SE Cupp: What will it take to stop White supremacy?

SE Cupp: What will it take to stop White supremacy?

In this week’s “What Comes Next?,” SE Cupp discusses the roots of White supremacy and how to fix it with former White supremacist Chris Buckley, historian Peniel Joseph and CNN national security analyst Samantha Vinograd.

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  1. How did Trump get close to 20% of the black vote if he what you’re saying is true? You are total frauds on your knees desperately trying to hang on. Total hacks

  2. Hate requires Ignorance. That's all. Say no more. Fix the school system. Children should be our most important concern, not the economy. The history of the 20th century taught us how propaganda can replace education, and that fascism feeds on the resulting ignorance. A Republican Senator refused to use the word 'fascist' , even though he was describing the Nazis. He didn't even call them Nazis. He stated, more than once, that after D-Day, his father drove a tank across Europe freeing them from socialists. He called them 'socialists'. The same word Republicans use to describe the Democrats. Now, is he just uneducated, (which is plausible), or does he avoid the word so as to not bring attention to the fascism so prevalent in the United States? Sixty years ago, I started school. I spent eighteen years in school. Believe me, school today is a shadow of what I was required to learn. Remove the ignorance and hate has nowhere to grow.

    The other day was the anniversary of the end of WWI, and in the attempt to answer her question about stopping white supremacists and independent armed militias, it is worth noting that America holds parades and honours its warriors on November 11. In my country, we mourn the dead. The unfortunate, useless dead. Useless because war is the result of failed diplomacy. And once started, war must be fed blood before it can be stopped. My dad was a veteran and I stood in front of many cenotaphs and statues wondering about the past. When he and his five brothers were young men, they travelled to Europe and killed Germans. After they came home, none of them owned so much as a fishing rod. America popularizes violence too much, but maybe that is because of the propaganda.

  3. Where? Proud boys aren’t a white supremacy group…look them up. Antifa and BLM are the groups currently causing havoc not any white supremacy group so wake up CNN.

  4. Getting rid of the orange man would be a start to all I have not saw so much racial device and racism in my 37 then the last 4 yrs wtf. Yeah begin the healing jan 21th PEACE!

  5. It's just human nature. People like to form groups with common characteristics and feel that they are better than other groups. Take a look at any sport team, or even any nation. What's "USA, USA, USA" about? What's cheerleading about? What's pretty girls hanging out with other pretty girls about? This is how the human species improves itself, through constant competition for supremacy, same as deer or goats.

  6. White supremacists hide under the free speech umbrella to advocate bigotry.
    They parade in uniforms, some armed, caring Nazi flags & tiki torches, shouting Jews will not replace us and other Nazi slogans, to confront BLM and Antifa peaceful protesters to create conflict, attack, mace, run over by car, assault and even shoot to kill people.
    They want a racial war, they worship William Luther Pierce and the Turner diaries is their bible.
    They've resurfaced from their underground bunkers and armed militia compounds embolden by their fascist leader Donald Trump whom not only condone them, but encourages them in his desperate attempt to remain in power by any means, even a possible attempt of a coup d'etat. America had enough of this nonsense and voted Trump out. If it wasn't for the pandemic and the absolute incompetence of this grifter in dealing with, or lack thereof causing massive loss of lives and many more to come, God only knows what would America become. Let's see how these proud boys will behave in the coming months before jan 20th. They sure won't crawl back underground quietly when they were so comfortable & enjoying their newfound freedom under the light of day.
    PS: 37 well regarded psychiatrists around the world have diagnosed Trump as a garden variety sociopath, a narcissistic pathological liar.

  7. Greetings Raven here, yo,cupp!,whenever a person races baits its that person whose the racists!!!, in this case, that means, you Dumbass!!! for those who know, trust the plan, relax, and enjoy the show, W.W.G.1.WG.A, we are Q.

  8. There ARE people who do UNDERSTAND because when the EVERYDAY THINGS IN LIFE JUST DON'T ADD UP THERE'S A REASON 'The Great American Melting Pot' has turned out to be a boiling CAULDRON of EVILS but WHO'S stoking the fire the INSECURE the IMMORAL the GREEDY it's right in front of your face but 'some people' are ALWAYS ACTING like they CAN'T SEE nothing I bet NOW you're starting to – 400 year LATECOMERS

  9. The white supremacists being the biggest danger is bullshit. When was the last time one of them shot a kids in the head riding his bike? Or stomped on the head of and unconscious person?

  10. Looks like CNN is still working on getting that race war going. I'll have to ask some of my African-American friends if they're up to it or if they just want to go out and have a beer instead.

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