Recognition of Israel – The Choices for Muslim World

Recognition of Israel – The Choices for Muslim World 1
Recognition of Israel – The Choices for Muslim World 3

The spread of Religion Islam on Arab Lands.

The Prophet of Islam Muhammad ﷺ established the State of Islam in Medina Manawarah in 622 AD after his Hijrah from Makkah. Then various battles were fought to eradicate idol worship in the Arabian Peninsula. The Arab Lands were purified from all non-monolithic religions. The tribes of Jews living in Medina and around were also driven away after betraying the pact with the Holy Prophet ﷺ. The Khyber was perched from Jews by Hazrat Umar (RA) in 642 AD. Therefore, Arab Lands was declared the land of Islam and Islam only in line with the dictates of the Quran (Devine Holy Book in Arabic) and Sunnah. The ALLAH Almighty ordained HIS blessings and bounties upon Arab Muslims as they ruled the vast lands beyond the Arab Peninsula for six hundred years. The Hijaz & Arab Peninsula remained populated by Muslims only for 1400 years. The Muslims Scholars, Priests, and Practicing Souls went far and beyond to all corners of Earth, to spread the message of Islam.

Map of Middle East in 2020 | Middle east map, Asia map, East asia map

Three Holy Sites of Islam

The world of Islam has three most Holy Sites, Makkah, Medinah and Masjid AlQuds. The AlQuds Masjid was liberated from the Byzantine Empire in 637 AD. The site is located in Palestine; which was populated by Israelis in 1300-1200 BCE. It was the land promised to them by The Lord Almighty through Prophet Musa (AS). However, Israelis went through various trials and tribulations to settle on the land of Palestine. However, were uprooted twice from this land; first by Assyrian Empire in 722 BCE and secondly by Romans in 64 BCE. The Jewish Diaspora took place over the years and by 637 AD there was NO Israeli living in Palestine. Second Caliph of Islam, Hazrat Umer (RA) allowed Jews to visit the Holy Site for prayers. In 1099 AD the Christian Crusaders conquered Palestine and in 1291 the Muslims again took control of the Palestine. Which continued till 1948. During the period 64 BCE to 1900 AD, Jews were not allowed to live on this land as a nation, although few lived here and there as a subject to Muslims. 

International Laws for Recognition of States

In the world that existed till 1900 was simple for international or national affairs. Any state or king would gather forces and invade the other state or lands. The winner would take all; the glory, bounty and the history. However, things started to change after 1900 and the concept of nation-state sovereignty and recognition by states under the League of Nations & UNO was formulated. The League of Nations and UNO was established and Security Counsel was instituted to notify the geographical boundaries of the states, before and after World War I&II

Establishment of Israel

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, tens of thousands of Jewish immigrants began arriving in Palestine and establishing new Jewish settlements. These immigrants were largely motivated by nationalism and a desire to live in the land of their ancestors as Zionism. The Hebrew language was revived as Hebrew school system was established. Following the defeat of the Ottoman Empire, Palestine was granted to Britain by the Versailles Peace Conference / League of Nations.  During World War I Britain had promised the local Arabs, through Lawrence of Arabia, independence, in exchange for their support for the British; and to create and foster a Jewish national home as laid out in the Balfour Declaration, 1917. 

In 1948, David Ben Gurion declared the Jewish state as the State of Israel on the lands of Palestine and was recognized by the superpowers of the world under UNO. Anyone interested to read the whole episode in detail may click the link ( ). The declaration stated that the State of Israel would be based on freedom, justice, and peace as envisaged by the prophets of Israel; it will ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex;. However, the Knesset maintains that the declaration is neither a law nor an ordinary legal document. Everyone must remember that Jews consider all other humans as gentiles-non humans in essence when it comes to equality of social and political rights. 

ISRAEL map in brief

The National Goals of Israel / Zionists

It must be understood that Israel / Jews will not rest within the current boundaries. The Jews have settled on the Promised Land  or the Land of Israel, and will do everything possible to attain Complete Land of Israel or Entire Land of Israel. The Bible contains three geographical definitions of the Land of Israel. The Jews today have complete control on the AlQuds and their desire to grab the Entire Land of Israel includes the TWO most Holy Places of Islam, Makkah & Medina. (For further details click on link

The State of Israel was Not founded for Jews’ refugees or oppressed Jews or for political or social reasons on a disputed land. The Zionists claimed the Promised Land for religious reasons and the country never shied from the Zionist agenda. Israel doesn’t have any written constitution. However, there are some Basic Laws through which the functions of the state are managed. 1950 law “Law of Return”, states that "every Jew has the right to come to his country as an oleh [Jewish immigrant]". The national ambition of the Israeli Zionists is to establish “The House, the Holy, the Third” on Temple Mount so that they can rule the world as a divine order under the Anti-Christ. 

The obvious obstacle to the realization of these goals is two historic Islamic structures, namely the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, which are built on top of the Temple Mount. Israel considers that efforts to remove these could lead to severe conflicts with Muslims. A large part of the Muslim world has not recognized Israel, which, therefore, has made several attempts to lure Muslim leaders to recognize Israel. The recognition of Israel will mean the recognition of Israel’s constitution and its national ambitions. The state of Israel is still a disputed matter as per international law and the fact that major Muslim countries have not recognized Israel.

Recognition of Israel by Muslim Countries

Israel after the declaration of Independence made several attempts to get recognition from Muslim Countries. However, Most of the Muslim States including Arabs have not recognized Israel. Arab Israel wars also took place, in which NATO Countries and USSR helped Israel and Arabs lost areas to Israel. In 1967, Jews attempted to burn the AlQuds Mosque through a Christian Australian Citizen. In wake of that incident, the Muslim States instituted OIC to formulate a unified policy on issues related to Muslim Ummah. The Palestine (AlQuds) and Kashmir were identified as the two most burning issues of Muslim Ummah then. The Egypt crossed the line and recognized Israel in 1979. Most recently, two prominent Gulf Countries UAE and Bahrain recognized Israel. Reportedly other Arab countries are also secretly negotiating with Israel. Israel needs legitimacy and for that, it requires recognition from Countries like KSA and Pakistan including friendly relations with Turkey and Iran, whose previous regimes have recognized Israel.

Repercussions of Israel’s Recognition

The common Muslims have deep-rooted affection for the AlQuds Masjid as it has been referred as a place of special blessings in the Holy Book Quran. The Al-Quds also has a special reference with the Holy Prophet ﷺ as narrated during the Travel of Isra & Mi’raj and Immamat of Prayers of All Prophets. Therefore, the recognition of Israel will hurt the emotions and feelings of most of the Muslims. Hence, the Muslim Rulers are frantically portraying Israel as an issue of Palestinian Lands and nationality and linking it with the opportunity to say prayers in AlQuds Masjid. The Muslims have given huge sacrifices to gain control of the AlQuds (during Hazrat Umar RA rule and crusaders invasions); therefore, relinquishing the same to Zionists of Israel will be a severe betrayal to the spirits of Muslim Faith. It is feared that the Wrath of ALLAH Almighty may fall upon the people who submit to material gains over the AlQuds Issue. 

Repercussions for Ummah

Islamic jurisprudence has a clear definition and set principles. It entails preference to a legal rule defined earlier and the principles set by Righteous Caliphs have superiority and must be obeyed by all. Hazar Umer RA (2nd Caliph) purged Jews from Arab Lands, dictating that two faiths cannot be allowed on Arab lands. This Order was followed by Salah Ud Din Ayubi. Hence, Muslims today CANNOT allow Zionist to practice Judaism in AlQuds; they may however be allowed to pray. The Muslim Ummah today is weak and disjointed and has no say in worldly affairs especially in the affairs of the State of Israel. The Zionists are the worst terrorists and unleashing the murder and cleansing of Palestinians unabated and persistently. It can be said that the Wrath of ALLAH Almighty has fallen upon the Muslims of the AlQuds in particular and all others in general, who preferred material gains over Religious Injections, neglecting the dictates of the Quran.

Repercussions for Pakistan

Pakistan was founded on the principles of two-nation theory (Muslims and Hindus are two different nations) for establishing a country for Muslims allowing to practice Islamic Faith as per the dictums of Quran and Sunnah. Islam is the religion of ALLAH Almighty, as have been from Hazrat Adam AS. Judaism is the erstwhile religion of Islam before the revelation and appointment of Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. The Jews didn’t embrace the Messenger of ALLAH Muhammad ﷺ. The Jews are Erstwhile Ummah of Abrahamic faith and were relegated to cursed people (Magzoobe Elohim). The Zionists’ desire to acquire the AlQuds and build the Third Temple is fraudulent and mischievous. They misrepresent the Torah after inducing self-desired amendments. Pakistan was founded to be a fortress of Islam, thus Pakistan is directly opposite to the creation of Israel. Both have been created for religious reasons to achieve contrasting objectives. Pakistan, thus shall not recognize Israel because that will be a direct negation of the very principles of Islam as stated in the Quran and Sunnah and creation of Pakistan. The rise of Israel will mean the downfall of Pakistan as both are ideological states and inversely proportional to the principles of religion. If Pakistan recognizes Israel, the Wrath of ALLAH Almighty will fall upon undoubtedly. One must remember that Pakistan lost its eastern wing in 1971 as a warning for not adhering to the goals set before 1947. 

Repercussions for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was founded in 1932 by Ibne Saud, a clan of Jeddah, fulfilling the vacuum created by the British Empire through World War-I and Lawrence of Arabia. Earlier, the Arab Peninsula was under the Ottoman Empire. Arabs originating from the Makkah founded the Umayyad (661–750) and Abbasid (750–1258) dynasties. Both the dynasties claimed the right to the throne based on the principles set out in 632 AD by the Companions of Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, who succeeded him. The KSA today houses the Two Most Holy Places of Islam. The King proudly proclaims the status of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques. The Muslims across the globe always see towards the Holy Harmain for blessings and guidance.  Therefore, the KSA shall also NOT recognize Israel. If it does, it will have serious repercussions and will create greater rift and hatred in the Muslims’ hearts.

The Recognition of Israel by KSA will be a blow to the legitimacy of the Ibne Saud family. The sanctity of the Holy Lands cannot be left to the will and whims of a family dynasty. The Muslims then must review the principle for the administration of Holy Places collectively called Hejaz. The admin and governing control of Hejaz may be handed over in line with the principle agreed by the companions of Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in 632 AD in Medina. A Council of Progeny of Hazrat Fatima RA, Four Rashidoon Caliphs RA, Muhajirs and Ansar (RA) be chosen to govern and administer Hejaz. Those Muslim Elders had left Hejaz for the cause of Islam and therefore, the Progeny Population living anywhere in the world should be allowed to come back to Hejaz as nationals of Hejaz. This incidentally will also be in line with the principle adopted by the State of Israel (Law of Return). The Hejaz should be protected through a Pan Islamic Force financed through the local and joint resources. If the Ibne Saud or other allied clans don’t agree to this proposal, the Muslims will have no other choice but to force the issue through Pan Islamic Efforts as per Islamic traditions and practices. This should be done in line with the principle dictated by Hazrat Imam Hussain RA at Karbala. If Muslim Ummah sleeps over the issue, then Wrath of ALLAH Almighty will fall upon all the Muslims, who opt for material gains neglecting the dictates of the Quran. 

One hopes that the State of Israel will remain a pariah state unrecognized by Muslim Countries and resisted to the hilt for any further aggressions by Zionists of Israel. 

O Ye; People of Islam! Remember the Favours and Bounties, which ALLAH bestowed upon US as Muslim, and fulfill our obligations as per the Quran and Sunnah; So that ALLAH bestow HIS Blessings, Fazal and Rehmah.

Please comment your views;

Written By Cdr (R) Muhammad Asif Raza PN, with the help of Indo and Date available on Free Net.

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