Anti-Tank Chats #1 | WW1 | The Tank Museum

Anti-Tank Chats #1 | WW1 | The Tank Museum

Welcome to Anti-Tank Chats, a brand-new series on the history of infantry weapons used in Anti-Tank warfare. In the first episode, Archive and Supporting Collections Manager Stuart Wheeler, explores the weapons used by Germany during the First World War when they were first presented with this cutting-edge weapon – the tank. Shoutout and thanks to @T. Hanks for inadvertently suggesting the name for this new series and all the others who enjoyed Stuart’s talk on the Pak 43/41.
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  1. Excellent video as always. Could you please answer why modern armies no longer use towed anti tank guns. I've been told that because we have missiles and helicopters we no longer need towed anti tank guns but then why do tanks have anti tank guns and why do we still have towed field artillery.. is it just because towed anti tank guns arent sexy so they have lost funding whereas tanks, field guns, and missiles are sexy ?

  2. "Firing at prone positions to avoid injuries" – Sounds like someone hasn't shot a whole lot of rifles. Put that thing at the edge of a trench, sandbagged on the bipod and then shoot standing up. Being prone increases the forces into the shoulder and injury potential. Unless you've done a whole lot of work to avoid the recoil into the body. Ooft, I'd pray to not shoot that gun absolutely prone.

  3. Familiarity with tanks and their strengths and weaknesses is a huge factor in how effective infantry can be against tanks. Infantry with little or no experience with tanks would be intimidated and probably feel pretty helpless. However once you realize exactly how blind and vulnerable tankers are you can take advantage.

  4. Steve Zaloga has written an article where he states that the French never developed an Anti Tank rifle because they considered the German Tankgeveher in WWI to be ineffective…. I'd love to see the French attititude to Anti Tank warfare referenced in the next video.

  5. I wonder if anyone used one of those captured anti-tank rifles as a elephant hunting rifle- heck I wager those things could take down a Brontosaurus ( during a journey to the center of the earth ).

  6. Some of those 13mm Mauser anti-tank guns found their way here to the US and into gun collections. They're very easily converted to the .50 cal Browning machine gun round but NOT any more pleasant to shoot!