How Amazon Secretly Controls The Internet

How Amazon Secretly Controls The Internet

You might think it’d be more than enough for one man – Jeff Bezos – to simultaneously run the world’s most powerful online retailer, the Washington Post newspaper, and his own pet-project space programme.
Because Jeff Bezos and his Amazon group also oversees a quite extraordinary proportion of everyday traffic on the world wide web. Think household-names like Netflix, Zoom, Disney and the BBC – all of which depend heavily on technical infrastructure directly created and controlled by the world’s richest man himself. And most of us are wholly unaware of how and why that is. So today we’re going to examine how, and to what extent, Jeff Bezos secretly controls the internet.

It all started in 2002. So-called ‘Amazon Web Services’, or AWS, was first created as a department within Amazon, charged by Jeff Bezos with building the leanest, meanest internal tech infrastructure the world had ever seen. Nothing less would do, in order to help Bezos realise his stratospheric ambitions for the company – then best known as a nerdy online book retailer


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  1. السر كيف تدير أعمالك بالشكل الصحيح ،لأنك تشغل عمال ،والعمال أغلبهم متزوجون فمن يهتم بهم غيرك ،فكر بالموضوع ،إذا أردت أن تكرمهم بالشكل الصحيح تقول لهم وليس له ،من يكون نشيط وتنتهي الطلبيه التي سيتم تصديرها لدوله معنيه معينه فله بونوس أي علاوه على معاشه ،يكفي أن تعطيهم أو تفعل ذلك مره واحده ،انت رفعت من معنويات العمال ،وشكرا where is my money

  2. Netflix is storing the website and meta information like movie titles, description, categories, users, watch logs and stuff like that on AWS and has the servers managing them there. Also the distribute the websites like HTML, CSS and stuff like that from AWS. But the movies itself are often stored more locally closer to the consumers. To do so they place servers on internet providers with their "Open Connect"-program. So if you watch the crown in HD, AWS is just doing a small part of it. The video data most likely will not come from AWS.

  3. This is absurd to say he "controls" the Internet. Such an oversimplification. What about ISP's? All the fiber that carries the Internet? IANA? The DoD controlling a huge portion of Public IP address space? What about all the other Cloud hosting providers out there? BGP? Get real.

  4. AMZN is listed under consumer services. If you read their financial statements you would notice the AWS makes them more money than their online store. They should really be listed under technology.

  5. And google and bing? … way beyond Amazon. Amazon doesn’t index websites does it? Is Amazon responsible for the flow of information around the net?

  6. seeing I can't open up without everything that's happened or having some jackass fuck with my order…may his company become union…and the company be exposed for invasion of privacy

  7. Einfach nein.. Amazon ist eben auch "nur" klein. Die Echten machthaber über das Internet sind Unternehmen wie "Switch" welche nicht gelistet werden. Switch stellt das internet für ie Welt bereit, ebenso für Amazon und co. Diese haben die Gewalt über die Technologie, Amazon ist ein User 😉

  8. Cloud services exists to control the active creative potential of people's. Before that technology, those behind this, used banks to control the passive creative potential of people's. As we can't even widthraw the money we want if it's over a certain amount. Limiting our creative expression.
    Same goes for cloud services, they archive all our life and ideas, including every creative things, be drawings, inventions, theories, writings and so forth. A way to make sure that those on top always remain on top without any chances of being taken aback!
    As such, Amazon and Microsoft are two major players in the biggest scam of all time (after banking)…

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