How the rise of African creators impacted black culture

How the rise of African creators impacted black culture

In recent years, Africans on the continent and in the diaspora have become leading voices in black culture – in music, film, fashion, social media, comedy and even our memes. When Grace Shutti was growing up, black culture usually referred to African Americans. But from Beyoncé’s visual album, Black is King, to Marvel’s Black Panther and musician Diddy executive producing the Nigerian pop star Burna Boy’s album, the shift to embrace African art has been seismic. Grace investigates how this came about

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  1. From African Caribbean parents, born in England ,i love my family and their culture who dwell in the continent, and throughout the world .Lets bring it on, African throughout the world unite !!!

  2. Seeing black people proud of their heritage really frightens some people. You can see it in the comments. Pan Africanism is beautiful. Jamaica and its descendants (who don't get mentioned in this video) deserve a huge amount of credit too though, they're the ones who pioneered civil rights in the UK and fought on the behalf of all minorities so we can enjoy the freedom we have today. They've also been embracing Pan Africanism before it was cool. Reggae had its Pan African moment (and continues to) like 6 decades back.

  3. Africa deserves unity, seriously! Obama stuffed a bigger wedge, if you personally ask me. Trading in minerals like baba Ghadaffi wanted would've been a game changer.

  4. I agree, we need to allow space for black culture to grow as Africans from all over the world seek their roots. We as Africans need to ensure that we educate and embrace these Africans who are interested in Africa. We should not act as less or even gate keepers, but collaborators in a future for Africans and Africa, globally.

  5. Can we address how people in mental facilities and their families are deeply impacted because of Covid? They’re denied visits, eavesdrop phone calls and rude treatments by the incompetent staff throughout these facilities! I have knowledge of this due to someone for I so deeply care for. I love what you guys do and am very supportive of stories that you bring to light and believe this is a cause that needs to be brought to the public!

  6. So, let's get this racist logic. If black people are African…..
    It's even racist of the Bantu diaspora to assume they are 'Africa', whilst Khoisan, Pygmies, Nilotic etc are ignored and in some cases racially oppressed in Africa.

  7. I get so tired of being lumped in as an African I have roots I have a culture I have a nation I have a tribe and it's not African I am not a continent my ancestors come from that continent of Africa but I am not African and besides why what I identify with a group of people who abandoned us and I'm talking about the whole continent not one of the 54 countries in that continent came for us at no time including today

  8. I think this video conflates Africanness and blackness. African American culture still largely defines blackness, not Africanness. A lot of Africans don't even identify as black.

    And the video mention that Ghana, South Africa and Nigeria are dominant in Geopolitics, but we hear from Ghanaian, Nigerian and South African speakers. Shouldn't we hear from the rest of the continent then?

  9. Sorry how did the US lose it’s hold of what black culture is? The US represents african American culture which is very influential. That’s not the only form of black culture but it’s still very influential

  10. Hold up one moment why doesn't the French Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries of Africa get representation by France Spain and Portugal? Why is it English speaking nation's responsibility to uplift these peoples cultures? We have the same base notes? Our skin is black and that's it. Our skin isn't the culture. I was cool with the video until the end.

  11. Again other racist video. Africa is only a "black" continent? Subsahara Africa people identifies itself as black or as africans? White people it's not a form of catalogue a culture, black shouldn't be as well.

    What is happening in the Guardian. Stop this non sense.

    And Black Panther is a extremely bad example of cultural representation.

  12. "They run the risk of going extinct if they don't evolve or incorporate what's happening in the world."

    Translation: We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Resistance is futile.

    Combine that with a bit of Ferengi "Why do that? There's no profit in it!" and you've got it.

    Richard Dawkins was absolute right about memes and memeplexes. Not "internet memes" but real memes before the true meaning became obfuscated by millennials.

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