.C.'s large-scale poll watching operations. This is the first presidential election without this protection at the polls. Let me know if you have any questions about our story.

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  3. This is NOT HAPPENING at all now…In Fact it is the other way around!! Demoncrats are doing everything to cheat and trying to angry people so that they can say that the right cheated that is why Trump won!! LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE! A NARRATIVE TO MAKE A SCENARIO!!

  4. I would so much rather not be such a downer about modern America, but I can't help but see all this as a country so divided that it can only lead to one of two outcomes: a civil war; or a (hopefully) successful split between two or three nation states. There are simply too many irreconcilable differences between those on the republican side of the equation versus those on the democratic side (even though both parties have more in common priority-wise than most of their followers realize).
    Having said this, it is simply too obvious that much of the current impasse is due to trump and his reactionary cohorts. trump IS a modern-day hitler; he's also infantile, incompetent and such a megalomaniac, he makes old adolpf look like Ghandi.
    He will not go gently into the good night after he loses the election; he will try to upturn the results… and he's got his supreme court cronies to back whatever absurdist claims he screams out.
    And if he manages to coerce the system into allowing him to stay, be assured that he will try to overturn the ammendment of only two terms for a president.
    My conclusion? Better be prepared to either physically fight these evil putz or try to find SOME way to subvert their corruption and power. (My fantasy is to grab a huge block of land and fortify it somehow… didn't Star Trek make mention of a force field being developed in the 23rd century? Let's try to hurry that strategy up a bit.)

  5. Trump doesn’t want fair and free elections for all Americans. Why? Cause Trump and the GOP can’t win without cheating so what do they do but accuse free Americans for American democracy of what they, the republicans are guilty of, cheating. This is what Hitler did, accuse the opposition of what he and his Nazis were actually guilty of.

  6. If armed black men went to the polls to protect black voters rights what would white republicans say? Check it out on YouTube, they said it already calling them “Thug communists” sorry communists don’t protect the right to vote, they don’t allow it! Just like the GOP are suppressing the right to vote! GOP IS ANTI-AMERICAN, PERIOD!!!

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