Joe Biden, nurse share emotional moment during virtual roundtable

Joe Biden, nurse share emotional moment during virtual roundtable

President-elect Joe Biden grew emotional during a virtual roundtable after hearing Mary Turner, an intensive care unit nurse, describe her experience on the frontline battling Covid-19. The Minnesota nurse spoke with CNN’s Erin Burnett.

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  1. I really commend this nurse working on all fronts of this pandemic and all of her workers as well. She and others including me need to get in face of all the Republican politicians and yes even some of the Democrats who are not fighting Mr Trump and his apathy towards his disease we need to get in their faces and say shame on them and remember then when it comes to next election time remember the party that changed the Republican party to the Trump party remember it well

  2. It is beyond my belief in human nature that Trump (I cannot find adequate words to describe this man child) , had more than 70 million votes !
    The rest of the world looks on in horror as the fabric of this nation is being torn apart with such a pathetic leader . America, WHY, WHY, WHY, ???

  3. Fact is, most nurses are women.
    And we don't listen to, or believe women.

    If most nurses were men, they would have the equipment they need; they would be respected and valued. It's appalling that any nurse over age 60 is taking care of Covid patients, when they are in a high risk population themselves. Double their pay, and a lot more men will become nurses, and we won't have a chronic shortage—and they will get the equipment they need to do their job safely.

  4. In my personal Opinion only.
    Biden and Harris Won and want to Heal America and Democracy ..
    Trump and his "Personal Republican Party" will go down in History as The President that murdered America and the King of Fraud…This President has let as of 11-20-2020 ..Let us watch 252,561 Americans DIE… We have 11,718,715 cases of Covid19 in the USA and growing.

    This is the Reality of Covid19..
    You CANNOT touch the ones you Love. They are ALONE in a hospital. NO ONE they love with them because they could DIE too. Think about that? Sick, Dying , Alone NEVER being able to say i love you or goodbye. HOLD and CARE for everyone you love and be safe. Wear a Mask. Because the next person in a ICU Room could be YOU. Doctors have said That you can recover TRUE .. But you will forever have health issues after recovery. A specially with your lungs. As Doctors say you can catch it again !
    Watch how the WORLD is truly doing here..
    Refresh page daily to Number changes.

  5. If Donald Trump had done in 4 years what Biden did in 2 weeks, he could have still been in power. The U.S. Presidency doesn't have room for someone who lacks the compassion and empathy for people suffering in his country.

  6. No frontline healthcare workers are being tested. It's pathetic to hear Trump lying through his teeth, talking about how accessible testing is, when even the people who are keeping others alive don't have access. I hope Biden changes things.

  7. It never ends with these traitors. Now Steve Minuchen cut off pandemic funding against the advice of Jerome Powell. These people are evil and all need to be locked away in a high security prison away from the public.

  8. Humility, what has been missing the last 4 years. If Trump were there, first, he would have to be dragged from the golf course, then he'd randomly spout nonsense about his administration having "the biggest this, or the bestest that!" Get that monster out of The White House and into a prison cell.

  9. Joe was not my guy during the primaries but there's an example of what makes him different: the way he said "you're kidding me". He said it as honestly as it sounded, he was engaged in the conversation.

  10. The fact that she is blaming Federal government before addressing what local government have done or not done does not give her any credibility!! It’s management on a local level that’s responsible for providing PPE! Biden showed weakness not strength. He should have been asking her questions about her hospital and management. If my boss was blubbering like that it wouldn’t give me much faith!!

  11. I'm sorry but if you are not having enough PPE that is you're purchasing Authority for your company's problem we have increased our volumes to the point where our warehouses are full of n95 masks there is no reason you need to reuse them over and over again the problems that we have been facing is that the hospitals purchasing management doesn't seem to want to buy them and they're literally a $1.64 a piece at wholesale cost and of course the more you buy the better the deal you get see the problem that we're dealing with here is corporations not wanting to spend their Almighty dollars but rather pocket that money there is no shortage in PPE I know firsthand basically because I deal with it we manufacture and distribute PPE all over but it seems when it comes to medical facilities they want to remain on a slim budget which to me is complete and utter bullshit considering they quite literally charge over $500 for a saline bag that cost about $2 you know there is such a thing as a federal law that is enacted to protect workers does federal law states that every person working whether in the private sector or any sector across the board has a right to a safe and healthful work environment go to put it quite blatantly simple the hospital corporations are violating these workers rights when they refuse to purchase the amount of PPE that is needed they could easily do so it's a shame it's also a shame that a lady had to come on here speak about it especially being told what to say from a teleprompter

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