CrossTalk | Quarantine Edition | BIDEN = OBAMA 2.0?

CrossTalk | Quarantine Edition | BIDEN = OBAMA 2.0?

Continuity or change? This is what is being asked when considering a potential Biden foreign policy. Trump made it a point to undo Obama’s legacy. Would Biden do the same to Trump’s legacy? Or is this all only rhetorical. Continuity drives foreign policy, not the occupant in the Oval Office.

CrossTalking with William Binney, Nikolai Petro, and Peter Kuznick.

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  1. The last straw for me is when the MSM and Democrats posited that it was Russia that was sowing racial unrest in America. My ancestors have suffered untold and unimaginable torture, lynchings, and massacres in America based on the fact that they were and I am Black (American Descendant of Slavery: ADOS). Russia had absolutely nothing to do with that suffering. And there is nothing Russia could ever do to sow my hatred for America's treatment of my ancestors and ADOS. The fact that America has never recognized the massacres and lynchings, refuses to prosecute murdering police, and will not ever pay reparations (America never pays its debts) is why there is, and has always been, racial unrest in America. I am done with Democrats and main stream media.

  2. Malcolm X said "The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent.” Media has the power to influence minds, ideas, behaviors, and attitudes of the masses.

  3. Sorry to disturb you I just wanted to mention one of your guests said that besides Soviet Union and United States and Alexander Persian war in Afghanistan also but he forgot to mention he did they didn't Persian didn't have to. As I was saying he he forgot to mention that person didn't have to be there Afghanistan was one of Persia State province Persian didn't have to be there when the Persian lost that territory when they lost one of their estate all the team happen that we know any history I just wanted to mention it because the people you have on your shows they're all say that there are doctors engineer educated and they know all about the history and everything but that is the problem in the western societies because I went to school with them with the doctors with their phds I know how much they know they don't know very very much they know a little bit so I just wanted to mention it to correct the history Persian didn't have to be in Afghanistan Afghanistan was one of the Persian Iranian state or products thank you for you show I'll be watching you for years good job I'll be behind you just wanted to correct your guest you probably just missed it

  4. Great look at the current world situation. Thank you very much. The dying and senile U.S. Empire is thrashing about causing great harm. Hopefully out of the ashes will come a world of Worker Owned Cooperatives and Community Banks. In the meantime buy Bitcoin and buckle up!

  5. So trump telling pompeo to do what he wants with Iran is good?!! Didn't trump say he was going to hit Iran site? So you think this wouldn't kick off a war?! Look how trump is flipping over all the tables before he leaves office. So I take it you agree with this commentator?

  6. Isn't it funny that RT has more diverse opinions than all the main news outlets here in the US. Hearing different opinions is what all the hysterical propaganda about Russia controlling our elections is all about. They don't want the American people to hear different opinions, because they may start to realize how much they're lied to. Even though Peter Lavelle calls himself a conservative and I would call myself a revolutionary socialist, I think he presents an honest discussion consistently. Cross Talk is one of the best shows on RT and I recommend it for thinking people.

  7. Anything said against Biden and the Democrats by Peter Kuznick should not be taken serious at all he was all on board with the removal of Trump including selling his soul to the devil.

  8. One thing is very interesting the top Director for Dominion is a Lord on the Queens Privy Council who George Soros answers to and openly brags about the Regime changes he has been involved in. These voter fraud operations are run out of the City State of London.

  9. Brother, my friend,,, Bill Gates has never been Vaccinated including his wife and children. They are part of the Kabbal Church of Lucifer. Really. Wake up brother. They lie. Always be lying is their motto. You take pleasure in doing good, obviously. They Kabbal Church of Lucifer love seeing our suffering and death. They will not negotiate. Mossad has pics and videos of them and sleeping with children. Bonus: Murdering a pregnant woman by cutting the baby out while she is screaming. Shaking the baby and passing it around until it is afraid and crying then the lucky one gets to slit the baby’s throat. Then while laughing with enjoyment bleeding the babies blood into a large gold cup. After drinking the babies adrenal filled blood caused by scaring the baby to death, the baby is chopped up into sushi and eaten with glee. Any questions? Just question yourself. Not me. Two shots of poisonous fake vaccinations, two jabs just to make sure your as dead as possible. No virus exists. He died in a horrible car accident,,, no,,,, the virus killed him… Got it? The test results are fake. You die by being strapped to your bed with a ventilator strapped to your face with no oxygen tank so you suffocate to death. Sorry, if I am an intellectual. Sorry, I can’t be dumb like you. Arrogant? Your dam straight!!! I love Jewish people in fact I am a Jewish people. True. Yes, I thought grammatically incorrect was funny. THEY HIDE BEHIND RELIGION MOSTLY SELFISHNESS LUCIFER AND BEING GREEDY PERVERTED MONEY TRIPPING CRIMINALS. Remember a real Jew told you that. Jewish means seeker of the truth and love for mankind. Nothing else, you can’t fake it. They pretend to be good but their joy is sinister and pure evil. OK

  10. Another Great Episode although i do feel cheated that this episode wasn't given the extended edition treatment. This Topic is very important especially in a time where fake news is prominent and should be given the time it deserves, especially with such a distinguished group as this one…

  11. They are talking about Beijing Joe Biden foreign policy? Beijing Joe Biden is in a vegetable state, and has it got a clue about foreign policy he be sitting in the oval office with a bib around his neck catch drooling

  12. The who lied about the China virus and wouldn't let us in to investigate so why would we be a part of that. The who is a joke and liars. The Paris accords made us aka the usa pay while China can continue to pollute and build coal plants so why would we stay in that agreement. The guy in the blue suit is a f'ing idiot on those 2 things for sure. Other stuff too.

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