Trump FUMING That Joe Biden May Get Credit For Vaccine

Trump FUMING That Joe Biden May Get Credit For Vaccine

Loser Donald wants ALL the credit for the covid vaccine. Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola discuss on The Young Turks. Keep Hope (and TYT) Alive:

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“As prospects for an effective vaccination for the coronavirus have improved for the coming year, Donald Trump has grown outwardly resentful that he won’t be in the Oval Office to take the credit for it.

For months, Trump had promised that a COVID vaccine was coming shortly. He put much of his election hopes on the possibility. But the announcement from two major pharmaceutical companies of hugely successful trial results for their respective COVID vaccine candidates came in the days after the votes were cast. And while it may have brought joy to the markets and public health officials, for Trump it was nothing but a heap of frustration.”*

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola

Cast: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola


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  1. Trump is all for Trump. Note the following… he is so set on helping himself in a LOST CAUSE in trying to stay in power when he actually lost the elections… that he is in fact hurting the chances of the 2 Senate seat run-off in Georgia come January 5… Let me clear that up a little for you, for I see that you Trumpers have about as much lack of brains as your master… There are 2 seats for the Senate that will have a Run-off come January 5. There are 2 Democrats and 2 Republicans, If the 2 Republicans win… they will continue to have the majority in the Senate, if the 2 Democrats win… THEN THE DEMOCRATS WILL GAIN CONTROL OF THE SENATE… and don't forget that the Democrats already have the majority in the House of Representatives. Trump is continuing to piss-off a lot of Americans and just maybe they will get back at him by electing the 2 Democrats… YEAH!

  2. With 250,000 deaths under Trump’s watch he doesn’t deserve any credit, but if he acted when he was supposed to their with with fewer deaths and the virus would have been wiped out then I would give credit where it’s due.

  3. Well, Trump took credit for the strong economy he inherited from Obama. So, I believe that it is the only right thing to do and continue the precedent Trump created and give the next administration credit for all the good things and let the previous administration keep the credit for all the bad and terrible things they did.

  4. Donald Trump has never done anything for this country. Did anyone else notice that during the debate, Joe mentioned the injecting bleach to help kill the virus? Trump said "It was sarcastically"…"Sarcasm".. In other words he was being cute and joking while addressing our Nation about Covid 19 while thousands were dying. What a worthless bastard.

  5. LOSER > Trump is a total FRAUD that Thrives In A Culture Of BS and Criminality, The corruption in the trump administration is appalling, Massive Failure of Leadership. Shame on all those who know this and yet still protect and enable this clown..I’m sickened every time I hear trumps voice uttering a string of lies or self vanity. I am SO HAPPY this Sad and Pathetic Orange Turd has been voted out..

  6. I love this channel, and I have been hesitant to mention it, as it is so off topic, but Ana is such a natural beauty. So intelligent and articulate! I do however find her makeup so distracting that as an artist, I can't help but see all the colors, and I loose the message.. Why are both sides off her face purple? The lighting? Plucked eyebrows and three shades of eye shadow? I don't mean to be disrespectful at all. Ana rocks it! It's perhaps a conversation for another place, and another time, but please ladies, you are already beautiful! Step away from the mirror. At some point it becomes the Uncanny Valley. You know – At some point it becomes so unnatural that it is creepy.

    Anyway – Super great job Ana! You keep being you! You are much appreciated! Never mind me. You rock!

  7. Norway’s oil fund, or the Government Pension Fund Global which is its official name has invested a total of USD 2,249,911,108 in PFIZER INC. How much did the US government invest in this company? This company was never in to operation wrap speed and have come to this vaccine with the shareholders money.

  8. Ok so the man.. ( or whatever he is) who basically ignored this pandemic denied it downplayed it.. And eventually caught COVID… Called it a ' gift from God'… But wants some sort of credit??? ….. Wow……..???? He deserves a smack in the face. Wake up dude! People are dying!!!!!! He deserves no credit… And I agree if u want credit for what happened then take credit for the death and lack of action… Science deserves credit and God! That's it..

  9. If he takes no responsibility for the virus how should he take responsibility for the Vaccine. It's the new hoax remember the China flu the democrats whipped up. Maybee he should be held accountable for his non-action.

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