What can Trump do now? | Start Here

What can Trump do now? | Start Here

American TV networks and other news outlets have called the US election and named Joe Biden president-elect.
But the Trump administration is contesting the results in court, filing about a dozen lawsuits.
So what does that mean for the outcome of the vote? And what else can Trump do now?

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  1. I hope Trump goes away and never goes back into politics because he was the worst president in US history! He has managed to divide our country even more and has brought us closer to a civil war. This is not exaggeration, Americans are almost as divided as we were before the civil war.

  2. Trump is a bankrupt indebted billionaire who positioned family & friends to help with his IOU's. His reaction is typical of a pro inequality money elitist who's perverse ideals of the world is to enslave (exploit people), reduce – human right & finite resources, destroy the global environment for personal pleasure or self gain. And drowning people do anything to have power eg. Russia / Belarus, Saudi Arabia / Israel, FAA / Boeing, US Govt / Wall street / IMF global banking system etc. Laws & Justice is for the Haves eg. Cyprus Papers, Republicans holding the US hostage while they install a supreme court judge to help their case etc.

  3. He can go get fitted for a nice new orange jump suit rather then get the state jail issued one or he could learn to tie noose with bed sheets. Best learn how to bite a pillow first I'd recommend. If he refuses to leave then he should go measured for a coffin.

  4. What can Trump do now? He could start soliciting "pardon sales" on "pay per pardon" basis, making the best of his last batch of "dubious" fortune, pending his financial trouble in the golf course in Scotland.

  5. President Trump is now playing in the same league with the presidents of Cameroon, Paul Biya now rulling for over 40 yrs and has never lost any election. Lukachenko of Belarus, Derbi of Chad, Bongo of Gabon etc. All presidents who have a glue attaching them to their seats. Sad.

  6. Let the dumb bankrupted liar, loser fall flat on his face in prison!
    It's a huge shame that they are so many dummies believed in what he said! Fourrth World Mentality!
    If the bankrupted DUMB MORON LOSER was re-elected, the TRUMPENCE & TRUMPEO VIRUS pandemic will rage on and on; more people will lose both their jobs and loved ones!
    Let the DUMBEST liar, loser fall flat on his face in the orange jumpsuit!.
    What a beautiful and soothing sight to behold all over US!!

  7. GiantBaby Tangerine Fiend can pout as much as he wills; he’s unemployed and homeless on Jan. 20, 2021. The Secret Service and Park Police won’t hesitate to assist their new incumbent by removing the old, and either the Capitol Police or the Architect of the Capitol will remove trespassers on Capitol grounds.
    Besides, he’ll flee to Sochi on Jan. 19 anyway.

  8. I think it’s time for America to split up. There’s been a significant psychological partition among its population in America anyway. Left never accepted Trump’s presidency during four years and after all what has happened, I don’t think Conservatives can accept Biden/Kamala presidency. When do countries break apart? Sure, civil war and violent conflict often precede secession. But sometimes it’s a peaceful separation without any blood shedding too.

  9. Trumph yu were in why did u not rigg the election like what u did against hillary. This time is a red card to trump, rest in peace man. U lose. U lose thats all. In each race thers a winner and a loser. Trump is rubbish

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