India's Foreign Secretary hits back at Pakistan, warns China | DW Interview

India's Foreign Secretary hits back at Pakistan, warns China | DW Interview

On Monday, India’s Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla swiped back at comments made by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan days earlier. He had compared India to a fascist state similar to the Nazi regime in an interview for Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine.
“That is ripe coming from the prime minister of a country that does not recognize the state of Israel, that until now does not acknowledge that the Holocaust took place, that has provided a safe sanctuary for Osama bin Laden,” Shringla said. “It is clearly an attempt to distract international attention and domestic attention from his own problems.”
Shringla was in Berlin for meetings with the German government, including to discuss Germany’s Indo-Pacific strategy.
DW News pressed Shringla three times to confirm or deny reports that China has occupied an extra 300 sq. km. of new territory along the border ever since the skirmishes earlier this year. That’s a conservative estimate according to observers, who believe territory taken to be greater than that.
“It has contributed to deterioration in terms of the ties between our two countries because of the unusual step of China to seek to unilaterally alter the status quo,” Shringla said. “We are concerned that China has taken this step. We are very, very clear that we will stand firm and resolute in our resolve not to allow our territorial integrity or sovereignty to be compromised.”
He went on to add, “We have not allowed any of this to take place. Our troops have stood resolute.” The Indian Ministry of External Affairs has not commented on the Chinese acquisition of territory along the border, as reported by Bloomberg and other outlets.
On the US election, Shringla remarked that “Prime Minister Modi’s relationship with President Trump has been special… But you have to remember that Prime Minister Modi’s relationship with President Obama was also very special.” The secretary underscored that the relationship between the US and India will not change, regardless of who wins the election. Congressional support for strong relations is bipartisan, he said.


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  1. Typical western media. Never present the full picture. I'm not surprised.

    "Some 300sq km that used to be administered by India is now administered by China". NOT ENTIRELY CORRECT
    Actual remark should be, "Access to some grey zones that used to be PATROLLED (not administered, not controlled) by India is now being entirely denied by China"

    Next – "China has 300sq km more of territory that they did not have at the start of this year"

    Actual thing – China built a road in the mentioned area in 1999, and has been blocking access to Indian patrols ever since, leading to several faceoffs which started getting violent from 2017 August & repeated in 2020 May.
    China has better access to this area even before. India's access is difficult due to natural barriers.

    In late August 2020, India occupied several strategic peaks south of the same area making Chinese military garrison entirely vulnerable. China tried to dislodge India from the heights and failed.

    Now talks are going on. And this will not be fully solved. Partial restoration of status quo might happen.

  2. Executive Editor Palki, Eric Tanenblatt, Cristina Angelo and Wendy Osefo is lying to India. BIDENS ARE CRIMINALS. VOTE TRUMP FOR PEACE ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  3. Dw your correspondent from India don't know that China didn't occupied Indian territory, instead Indian soldiers occupied strategic points in the Galvan valley….. He is anti modi.

  4. BJP and RSS are facist movements, there is no denying that fact. India is heading in the wrong direction away from the secular and also progressive (meaning poverty uplifting, rights for minorities and Dalits alike) principles that many Indians want. Pakistan was once ruled by military dictators like Zia ul haq (a CIA asset that helped in creating a fanatic enclave to fight soviet union) and corrupt rulers like Nawaz Sharif (a puppet of U.S. and Saudi Arabia who cares more abt filling his own pockets that helping the common man). But now under Imran khan, Pakistan is heading in the right direction, when it comes to more rights for minorities, more freedom and uplifting of poverty in Pakistan. There is no doubt. There is still a whole lot to do, but for now its heading in the right direction. India on the other hand is going in the opposite direction. Life for the poor, Dalits and minorities was difficult, now it is threatened. I pray that India becomes the country that people like bhagat sing and other martyrs wanted.

  5. Because of west we LOST 45 TRILLION DOLLAR
    2 World war
    Made india slave
    700 years of mughal rule
    That's why I laugh when West talked about humanity and peace.

  6. LAC boundary has overlapping claims where in the past both countries patrolled but now China has pushed at one end and india on the other . India wants the previous agreement to stand. Everyone to move back so that we are not eye to eye which can cause some mishaps .

    On regards to Pakistan, Their own minister in parliament bragged about Imran Khan orchestrating the Pulwama terrorist attack on india which killed 40 military personnel . Sanctions must follow on Pakistan nothing less

  7. Our troops only can conduct operations against civilians. We haven't gone into any war to combat since long time thats why China is beating us with both hands. Our air force is helpless against China, we need Rafale and also pilots who can fly them like Pakistani pilots. Our 20 brave soldiers died while running unarmed when clashed with China. Our PM is so brave can't name China openly anywhere after losing 1000 km land to it. We occupy and grab internationally disputed lands and claim its ours and when the other party of the same disputed land takes necessary measures, we cry wolf.

  8. Hindu news paper is that one who give big ad in front page about china and ccp party devopment during taiwans national day , hindu paper owner is big marxist and china supporter

  9. India does not need an International Lawyer like America regarding India china conflict. But India have a respect to all the nations which believe in love peace and anti terrorism, What ever the people say about the line of control we do not care but one thing is sure …. We Indians do not have single doubt on Modi's Patriotism and We have proud on our military and their bravery, And i assure you people that if Modi comes for next 10 years then you will find POK and Gilgit and Chinese occupied land will have been submerged with India. Modi is a symbol of Peace – Love and Co existence. And it is only India has a capacity to bring peace in the world without making nations divide and rule. We Indian now do not talk about Pakistan because it has become an International Joke itself. India is having the best diplomacy under Modi government …. in the upcoming years other nations will soon adopt this kind of Diplomacy which prospers nations but not destroys for the sake of make that country great.

  10. How can India say they share the same values when they have changed the rights of a people in their constitution without any consultation or agreement with the people in Kashmir?? this is why China has taken 1000 sq km of their land and India could not do anything because it knows its in the wrong

  11. Isn't this a historical baggage from British empire? India was dodging the question of Kashmir for far too long without making resolute demand for its legal accession, appeasement of enemies will never bring peace. Pakistan and China of today are far more deadlier and capable in capturing remaining Kashmir than they were in 1940s. China has made it clear that it will not stop intruding until the entire state is shared between itself and Pakistan with uninterrupted direct access to Indian ocean through CPEC

  12. Foreign Minister Shringla….Are you saying there is no Freedom of Navigation in the Indo Pacific Seas now? Why are you afraid to tell the truth? The sole purpose of the QUAD Alliance is to contain China. Is India planning to start a war with China too in the South China Sea? Do you think you can win?

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