How Will Work From Home Work After Covid?

How Will Work From Home Work After Covid?

The white-collar world has been forced by Covid-19 into a “work from home” experiment, and the results are in. It turns out we can be just as productive at home, if not more so, and many don’t want to go back to the office — at least not full time. So what will happen to the office? Will we see workers coming in only when they have to? And if so, what does that mean to the multibillion- dollar commercial real estate industry?

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  1. If you don't need to go "in to work", what's keeping your employer from hiring a person in a different country that works for half of what you get paid??

    You showing up EVERY DAY is a necessary way to help improve your job security.

  2. I have worked remotely for the last 9 years, we realized the best way for us is. to do training for new employees in the office, once they are comfortable on their jobs, they can work between office and home

  3. The danger of the current transition is a system that can demean the value of workers. To the point, temp work from home will result is lower pay, reduced benefits and labor working off the clock just to survive. We see this with independent trucking owner operators. This is also happening in cottage industries where people sew garments from home and are paid by the piece. For now we must endure the Covid social restrictions. But once the pandemic ends (if ever), we need to rethink the functions of office workers. That will mean a major overhaul of job descriptions. That's not nearly as easy as it may sound.

  4. Boomers can't just understand that zoomers, and most part of millennials, are already 100% adapted for verbal online communications, even before the covid. Gaming culture encourages teambuilding more effectively compared to the basic "Oh, let's put everyone in the same room and we will build a team". That's why the shift to the full remote is staggering in that companies where the average age of employees is 30+. They simply can't adapt fast enough.

  5. Working from has made my work day longer simply because everyone is connected all the time, Mentally I feel more burnt out. Commuting and office workspaces forced a disconnect time between your work life and personal life. I feel in time these challenges can be overcome. The positives from working from home are the simple fact it costs me less, it's better for the environment, and generally speaking I can get more work done without distractions. Everything has changed, and the main reason people will agree to come into the office is to meet people and collaborate. I don't think anyone will be willing to come to an office if it's just to sit at a desk and smash out some work. Those days are gone, office spaces need to find a new purpose.

  6. I can't imagine the Vunder-kinder with the Friden Calculators and the MBAs haven't noticed that things are a lot less costly when people work from home. This will make a big difference. It will also be a "tell" as to the culture of the office. It also means no permanent desks and hotelling of work areas. It clearly will be the death of the "open office concept" since that is one of the best ways to spread airborne disease.

  7. People just don't realize how bad this is for them. Companies move jobs offshore as much as they can because of cost. I wonder how many of this people that want to work from home will lose their jobs when their companies realize they don't need them at office and can pay a fraction of the cost to some one offshore to the job.

  8. 4:20 That bank would be called 'ABN AMRO', not ABN Ambrose. It originated as a merger between ABN (Algemene Bank Nederland
    ; General Bank of the Netherlands) and the AMRO Bank, which was itself a merger between the Amsterdamsche Bank and Rotterdamsche Bank.

  9. When "office" workers will get the promotion that the "home workers" do not, you'll start to see people return to the office.

    Who would you promote? Ken, who you see daily and have coffee with sometimes, or Ben, a guy you met once or twice who completes his work but you don't know that well

  10. My company is planning on no more than 35% of the support office staff to return to work in an 'office'. We are abandoning 75% of out corporate headquarters. We are in Minneapolis, and with the riots, this loss of people is crushing any hope of a fast recovery for the local economy.

    On that note, people that had a 'physical presence' have been shedding that to other that 'have to be there'. This is causing discontent and an unsustainable workload, not to mention a class elitism issue among coworkers.

    It is going to be a while before this settles down.

  11. Recently, I saw how VR can help still be accessible personally no matter where. It's like you are with your colleagues in office but sitting at home. Think that can tilt balance to WFH.

  12. All that money spent on huge billion dollar office buildings should be spent on improving housing and neighborhoods and building modern housing with a room dedicated for working from home with proper computer portals, etc.

  13. I disagree about distractions when working from home. I’m in a zen like environment at home.

    At work we have printers, people talking, people come up and ask you questions, it’s more distracting if anything

  14. I work from California for a NY bank. I used to have local coworkers a couple of years ago, but now all my coworkers are in NY, Europe and Asia, making it is easier for me to keep east coast times. This makes my work day start at 5:30 am. Once I adjusted to that, my work has been fine. My manager said he would like his worldwide team to come to office twice a year to build relationships. Difficult to see how this will work out.

  15. I have always been a fan of the egg shaped building, to me it is the yolk of architectural ingenuity. I have been working from home for a while now, and I love the flexibility and the fact that I have been totally insulated from any pandemic, that was not bad either.

  16. The savings from reducing office space could be used to increase the salaries
    Plus, moving out of the city and living in an affordable area could mean a lot more money for employees

  17. Not a big fan of working from home. I associate my living space with relaxation and nothing else. I went as far as setting up a dedicated room for work, but hardly use it. Whenever I need to work or study, I either go to the office or find a coffee shop. But if the majority of people prefer to work from home, I don't see why that can't continue after COVID-19.

  18. Personally, I want to return to the office. Then again, I live in a small apartment with limited space and few amenities. But I do need to routine of getting up, showering, walking and working in a buzzing environment to stay productive long-term. I want the company I work for to be more than just faces on Zoom.

  19. Propaganda puff piece. Landlords crying. Tough. Managers interviewed crying because they wonder why is their job needed if the team is virtual. Self interested reasons here. People for most part are happy working from home. Some can’t for personal family reasons and or other psychological reasons – they need an environment to motivate them etc. But it’s all fakery. People can work fine from home in the knowledge space but the control freaks – management – worry about their top salaries.

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