22nd PM of Pakistan Imran Khan.

Imran Khan Niazi, The Biggest cricket of his generation, Pakistan's greatest superstar, and the world's only Prime Minister who has also won a world cup.

22nd PM of Pakistan Imran Khan. 1

Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi, The Biggest cricket of his generation, Pakistan’s greatest superstar, and the world’s only Prime Minister who has also won a world cup. Imran doesn’t lack in the controversy department either Playboy and after entering politics, he was decorated with all sorts of allegations, what is truth and what is not? what exactly is the Imran Khan story? 22nd PM of Pakistan Imran Khan. 4Imran had a dream childhood, only brother of four sister’s wealthy family, lots of cousins, lots of playing around along with quality education. Imran Khan was born into a proud family. His family had wealth and history to be proud of Imran’s Great-Great-great grandfather was Haibat Khan Niazi, He was a general in Sher Shah Suri’s army. He conquered Sindh, Punjab and Kashmir, but Imran Khan did not become a military general because Imran Khan was more influenced by his maternal family, Imran’s two maternal cousins have captained Pakistan cricket that’s how Imran developed an interest in cricket.

In childhood, Imran had one hobby: kite flying but Imran never bought a kite, he only used to capture them, He kept this hobby until Basant (kite flying festival) got banned, Imran’s cricket career started at Aitchison College Lahore’s elite and Imran found a place in his college’s team. Aitchison is the college were Malaysia and Indonesia’s princes came to study, this is where Imran’s cricket started, and his character started to develop and from Aitchison, he went to Oxford University,

Oxford is the place where Imran’s record streak started, He didn’t only rise up to being Oxford’s captain, he became the first non-English Oxford captain, Even though Imran could have easily gotten a place in England’s national team, but his cousin convinced him that he can serve Pakistan in a much bigger way compared to England, And finally, on June 3, 1971, Imran Khan made debut from Pakistan in Birmingham, and what a terrible debut it was, He only mustered five runs before getting run out and bowled 28 overs but could not get a single wicket, In fact, Imran got his first wicket in 1974.

By this time, Imran Khan seemed a pretty ordinary player who could be kicked out of the team any time and will be forgotten easily but Imran had other plans.

Imran Used to bowl medium-pace but his attitude was of an extremely fast bowler, That’s why he wasn’t being truly successful, then Imran started to focus on bowling fast, seriously fast,

For this he started rigorous training, made fitness his obsession and set his diet accordingly, His effort finally paid off in 1977, Pakistan was playing against Australia The team had already lost in Melbourne and Sydney was the next challenge But Pakistan’s cornered tiger woke up and Imran bagged a 10 wicket haul for the first time, and Pakistan defeated Australia in Australia, This match had a lot of crazy moments. when Pakistan was batting Australia fast bowler Dennis Lillee Kept bowling bouncers to Pakistani batsmen and the whole crowd was screaming “Lillee, Lillee, Kill! Kill!.22nd PM of Pakistan Imran Khan. 5

When Imran started to bowl similar bouncers to Australia, the home umpire didn’t like it and told Pakistani skipper Mushtaq Mohammad to control Imran or he shall remove him from bowling, Mushtaq did initially tell Imran not to bowl bouncers (and that made Imran quite angry).

After the Sydney test, there was no stopping Imran or the Pakistan cricket team. Imran was soon made the captain and Pakistan kept bagging one series after another. With Javed Miandad’s sixer, an era started where Pakistan kept knocking India out of the gulf for nearly 10 years. Pakistan discovered players like Wasim Akram, Waqar Yunis. Saeed Anwar and Inzamam ul Haq. Pakistan became set to become the world’s #1 team. !987’s World Cup was coming up and this tournament was to be played in Pakistan and India. Imran wanted to win this tournament and just retire. Even though Imran was playing brilliantly at that time, he wanted to retire at his peak.

Pakistan lost in the semi-final and Imran took retirement after a ravishing career of 16 years. In 1987, Pakistan’s President was General Zia ul Haq. He was a major cricket fanatic. Imran took retirement but Pakistan’s next series was against West Indies. Back then, the mighty West Indies was just a nightmare for any opponent. The world’s most fearsome bowlers and most charismatic batsmen were in the West Indies team. Gen. Zia requested Imran to come back into the team otherwise Pakistani team will be hammered. Imran obliged. The Series took place and was tied. Imran was named Man of the Series. But now, Imran’s dream was not just to play cricket.

BornOctober 5, 1952 (age 68 years), Lahore

SpouseBushra Bibi (m. 2018), Reham Khan (m. 2014–2015), Jemima Goldsmith (m. 1995–2004) ChildrenSulaiman Isa Khan, Qasim Khan

Imran’s mother was diagnosed with cancer and Imran was very close to his mother. When Imran got to know how difficult it is to battle cancer, how much care is required, and how expensive the treatment is, then he thought about the poor people of his country. How would a poor man battle cancer?

This was the moment when he decided to earn money from cricket and build a hospital with it. In the twilight years of his career, Imran’s whole focus was on earning money. He worked in Pepsi commercials, played as many matches as he could, commentated, wrote columns. Basically, he did everything he could to earn an extra buck. And that’s where the first allegation comes… betting and gambling. Even though this allegation was never confirmed but it is said that Imran used to bet on his team’s win. He used to bet that Pakistan will win the match and these used to give 101% to make the team win. Pakistan used to win and Imran used to get money. The second and most famous allegation is of being a playboy. He ruled the hearts of millions of girls.

On one side, Imran was one of the best cricket players and on the other hand, he was one of the most good looking players. Many affairs are famous for Imran’s name. The affair with Zeenat Aman was the most famous one. She is an Indian actress known for being bold. Zeenat started doing loads of things that made everyone feel that Imran is having an affair with her. Sometimes, if Imran was playing in India, Zeenat used to book a room in the same hotel as Imram. She even said that a fortune-teller has told me that my future husband’s name will start with “I”. Obviously, film magazines and newspapers hyped this non-affair to the limit. However, Imran never seemed much interested in Zeenat’s approaches.

But here comes Sita White’s case. The darkest chapter of Imran’s life is the Sita White case. Imran spent a big part of his life in England. There is where he met the socialite Sita White. She claimed that Imran was her boyfriend and Sita wanted to carry Imran’s child. She claims that Imran is the father of her daughter Tyrian. Obviously, Imran denied it.

Whenever we talk to Imran about his youth, he never claims that he was a pious person. He clearly says that back then he didn’t have “Imam” and he had a lot of faults in him. But after retirement, I got time and started studying Allama Iqbal. And that’s where his life took a big turn. Imran connected with his culture and legacy. HE started wearing the national dress everywhere, started speaking Urdu, and became punctual in offering prayers. Basically, he became a proper Pakistani Muslim. His wife Jemima also adjusted herself in Pakistan. She became a proper Pakistani woman and started to help Imran in building Shaukat Khanum Hospital.22nd PM of Pakistan Imran Khan. 6Initially, Imran had no plan of joining politics. But after getting depressed with traditional politicians, he finally made a political party of his own: Movement for Justice.

Initially, it was called a tanga (horse carriage) party because the party had very few members and all of them could fit in a tanga. But it was a political party nonetheless, and suddenly, the man who was a national hero until just a few days become a political competitor and he was immediately bombarded with allegations such as Jewish agent, bookie, cocaine addict. these are the alligations that we can say here and there are many other allegations that absolutely can not be said openly.

Jamaima also took the brunt. She was alleged of smuggling and faking practicing a religion. Jamaima got so annoyed that she demanded Imran to either come to England or divorce, Imran said I am not going to leave Pakistan. Imran is an outrageously stubborn guy perhaps that the reason he stood against all other politicians alone, got divorced but continued struggle. He went TV shows alone, gave speeches, wrote columns and books. for 16 years bats on the eye but then, on 30 Oct 2011 in the shadow of Minar-e-Pakistan, everything changed, that was the day when Lahore endorsed Imran Khan as a national leader.

On that night, it became clear that Imran Khan becomes prime minister at least once, many people thought that the time was quite near but it didn’t happen, a lot happened (before Imran won in general elections), he fell from the stage. election 2013 took place, Sikandar stormed into Islamabad dharna called, gullu butt rose to fame, as the massacre took place, general Raheel launched Zarb-e-Azb, got married to Reham khan, Panama papers were released, got divorce with Reham khan, Pakistan won champion trophy Nawaz Sharif disqualified, Reham khan book was released, Nawaz sharif jailed, then election2018 took pace and now Imran is finally on his way to becoming the prime minister.

Imran khan has been a tremendous cricketer, he is a man of great resolve, and until today, his graph is only gone up. nobody wins a world cup at 40, he did. It’s almost impossible to collect donations for a large cancer hospital, but Imran did it.https://www.bangboxonline.com/2020/11/28/pm-of-pakistan-imran-khan-niazi/

He went on a tractor trolley, reached all corners of the country, people give him money, he built the hospital. everybody told him that sportsman doesn’t become pm, but Imran refuses to listen and now, there is no superior job in the whole country for him. Now, where will his graph go? at this moment, Imran’s only job is to bring pride to the Pakistani nation.

We have lost respect and value in the world. we usually face demeaning behavior at airports around the world. if Imran could change only this thing, we would feel tabdeeli (change) has come but, we also have to change for that .we have to bring the change in our selves. the bad habits we have adopted, from giving bribes to breaking road signals, we have to lose these habits. I have great hope that change would come, in the government and in ourselves.


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