What Do U.S. Elections Look Like Abroad? | NYT Opinion

What Do U.S. Elections Look Like Abroad? | NYT Opinion

Turnout this election is projected to be the highest in a century, and voters are doing everything they can to make their voices count. Waiting in line for hours (even if you’re the mayor). Voting in person despite the pandemic because you fear that your mail-in ballot could be one of the 1.02 million that might be discarded. And casting a ballot despite the potential that someone with a semiautomatic rifle will be watching you at your polling place.

But, does voting have to be so … hard?

Not really. Just watch the video above and you’ll see it’s not like this in other democratic countries around the world. Voting in other democracies is a snap. And, if you’re really lucky, you might score a “democracy sausage.”

When we showed voters from around the world what American elections are like in practice, they weren’t impressed. But they were impressed with our resilience and determination. So, while the world’s “oldest democracy” may be a bit creaky these days, let’s be clear: Go vote! That’s really the best way to make a change.

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  1. I feel sorry for America no proper laws, no vigilance, no proper schedule just nothing and we make sure everyone gets to vote in a country with 1.3 billion population and almost 1 billion voters

  2. From my point of view, it feels pretty much like a nightmare. For it seems extremely violent, in every sense of the word.
    And guys, fellow americans, I'm so sad for you. For four years now, I'm watching what's happening to you, with incredulity, not able to believe what I'm seeing.
    Litterally, and by looking at how people voted per county, and how deeply divided your people are right now, as if living in two realities – one based on facts, and the other tripping in pure nonsense – I can't help myself but to fear for the consequences of four years of mass bullying.
    Some of us, around the world, are as traumatized as you are. I genuinely hope for the best, but it's seems it's gonna be a long struggle to regain – or just gain – some semblance of decency.

  3. I'm in Canada…. We are very aware how corrupt the US system is compared to other systems. Ours is much less corrupt but we see things here too that are unacceptable. At least our politicians don't call our press the enemy of the state. When that happens, that is the beginning of 'the end of democracy'. First getting rid of any objective media/press, then jailing anyone who opposes and then worse things after that. It is absolutely horrifying to some of us who listened to our parents stories from WWII and thinking we would never see history repeating so soon. We were wrong.

  4. For those in the comments stating that America is a republic and not a democracy you're incorrect.

    A republic is a style of governance and a democracy is how you choose that governance.

    America is technically both as the people do vote (a democracy) for those who represent them (a republic) in the government.

    We do democracy extremely badly with all the suppression and other such things going on. But as we still vote it still technically qualifies as a democracy.

    I'd love to see the voting systems of the people represented in the video implemented here. But that's going to be a long, uphill battle. Corruption doesn't like to die quietly.

  5. I couldn't vote for my country's last election but I did come with parents voting, in the vote station, we have meatballs, food stands, and television and such, someone elso sells tshirts with "I Have Vote" writing on it

  6. As a European, Trump sounded and acted like one of those rogue authoritarian leaders of Africa, Asia or Latin America. He has created chaos. 4 years of chaos, day after day, manipulating his own supporters, spitting to the faces of those who saw his game, a corrupt megalomaniac who deserves jail time or a trip to a mental health institution. America, to us Europeans, has lost its luster, a bit like a diamond that turned into coal. America has shown its weaknesses and has been humiliated openly on the international stage, thanks to that man.
    The good thing is that we started to learn not to lean so much on you. The good thing is that we have learned America is a country like any other one, not worse, not better and certainly not the greatest any more.
    Should he be re-elected, then expect our backs to turn on you. Should Biden be elected, it would be like the return a lost child who had gone astray, with a huge welcome, laughs and smile and open arms and big party. Because America, you have suffered, learned also your lessons and we love you

  7. The GOP agenda is not supported by many non rich Americans. So the GOP has a long history of fails and Voter suppressions. in 1981 they created the "National Ballot Security Task Force" a fake Task force that was going around Intimidating any voters against the GOP. But this time Trump took the voter suppression to his level of insanity lol

  8. I'm sorry but I am still trying to process the fact that you even need to REGISTER yourself so you can vote. I live abroad and to vote, all i needed to do was type-in somewhere my passport number and some personal info. THAT'S IT. WTF AMERICA?! You're way better than this……… :'(

  9. We have A LOT of problems with voting in the US and some of their points are totally valid
    …but come on NYT! This is some buzzfeed-level journalism. Who are these people and why should I care?

  10. What? Like what? For a country who likes to say they're the greatest democracy on earth , like, how? How is this freedom, how is this democracy? I'm shock, and in disbelief.. y'all need massive change of you want to catch up to other free democracies , and I know America can change cos you've done it in the past

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