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Jack Ma is the Founder & Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group. He was born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China on 10 September 1964. His father's name is Molly Fuh and his mother’s name is Kui Wang Kai. Since a really young age the lad was very keen on gathering knowledge about English and tried his best to communicate better in the language his passion to be a better speaker used to even drive him to a hotel located near his residence which was frequented by foreigners the youngster even started guiding tourists in visiting sightseeing places around the city the motive was to spend more time with native English speakers in a bid to gain a command over the language aspired to enroll in a university and even attended exams for the same reason but remained unsuccessful he then joined the Haengju Teacher Training Institute to pursue a bachelor's degree in English.

Jack graduated from the institution in the year 1988 in the mid -1990s Jack got to know about the existence of the Internet and began seeing this new trend in technology as a great business opportunity MA even frequently visited the United States in 1995 to learn more about the Internet. One of his friends even showed him how to connect to a website the same year he even raised a fund of $ 20,000 to start his own firm with an intention of solely focusing on the Internet the purpose of the company was to create websites for their clients although this kind of business was relatively new, Jack managed to earn a whopping eight hundred thousand dollars in a matter of just three years his success in the field of Internet led to Jack's appointment as the head of a firm governed by the agency China International electronic commerce centre in 1998 he continued working in this IT-based firm for the next one year after stepping down from his responsibilities in 1999 Jack founded a company named Ali Baba along with many other friends the intention was to create a website which is more like a one-stop-shop for business-to-business transaction during 1999 to 2000 the company received a financial backing of twenty five million dollars which significantly helped in the growth of the company. The company business soon expanded to around 240 different nations.

Jack next tried to venture into e-business which he could foresee as a great money-making scheme of the 21st century in this regard he also founded many firms such as tell bow links and alley mama. Tap out started trending over the Internet as a top eCommerce website and even grabbed the attention of the Giant of the business eBay which was keen on acquiring the firm however MA was disinterested in entering into any kind of acquisition deal with the firm tan pal also grabbed the attention of another famous Internet shark Yahoo. The firm invested 1 billion dollars in Jack's venture.

Jack had become the subject of criticism in 2007 after many people from across the world protested that the firm Alibaba raised huge profits through the sale of animal products through its portal on behalf of his firm Alibaba and the interest of nature lovers across the world Jack decided not to sell products made of shark flesh through the online portal. 

Jack is primarily known for being the founder of the e-commerce giant Alibaba which is one of the top websites in the business this firm which is also a stiff competitor to other famous websites such as eBay has helped Bob become the richest man in China. Ma tied the knot with a woman named Jiang Ling whom he had first met while studying at the Haengju Teachers Institute. The couple later became parents to two children a son as well as a daughter.  

“Never give up, today is hard tomorrow will be worse but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine” Jack Ma

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