An End to Hostilities | Russia-brokered peace deal signed by Armenia and Azerbaijan

An End to Hostilities | Russia-brokered peace deal signed by Armenia and Azerbaijan

A peace deal mediated by Russia has been reached between Armenia and Azerbaijan – putting an end to hostilities over the Nagorno-Karabakh region. Meanwhile, Russian peacekeepers have been deployed to the area to keep the warring parties apart.

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  1. This is a very simple and complicated matter at the same time for armenia. On one side having the issue of Karabagh is extremely bad for Armenia. Essentially they are in economic blockade. They have been outside of all major regional projects for the last 30 years due to this conflict. Their international debt is high, foreign investment has been falling since 2008 steadily, they were reliant on russia on many things. At the end of 1990s some smart Armenain politicians knew about it and wanted to return occupied territories back to Azerbaijan or make a deal that involve swapping lands. But extensive nationalism and war victory got into their head. They became greedy and did not want to return anything. Including 7 districts that were no doubt Azerbaijani territories. So they overthrew one government, and shot the head of another of their government that were in favor of a deal. Armenia became a victim of it's own patriotism, pride, nationalism. Essentially it is beneficial for Armenia to get rid of Nagorno Karabagh as that would allow them to move forward. Get out of economic blockade. But, no leader could go forward and tell that to armenian population. They would kill him/her immediately. They became the victim of their own greed and winner complex.

  2. Artsakh lost. Azerbaijan won.
    Armenia lost. Turkey won.
    Justice lost. Injustice won.
    Democracy lost. Dictatorships won.
    Human rights lost. War crimes won.
    Humanity lost. Brutality won.
    Where was your international community???? Nowhere to be found, as usual.

  3. Well seems like and suddenly Azerbaijan replaced brotherly Turkey with Russia, and peacekeepers should borderline between Armenia and Azerbaijan not almost middle of the Karabag where the gold mines are.

  4. Armenians reject and do not consent to such deal. It more a surrender deal the agreement. And Russia should have broker a deal if it could the first week of attacks. It was not a war . Since global pandemic. And Turkey operated and command. Terrorists recruited with pay . All out joint attack force on civilians name military . Cities and infrastructure. No rules . No conduct or engagement . Or equal opportunity. Something like that was done in Iraq . But it did not take 6 weeks. That sort of operation if justified is successful in matter of days . One week the most. And Russia and international community extend 6 times . All lives on both sides in that period is responsible. And condemned. The defense forces successful is undeniable. Strike forces were denied with very slow and minimal advance. Capital city was not taken . Second largest city was not taken . Bevause in order to have control and take city you must surround and cut off . Then if you can take it its yours . Special forces enter city and Azerbajan ceasefire surrender with brokered deal giving up key locations can not be allowed. Fighting men return stating they did not see combat . They vow to fight till death protecting there homes and brothers and sisters.

    This was criminal and will have to face justice.

  5. people don't seem to realize, but the Armeniaans are the real winners – Russia managed to get that they keep Nagorno-Karabach…!!!! and that with a definitive deal, warranted by Russia's military presence…!!! Putin is a sheer genius…

  6. Russia should know that the turks are planning in the future a unification with the turkish speaking nations that are close to Russia and that will cause Russia another enemy! It was a mistake that they let Azerbaijan win this war. Shame!

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